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Shannon Price: I Was Gary's Common-Law Wife

6/10/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, just filed legal docs claiming she wants to be appointed special administrator of Gary's estate ... on grounds she was Gary's common-law wife -- and she's submitted a handwritten document purportedly from Gary making her the sole beneficiary. 

Shannon Price

Shannon has submitted a copy of what she claims is a handwritten addendum written by Gary Coleman in 2007, which says Shannon is the "sole heir of any and all monies, properties, bank accounts, earnings, model trains, vehicles, cars, toys, games, electronics, homes, other inheritances if any, all things physical and/or intellectual." 

And this is interesting the handwritten document, it says, "This I have done because of my personal selfishness and weakness and I Love her with all my heart."

The handwritten addendum modifies a will written in 2006, which states, "I revoke all previous wills.  I specifically disinherit my biological parents and siblings."  But here's the catch.  The 2006 will was never signed by Gary.

In the docs, Shannon says the most pressing matter right now is the "disposition of the body."

Shannon's lawyer claims in the docs, "Shannon and the decedent continued to have a romantic relationship and engage in romantic and sexual relations."

As for why Price claims she was Gary's common-law wife, her lawyer says they had joint bank accounts, incurred debt jointly, filed joint tax returns, celebrated holidays and other important days together and "they fought on occasion."

We checked and Utah is one of the few states that does recognize common-law marriage -- however, the law requires that the couple "request to have a common-law marriage recognized" during the relationship or within one year after the end of the relationship.

Shanon's lawyer also filed a letter from a pension department which says she is listed as the "primary beneficiary to receive the benefit."


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Proud American    

I hate to say this but, oh well he picked this little girl to be his wife and this was the worse. She wanted nothing more than money and he may have a little bit and she went for it. That is nothing, that is what opportunist do. They are where all money is available. It's all over Hollywood, and that is where he was trying to get back to. Greed is alive and breathing.

1563 days ago


So sad Gary was apparently largely under the spell of this younger "woman." She is a terrible, extreme example, no question. But there is obviously an epidemic of insincere relationships at all levels of society these days. And many involve the dynamic of a female viewing a man as primarily a walking ATM machine. Of course many also involve a man who mostly sees his woman as an object/trophy. In Gary's case I really can't say what he really felt. But somewhere inside there he likely really was a romantic who did not want to see/believe what this bad woman is.

1563 days ago


An addendum is an addition to a doc. Since the original Will was never signed or executed it is invalid. Because of that the Court will probably rule that the addendum is invalid as well and rule that Gary died without a Will. I also think they will rule against Shannon regarding the common-law marriage. One of the conditions of a common-law marriage is that a couple wants to be considered husband and wife. Will be hard to convince the Court that they were meeting that condition since they were married and got a divorce which basically said they DIDN'T want to be husband and wife. Usually a couple has to live together for 7 years. I don't know what it is in Utah. She has reasons for trying this BS. She said she couldn't afford his burial and asked for donations-it is not an ex-wifes responsibility for burial costs, she was caught taking assets from HIS estate and--she "wants all the stuff". I think the investigators are building their case against her and one day they are going to nail her for some fraud related crimes.

1563 days ago


I'd bet my last dime,this will is phony/forged and was not signed by Gary Coleman because he decided not to re-marry this 'gold digging shanon!

That would definitely answer Todd Bridges question about why shannon was angry with Gary.

Gary only had a year left to live, and was worth more money dead that he was alive.


1.Delay calling 911 for medical assistance to help Gary.

2.Disconnect Gary's body from life support before he wakes up and tells anyone the truth about really happened to him.

3. Cremate Garys body to prevent any further medical examintion that may show he was murdered.

What made Gary think he could just die without pay the gold differ?

I'm sure Gary didn't want to spend the last year of his life = listening to angry , callous, dangerous and uncaring shannon.

1563 days ago


she's as ugly on the inside as she is on the out. kinda looks like that thing from the goonies.

1562 days ago


RIP Gary Coleman.

Well, to express my tenet on a different topic...Chad Ochocinco stating that he didn't want any "Black Women" on his reality show was interesting to say the least. He doesn't like Black Women and yet he is a Black man. HMMMM....BEAWARE PEOPLE, a man or woman from any race making comments against people from their own race is definitely someone no one should be dating. This kind of person is emotional wounded and needs to heal first other wise the person they chose to date outside of their race will be really damaged from their pain. Be very cautious.

1562 days ago


Well i think there's something very dodgy about this young lady but aside from that don't will's have to have 2 witnesses to be valid??

1562 days ago


Shannon's lawyer claims in the docs, "Shannon and the decedent continued to have a romantic relationship and engage in romantic and sexual relations."

Wonder what kind of medications Gary was on? Perhaps not so much.

She apparently wasn't romantically involved enough with the man to help him when he lay bleeding. Most people might be freaked out but when they love someone, they just do what needs to be done. Didn't bother her to be photographed/posing next to a dying and dead man. Now that is something I couldn't handle. Didn't bother her to give interviews begging for burial money, why would she need it if she was in such a relationship? Wouldn't she KNOW she had financial help coming from the estate to bury Gary? Shaking down fans for some easy cash? Why wouldn't Gary being as ill as he was, make arrangements beforehand...per Shannon, only 1 year to live? Sounds like this witch doesn't know squat except to end someone's life, steal and con.

1562 days ago


"84. Maybe they got divorced for finicial reasons.Who knows. I did that once and remarried 4 years later. Sometimes you do what you have to do to survive. They still lived together had JOINT BANK ACCOUNTS paying bills and everything else you do when your married.She propbaly was his commonm law wife. She was with him at the time of death and had been living with him the whole time.She is also the benef. on his pension which she will get know matter what. They filed JOINT TAX RETURNS, now normal divorced people dont do that. I think she should get aleast half of everthing for putting up with his ass for so many years.Who really cares what she gets. it doesnt affect anybody elses life. JUST THINK IF SHE DOESNT GET IT THEN HIS COLD BLOODED PARENTS WILL.dont you think they took enough from Gary. He hated his parents and Im sure he would want everything to go to her because she was really the only person he hung out with. Shannon you have my back. I hope God Blesses you with EVERYTHING.
Posted at 5:47 PM on Jun 10, 2010 by Linda"

I'm guessing Linda's IP address traces back to Utah. Might want to check in to that, TMZ.

1562 days ago


How can this **** give interviews while/after he died, yet can't go to him when he's bleeding to death. She can't have it both ways, and I hope someone realizes that real soon!

1562 days ago


Riddle me this. How is it that Shannon is named Executor in the typed will dated 2005 when they didn't even meet until 2 yrs later ?

1562 days ago


The do***ent is dated 2005, but they didn't meet till 2006. Somethings fishy.

1562 days ago


To Number 7, You don't wish death on anybody that is as low as you get. Yes, she is being crazy and bitchy but to wish death on a person is a real sin. Hope nobody wishes that on you! Get a life!

1562 days ago


Her behavior is unconscionable! The uncaring, selfish, self-centered tone of her voice in 911 call when Gary supposedly fail down the stairs make me wonder what really happened? Sounded like someone who couldn't wait for the clock of life to stop ticking, just my opinion because this is just unbelievable to me in terms of what some people will do for money. If she was so worried about how going back to help an injured man would affect her, then why did she not have a problem cozy up to this dying man on a ventilator for the sake of snapping pictures to exploit him for money? Hmmm...! This woman had a plan all alone. Now we see this woman who was divorced from Gary with her hungry attorney coming out to scavenge and take control of whatever money and property belonging to poor Gary.

To say they had sexual relations is mindboggling as we know the effects medications, dialysis and kidney disease play on the libido. I pray that Gary's first will be respected and this WOMAN doesn't get her hand on one red cent or a centimeter of control of his estate given her tone of voice and uncaring, self-centered behavior to not help a dying man who she claim to care about. It is time for true character to be exposed before the world and talk shows need to start banning and shunning this type of person. Why should become famous at Gary's expense?

1562 days ago


I guess the police are to busy busting polygamist to bust any murderers! Utah police are a joke!

1562 days ago
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