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Danielle Staub -- I Can Outsell Kendra

6/10/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub claims her sex tape will move more copies than Kendra Wilkinson's -- because it's got one thing Kendra's tape doesn't......herself!

Danielle Staub
Her opinion .... not ours.


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Let's make snooki feel better.
How about a poll between this ugly surgical train wreck and snooki?

1560 days ago


You stupid slut shut up! Her poor daughters are going to end up on a pole by no fault of their own. Why do so many women who just do not have 'it' sell out their character just to think they are sexy and famous it happens all of the time and they are still ugly and dumb in the end...

1560 days ago


Two things Danielle craves that will always elude her are acceptance and respectability.

1560 days ago

Ana V.    

o.m.g y r we evn listening to this ugly ass... umm.. women?? i mean like i have my doubts whether she is a women.. but anywho, why is she evn still in the show? or evn in this planet?? i mean does she evn think of her family and how this impacts her children?? what a role model..

1560 days ago


White trash pure and simple. She has no regard on how this impacts her children. Where is their father? Why isn't he stepping in to save these kids from humilation and embarrassment? It appears Danielle is desperate for attention. God forbid her daughter makes it as a model. That will really put her over the edge.

1560 days ago


eew this wrinkly old bitch thinks she can outsell kendra? whatever hunny! the only person she is fooling is herself.

1560 days ago


hey 15, we like making our own money, instead of people like you living on tax dollars and having 8-10 kids and so fat you can't fit in the seat at the food stamp office.

1560 days ago

Rockys Mama    

She needs to go away with Heidi and Spencer.

1560 days ago

Mr. Bate    

This witch is FUGLY!

1560 days ago


Don't go putting all white women into the category of this skank! There are pigs in every race. As Caroline Manzo says, this particular one is a piece of garbage. She always has been a piece of garbage and she always will be. Her ex-husband must be so glad he got away from her but how the heck he leaves those two girls with her, is beyond me. Danielle has always done anything it takes for money, so why is anyone surprised that she would do this? I saw her book at BJs (how appropriate, LOL)...I wouldn't pay one cent for anything with her name on it. Anyone who buys anything to put cash in this lowlife's pocket is as much a moron as she is!

1560 days ago


EVERYTHINGS a pissing contest for this woman!
Are we sure she isn't a man?

1560 days ago


At least Kendra can claim she was young, dumb and stupid at the time and she might as well collect the monies since it is going to come out anyway. What is this b!tch's excuse? Oh, she's proud of it. GMAFB.

1560 days ago


This skank is absolutely off her rocker!! She should be ashamed of herself for humiliating her two daughters.

1560 days ago


hey 60 more white people or on welfare than other race in America check your facts

1560 days ago


I think Danielle is a socio-path and as I have said before, I am very worried about the other housewives. Not only is she evil but also mentally very unstable. I think the woman needs to be taken out of the show and a restraining order issued against her. But the people I feel really bad about are her two daughters. What did they do to deserve this? They seem so sweet, well behaved and pretty stable in spite of all the chaos and having this evil, unstable, selfish thing that calls itself a human being for a mother!

1560 days ago
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