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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant


6/10/2010 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
needs all the assistance she can get ... no, really ... her assistant just quit. 

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay's right-hand woman, Eleonore, quit Wednesday. Eleonore only lasted a few months and we're told she was "exhausted" and "had enough of Lindsay's demands."

We're also told Eleonore never had any time to herself and Lindsay would often force her to stay with her for days on end ... and then blame her when things went wrong.

Just one last warning for anyone interested in the gig -- we're told the job didn't pay much either. So here's how we're guessing the help wanted ad might look ...


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TMZ as you like to destroy people let us take a look at your own FAT MIKE who sucked so bad he had to be taken off the live show!!! I don't see you posting negative things about him 24/7 and yet he is so fucin ugly and fat it makes me sick to have to look at him. BET MIKE is the one who posts all the bad Lindsey stories cuz he is such a fat loser he takes all his angre out on other people. How about GAY HARVEY? Harvey your such a loser why don't you tell the audience about your own substance abuse propblems???? Harvey is such a drunk loser he can't even drink anymore but he sure keeps busy at night suckin little boys off in his house. HEY I know let's stake out Harvey's house to watch the parade of loser gay men go in and out. HOW DOES THAT FEEL GAY HARVEY???? WHAT ABOUT YOU FAT LOSER MIKE? DOES IT FEEL GOOD TO BE BASHED?

1532 days ago


pam: wow you sound bitter LOL And for the record, Lindsay is COURTING the paps at every turn, she needs these stories to stay relevant to anyone other than the rabid-lindsay-is-the-second-coming-of-the-lord-and-can-do-no-wrong fans...
But the one thing I do agree with is turnabout is fair play, so let Lindsay take her free time (of which she has plenty) and dig up some dirt on the paps... I'll read what SHE finds out, just to be fair...

1532 days ago

LA Native    

walk away from the coffee. please.

1532 days ago


If you don't understand why the public is so hard on her, allow me to explain: Many of us have had our own problems to overcome, particularly in our 20s. We didn't have the resources she had, but overcame them. We would NEVER get away with telling a judge, with our actions, to FK off over and over again. We helped ourselves not by blaming everyone but ourselves. We're tired of spoiled little brats who had everything going for them pissing it all away and expecting to get away with insulting the intelligence of the entire planet. I hope she survives, but until she stops acting like she's above the law and everyone else, she gets no sympathy from me.

1532 days ago


People google for Harvey's home address and sit outside to shot pics of all the queers who go in and out of his house. Harvey doesn't like black people (always negative about MJ too) but she/he sure loves little boys... Don't you Harvey? Harvey is into little boys which is why he never states anything about MJ with little boys too scared to piss off certain people in Gollywood who know about about his secret little life. Who wants to be paid $4,000 for staking out GAY HARVEY? Then we can post our own GAY HARVEY negative stories.... Have a great day ***got!
FAT MIKE perhaps you can get gastic bypass and lose 150 pounds.

1532 days ago


Lov what KellyR usually has to say. People I don't like or dislike Lindsey Lohan. I just get so tired of the negative comments about her and as I am not in showbuz and yet I know the terrible beating her career is taking from all the negative things TMZ is saying I know that they do... TMZ is trying to destroy her career and for what? I'm tired of TMZ planting dr murray stories instead of backing MJ. JUST TIRED OF THE NEGATIVITY. FYI Lindsey is talented and I hope she gets completely sober and turns her career around. And I hope FAT MIKE LOSES 100 POUNDS AND THAT HARVEY QUITS HAVING SEX WITH LITTLE BOYS at his house. Even Lindsey Lohan's atty made a public statement about the harrasment of TMZ of Lindsey.

1532 days ago


Pam: Sites like this usually aren't for positivity LOL Entertainment for the masses, and what better entertainment than a train wreck ? I would LOVE to see LiLo get her crap together, cuz as it is, she's blowing every chance she's been given. But sadly, I don't see that in her future unless her FAMILY gets her help... Or are you one of those people who don't think she has a problem ?
I know that TMZ loves to post pics of her stumbling out of clubs, doing face plants, etc... But remember, they couldn't get those pics if she wasn't doing those things... The pics might be taken out of context, but they aren't fake... So, she brings it on herself...

1532 days ago


Looks like little sister has a summer job.

1532 days ago


That is all Lindsay really needs…a strong, firm companion. Poor girl has been through a lot, and yet while every entertainment journal should Thank her for being so ****ed up and giving great news, there should be some driving force besides the law, helping this **** show out.

1532 days ago


Between the lost passport drama in France and the boozy anklet nonsense, she must have gone bonkers. She’s been covering for Lindsay on all fronts, as at the recent photo shoot with the Cougar Lesbian. Anyone looking for a high-stress, low paying gig in the entertainment industry? Have fun.

Read more:

1532 days ago


Lindsay Lohan better hire me. I am her future assistant. I will have sex with Lindsay Lohan both of us totally in the nude on purpose. From Lindsay Lohan's male slave.

1531 days ago


Why does she need an assistant? Well, SOMEBODY has to keep her hair from falling into the toilet.

1531 days ago


She doesn't need an assistant, she needs a mother. And I don't mean the woman who happened to give birth to her... she does not qualify.

1531 days ago


So not surprised linsday was probaly working the poor girl 2 death.

1531 days ago


lindsay i will work for u as your assistant im very obident & im a hard worker im ready please write 2 me i don,t cxared about the money

1528 days ago
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