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Lady Gaga's Graduation Getup

6/9/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite wearing her Italian great, great, great grandmother's funeral lampshade and a pair of plus-size lacy nude pantyhose bellbottoms, attention-seeking pop tard Lady Gaga did her best to fit in with the rest of the crowd at her younger sister's high school graduation in NYC on Tuesday.

At this point, the craziest thing Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta could wear to shock anyone is ... a t-shirt and jeans.


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Absolutely pathetic. Can't even let her little sister have her day without being a complete idiot and media whore. She looks absolutely ridiculous.

1595 days ago


Sadly, I agree with a lot of you. I love Gaga but I'm starting to get sick of her. I think seeing her in these crazy outfits is getting old. I liked her a lot better back in the "Poker Face" days. Since then I have no idea what happened to her. She makes great music. I don't know why she needs to wear these things to get attention. She has a great talent that a lot of people wish they had. Use it already. The Alejandro video was a HUGE disappointment and my fellow Gaga fans are praising it like it's the best thing ever. We need to stop rewarding her for things that are pretty crappy. Bring the old Gaga back.

1595 days ago



1595 days ago


"attention-seeking pop tard"? How offensive can you be TMZ? It's one thing to constantly follow people every minute of their lives, but another entirely to just blatently insult them for no reason, especially when THEY are the source of your income. You've simultaneously insulted her, me, likely countless others, and many people with mental health issues ("tard")!
Oh and by the way, she's probably more intelligent and more well-educated (went to an elite new york private school and has learned classical music all her life) than most of the employees at your "news agency".

1595 days ago


Shame on her for taking the spotlight from her sister's graduation. The world does not revolve around lady gaga!! Her sister will never have the moment ever again.

1595 days ago


I'm pretty sure the graduates still got the attention they deserved. After all, their friends and families did show up to watch THEM, no? I don't really think she upstaged anyone. Lady Gaga has said many times how important fashion is to her, and what a big part of her life it is, so she's really just staying true to her word. And to address some comments about her embarassing her sister with that outfit, I highly doubt that being Lady Gaga's sister is any kind of embarassment.

1595 days ago


#75 - "Lady Gaga has said many times how important fashion is to her, and what a big part of her life it is, so she's really just staying true to her word."
Alexandra, darlin, put the Koolaid down. You are nearly going to drown in it.

1595 days ago


What a classless act! Your little sister is graduating; it's her moment, let HER have the spotlight for once!

1595 days ago



1595 days ago


That really is sad; her poor sister. No one would have recognized her if she dressed normally and didn't wear makeup. I really hope that this was already arranged with her little sister, because I don't think she's quite that trashy.

1595 days ago


She needs to seek out a therapist...she's got some real issues.

1595 days ago


Just because she isn't like every single other artist out there doesn't make her a freak. Why do people make such a big deal about it....she isn't hurting anyone. Let the girl live her life the way she wants to.

1595 days ago


As odd as this may sound given that its her sisters graduation, I don't think thats Lady Gaga, she is actually rather thin and the woman in this photo has a bit of meat on her bones.
But if it is her, did you ever think that she's not trying to take away her sisters glory by hiding? If she exposed herself everyone would see who she is and all eyes would be on her.

1595 days ago


This thing desperately wants to be the "Queen of Pop". She covers her face (trying to be like Michael Jackson), talks about not being able to shut off her "creativity" and is "tortured" inside (like Michael Jackson), etc etc. PA-LEASE! Honey you would have a LONG way to go to make it to his level (ain't happenin). She's ripped off everyone else in the music industry as well...Madonna, Gwen, Grace Jones, etc etc....and yes, Michael Jackson (those dance troop moves at the beginning of Alejandro are straight from MJ's work). Please for once, be ORIGINAL. BTW, M.Jackson was an unbelieveably talented artist who could dance like no other, had an incredible singing voice, and was a true pioneer in the music industry. HE was otherworldly, and you GaGa...ARE NOT! You desperately want to be, but definitely are NOT. Just give it up...cause you're not going to go down in history like that.
BTW, that new video is really pathetic. It's all over the place. Really grasping there!
I can't believe all the people who have jumped on this "GaGa" wagon.
And're Lady GaGa, right???!!!

1595 days ago


Oh god, how does this make her a bad sister? She is just being herself. If she wouldve been there in normal clothes everyone wouldve been complaining about that too. Seriously, stop your damn crying...

1595 days ago
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