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Lady Gaga's Graduation Getup

6/9/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite wearing her Italian great, great, great grandmother's funeral lampshade and a pair of plus-size lacy nude pantyhose bellbottoms, attention-seeking pop tard Lady Gaga did her best to fit in with the rest of the crowd at her younger sister's high school graduation in NYC on Tuesday.

At this point, the craziest thing Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta could wear to shock anyone is ... a t-shirt and jeans.


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What a a-hole, freak and so annoying!!!!!!! I would be so upset if my sister showed up like this to my graduation. This is family time not, LOOK AT ME time. She is to way over the top and she is a FREAK! She can sing but, I do not like her because she tries to hard to be freakishly different~

1541 days ago


Has success really gone to her head she can't think clearly anymore? I don't get it. Just a few years ago she was in a reality TV show looking rather bland.. Maybe she's making up for her dullness by being She certainly has made a dramatic transformation of herself from just a few years ago, back then she dressed like the rest of us.

1541 days ago


She looks like a retarded fool. And her music sucks and the whole "I am bi" thing is so disgusting and lame. SICK OF HER!

1540 days ago


This lady CaCa is such a tool and that goes double for embarrassing her sister during her big event.

1540 days ago


she was such a bitch and any way her outfit was ugly. :P

1540 days ago


she always cover her face cause she know she's ugly

1540 days ago


How is she TEXTING while wearing those fricken shoes and walking???????? She is not Human.

1540 days ago

Rebecca Romine    

She is the so unclassy and ridiculous!! To show up at your sister's graduation, dressed like that so that she gets all the attention is very sad and distasteful!

1540 days ago


She is not just a regular person. She is very famous. It would be like that anywhere she went. Most of you are just low income haters. If she went in a jeans and a t-shirt she would be lying to herself. And I doubt that her sister cared, Gaga is making MILLIONS, and I'm sure her sister gets a piece of the cake.

1540 days ago


she looks fabulous!

1540 days ago

Joe Schmo    

Gaga is the **** ..keep on GG

1540 days ago


If she'd gone to the grad dressed normally no one would have recognised her! But seriously, though I understand her need to preserve her "image", nevertheless it is stealing the thunder of her sister's "day". Will she do the same when her kid sister gets married? Show up in some bizarre white wedding dress concoction? There are times when one doesn't have to be right in the spotlight. Granted, Gaga herself is young and needs attention; but it is a selfish thing to have done.

1540 days ago


This girl's need for attention is desperate. How sad that anyone likes her.

1540 days ago


We dont know her sister. how certain are you that she is not proud of Lady Gaga. How certain are you that her sister felt disrespected? This is an ugly attire, yes, but she can wear anything she wants as long as she is wearing something on.

1539 days ago


I love GaGA's eccentricity, but c'mon- she couldn't tone it Waaaaay down so the event could be about the graduates and not her?

1539 days ago
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