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Danielle Staub -- I Can Outsell Kendra

6/10/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub claims her sex tape will move more copies than Kendra Wilkinson's -- because it's got one thing Kendra's tape doesn't......herself!

Danielle Staub
Her opinion .... not ours.


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why hasn't the father to these girls stepped forward and taken them out of this unhealthy environment ... i could give a rats ass what this skank does with her life, but considering she has custody of minors.. i would think their father would be taking some sort of action to protect them ... if that's even possible now

1604 days ago


Q: What's grosser than a 24 year old skank?
A: A 45 year old skank.

1604 days ago

Fairly Clear    

It just goes to show that this faux celebrity status some of these "TV personalities" whatever that means has gotten almost as addictive as crack, they will do anything to keep the lifestyle. I wished Bravo would have never gone down this road with these shows I mean why do you have to watch a bunch of over the hill collagen queens on TV when you can see the same over 40 multi time divorced man haters/man traps in your local ****tail lounge for free. Everyone of them I've ever seen with the possible exception of the woman in Cali who was married to the former baseball player who seemed to have a grasp on reality the rest are so self absorbed and narcissistic spoiled soccer moms you just feel sorry for the poor mopes who unluckily hooked up with them. Here's a hint do something with your lives other than lay on your backs have kids, go to spas, plastic surgeons, running balances up on credit cards not in your name and trying to act 25 years younger than your drivers license indicates.... you are not hot, your pathetic and embarrassing.

1604 days ago


Good God, what makes a middle-aged woman think she's hot enough to do a sex video.. For cryin' out loud, do it in your 20's..

A woman in her 40's doing it is just ugly, and reeks of desperation. Damn those Sex and the City movies! They make 40 somethings think they can be 20 somethings - an impossible task...LOL

1604 days ago


Staub looks like a drag queen. And if people are buying what she is selling then my opinion is people are trying to find evidence of her tuck n fold. For real.

1604 days ago


CAN WE JUST SAY S***!!!!!! Nice example for her two daughters!!!!

1604 days ago


PIG! PIG! PIG! PIG!, The state needs to take those poor children away from her! I feel so bad for them, they must be getting taunted and made fun of at school.

1604 days ago


Yeah right, a lifelike cruella deville drag queen is going to outsell Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend. Well maybe that is what she needs to believe to make herself feel better since she knows people don't like her. Oh well maybe soon the health dept will catch up with her. funny...didn't she make a big statement and file a restraining order lastyear to stop a sextape with another boyfriend? I guess the price wasn't right for her. we all know she leaked this one. hahahahaha. I feel sorry for her girls though.

1604 days ago


well I supposed their might be some guy out there with a life size cruella deville drag queen fetish. :)

1604 days ago


Her statement really deserves an LOL!

1604 days ago



18 year old hot girl


47 year old man face

No brainer.

1604 days ago


i feel bad for her daughters, who are at an impressionable age and will be the ones facing the wrath of their peers for this. it was a selfish move on danielle's part, but then again...when you have daughters barely in their teens trying to talk common sense to you, telling you to avoid bad situations, etc..where's the parenting, anyway? one of the best questions posed here is "why hasn't the father become involved?" it's a question i asked also. having convicted felons around can't be a good thing for these kids. i hope someone helps the daughters out in all of this.

1604 days ago


She is obviously tipping off the paps on her location. There are never any paps @ Preakness Shopping Center. Nice to see she is promoting her sex tape 500 yards outside her daughters high school. Classy!

1604 days ago

Mary Hale    

Wow, are your for real!!! Your an ex prostitute who wants to be a wannabe and TRASH. Kendra was 18 and dumb when her boyfriend taped it and wants money for it. What is your excuse to even put yourself next to her. Go back to porn films Baby. You have class of an Alley Cat

1604 days ago


i agree with JUSTSAYING to a point you do have to wonder all these sex tapes that come out are white women eve is the only sex tape i can remember with a black women.

1604 days ago
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