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Lindsay Lohan -- I've Still Got a Lot to Learn

6/9/2010 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just strolled into her alcohol education class today to hear about how boozing can often come at a high cost ... like yesterday, when she had to front another $10k for allegedly drinking over the weekend.

Lindsay was once again hiding her SCRAM bracelet -- but clutching a pack of smokes and a bottle of Tru Blood ... a non-alcoholic soda that was given out at the "True Blood" premiere party last night.

As we previously reported, the judge tacked on another $100k to Lindsay's bail yesterday after her SCRAM produced a reading Sunday night -- which could be a direct violation of her probation.


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From Norway    

She has to have a lot of money to keep up with her habits. And as I can see she still gets jobs and invitations to partys and red carpets. So somone finds her interesting enough to hire her. Even with all the negative publisity. She can continue her lifestyle because someone can find ways to make money on her. When the money is spent and she is no longer commercially interesting, then she have to make a change. As it is now, she dont have to.
Sad, but true.

1604 days ago


If they really want to punish Freckles, they should order her to take a shower and wash her hair. That apparently is something she loathes.

1604 days ago


Re: #96 (twilightmom)
Regarding your line: "But it wasn't my SCRAM bracelet, I switched ankles with my friend!"... I very nearly fell off my chair - I haven't laughed so GD hard in a long time.... Best. Joke. Ever.

1604 days ago


Women who walk around all the time with a beverage and cigarettes in their hands remind of some of my mom's friends from the 70's! They had this raspy voice, smoked constantly and drank instead of eating. They smelled smokey and had bad breath. She really reminds me of them so much!

1604 days ago


Lindsay went to an extra alcohol education class this week. Guess who she took with her? 16-year old Ali. Any tabloid acknowledge this? Why not run articles about Lindsay's progress including her classes and passing drug tests. And I welcome Spot, well over Greg. We should have information on the SCRAM, it's capabilities and limitations. Lindsay needs more balanced coverage, a real spokesperson, and her mom and dad to keep quiet.

1604 days ago


Looks like a bottle of True Blood.

1604 days ago


HA HA HA. Dina Lohan gave an interview and says THIS re the SCRAM going off:
According to Dina, the SCRAM blow-up was all a big misunderstanding. "Somebody spilled a drink on her leg, which must have set off the SCRAM bracelet. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn't have to wear the bracelet in the first place. She is doing absolutely fine," Dina says.

Somebody spilled a drink...on her leg?????? Can't type...laughing too hard...........................

1604 days ago


I believe its a Blackberry, but I can't tell what model. It seems she's a Crackberry Addict as well! Lol. That's one addiction I can confess to as well! (o;

Yes, it would be a positive if she were learning from the classes. So far, we haven't seen any evidence of that. But, there's always tomorrow.
And YES, her probation from the very beginning is in regards to ALCOHOL RELATED ISSUES-HELLO,DUI's??? Someone just wasn't enforcing the no drinking issue for some reason. So when she goes to court on the 6th-her drinking will be an issue. Why do you think the judge put the SCRAM on her? Its certainly not for fashions sake.

1604 days ago


no one is perfect,I bet most of the people who have posted the most rude judgmental comments would not fare well with the poparatzi following every move. just saying dahh

1604 days ago


I know she had 2 duis but abstaining from alcohol was never part of her probation.
She had to visit a morgue, do community service, serve a day in jail,complete a rehab program and her license was suspended. She was also ordered not to take drugs and go to the classes.
If she can stick to the conditions then the only thing that will be brought up is the classes.
However if between now and the hearing she misses a class or misses/fails a drug test then she will have definetly violated her probation.

1604 days ago

Kat Waterflame    

The TruBlood she's carrying is an actual drink that they sell... It is affiliated with the HBO show True Blood, and it's a Blood Orange flavoured energy drink. I know it's real because I have one in my fridge right now!

1604 days ago


Get the girl a driver and let her do what ever.

1602 days ago
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