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Lindsay Lohan -- I've Still Got a Lot to Learn

6/9/2010 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just strolled into her alcohol education class today to hear about how boozing can often come at a high cost ... like yesterday, when she had to front another $10k for allegedly drinking over the weekend.

Lindsay was once again hiding her SCRAM bracelet -- but clutching a pack of smokes and a bottle of Tru Blood ... a non-alcoholic soda that was given out at the "True Blood" premiere party last night.

As we previously reported, the judge tacked on another $100k to Lindsay's bail yesterday after her SCRAM produced a reading Sunday night -- which could be a direct violation of her probation.


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Congratulations! You are on the way to self-destruction! Getting closer and closer everyday!

1535 days ago


This druggie will never learn until she is thrown into jail!

1535 days ago


As someone that quit smoking a year ago after smoking since I was 12, I can tell you, it's not that easy for everyone. Some people (like my husband) quit pretty easily. He hasn't smoked for 20 yrs. has been MUCH more difficult. Please don't say it's easy, it's not. It's a STRONG addiction, and not everyone reacts the same. It's not just a habit, it is an addiction.
Granted, I think someone like Lindsay could quit smoking easier, she hasn't been a addict for 35 years. It would have been easier for me in my 20's, I think.

1535 days ago


The judge in this case is a piece of sheet, she cares more about getting some money for the corrupt legal system she presides over more than she cares about helping Lindsay or saving someones life from a drunk driver.

If she really cared Lindsay would be in jail, not given what basically amounts to a fine.

I really don't think she should be in as much trouble as she is in. She's basically being made an example of because of who she is, most first time offenders wouldn't have to go through all this BS.

The judge should be ashamed of herself.

1535 days ago


Technically the SCRAM monitors transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC) through skin perspiration rather than blood alcohol content (BAC) so in theory it could be an error.

1535 days ago

low battery    


For the love of god, just disappear already.

1535 days ago


Dear Lindsay You have great talent and its ashamed you let you self go like this i know you can do it and snap out of it.. you can you will... tcb................

1535 days ago


She will have LUNG CANCER by the time she reaches 28. Does she ever go a day without a pack of cigs???

1535 days ago


She is flaunting all of this right in the judges face, its like she is not taking this seriously. Where is she getting the money for her bails she has to be broke, bitch ain't worked in just about forever

Someone somewhere actually thinks that she is bankable? and keeps bailing her out?

1535 days ago


Her dumbass mother has been letting her smoke since she was 16! She was a role model to some girls when she was that age. What a shame, what this once up and comer has become all do to the severe lack of parenting her idiot mother did. This is what happens when your mother lets you do whatever the hell you want at 16 including live with your twenty something boyfriend and go clubing and running with the big dogs because shes to busy counting her 20% commission shes stealing from you!
She is 23 now and needs to get her **** together get a therapist get over the fact that her parents are ****bags and break the cycle. Its all up to her now, no more blaming her parents. Sink or swim!

1535 days ago

LA Native    

She needs to have her cell phone sugically removed as well. Poor thing needs attention so bad, she cannot be disconnected from the madness. It's really heartbreaking to see and I just wish she would wake the heck up but I think she is beyond help. I've never seen anybody in denial this bad, on so many levels.

1535 days ago


I didn't think anyone under 60 smoked Parliaments. I used to work in a store and they would be dusty as hell. God I am so, so tired of Lindsay Slohan. In fact I don't even read the stories on her I just felt compelled to comment on the cigs.

1535 days ago


She is attending an EXTRA alcohol ed class
I think this is a sign of how seriously she is taking the issue.

1535 days ago


How the hell smokes Parliaments?

1535 days ago


Hey you all are a bunch of self-righteous mooks- ever consider what it might be like to have your nasty habits of porn-compulsions or MacDs' or Fox news might be like paraded around the world? At least the girl has problems that affect only herself.
And by the way, Paliaments are cool and smoking is Patriotic. Can any non-smoker actually say that they willingly give 3 bucks in taxes everyday to support this retarded country? You don't think its retarded? Please re-read your nonsence.

1535 days ago
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