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John Mayer Can't Stomach The Situation

6/10/2010 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Backstage at last night's CMT Music Awards in Nashville, John Mayer's hairy stomach was no competition for the ripped, shaved, smooth mid-section of "Jersey Shore" tanned ham The Situation.


In this case, The Situation's body is a wonderland.



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I can't really stomach either one of them LOL

1594 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

31. @wrangler003 John Mayer is a fantastic guitar player, the best.

isn't he a singer 2? lol umm are you saying that he isn't a good singer only a good guitarist? =) joking!!!!

1594 days ago


John is disguting but not because his stomach muscles don't match this younger airhead male. It's because of his lack of intelligence and class. He got wayyyy tooooo big for his britches while bedding numerous women and then talking about it.

The world hates an *******.

1594 days ago


Say all those mean things about John Mayer but he is one of the best guitarists EVER!

1594 days ago


Pardon me while I go and throw up! Seeing those two ugly bodies right after lunch makes me seriously ill.

1594 days ago


10. WOW, Two losers in the same pic. Who freakin cares. I did enjoy TMZ last night when they asked Snookie if she say the poll results and she almost cried. Maybe now she is finally realizing that the whole country thinks she is a fat gross little pig and she is the only one who thinks she is hot. Still willing to pay a grand to a woman who will knock her the f out and send me the video so I can laugh at it everytime I play it.

John, I swear that if I could afford to fly to the East Coast, I'd take you up on this. I'm sure I could provoke her into taking a swing at me (which of course would also be on the video) so that my decking her would be in self-defense. I might even be willing to do it for less money1

1594 days ago


Is no one else sick of seeing the situation with his shirt off everytime they come to TMZ? Harvey do you have a thing for the situation? I mean I am a female and like to look at hot men but even this is getting old. Not to mention he is a disguting arrogant pig. Come on TMZ find more Lindsay news or SOMETHING!

1594 days ago


That's not Letterman but Garrison Keillor waiting to tell his story titled, "Abdominal Abominations"

1594 days ago


Not impressed by either one!! ;oP

1594 days ago


The loser looks pregnant. What a mess!

1594 days ago

Tony B    

Ok, tummy rugs are sexy, but I can't stand Mayer. He's a total douche.

Anyone that would screw over Aniston?


(Learn from this, though, Sitch. Fur is sexay!)

1594 days ago


Why is John always carrying a damn bag? I thought they were at the airport before I read the post, lol. Of course he's always carrying one there but at an awards show? What's in the bag, John?! :p

1594 days ago


The Situation's body is a wonderland? No, more like his body is a walking ad for Valtrex. He practically oozes slime. Plus also, he actually touched that skanky, fat Snooki creature, so heaven only knows where he's been. That reminds me, I need to add bleach to my grocery list.

1594 days ago


My God...can that mildly retarded guido PLEASE just go away already? That egotistical dope and his sidekick SLOTH with the tranny looks and orange tan need to be gone! Enough!

1594 days ago


That guido wigger should just walk around shirtless to save the effort of constantly showing his ****ing abs. What a tool.

1594 days ago
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