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Miley Cyrus -- We Can See Right Through You

6/10/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less-than-18-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus shot a music video in California yesterday ... dressed (barely) in some kind of sheer and frilly dress.


Kids today ... apparently don't own pants.

UPDATE:  Miley's rep says it's a bathing suit, stupid!


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Tom None    

Truthfully, I can't wait until she is in Playboy!

1555 days ago

Merde du Canard    

There's nothing wrong with a woman wearing revealing clothes, especially at the beach.
The problem here is hypocrisy: Miley Cyrus has been telling us for years that she's born again, and that she lives by good, Christian values. However, she is now marketing herself as a teen-age slut, and she's been distancing herself from her former Jesus-loving stance. There are plenty of images in _Can't_be_Tamed_ that are offensive to Christians.
We live in a country with religious freedom, and in general, there certainly isn't anything wrong with someone choosing to express religious views (or even anti-religious views) that deviate from those of conservative Christianity. However, in Miley's case, this is a blatant reversal of the pro-Christian, Family-Values-oriented positions she had been taking up until recently, and it belies the sincerity of everything she has affirmed during her career.
It is now clear that her formerly expressed pro-Christian views were blatant lies that were designed solely to enhance her marketability to the Family Values audience. Now, her currently expressed slutty image is nothing more than another marketing ploy that is being aimed at a different audience.
Miley Cyrus is a phony and a liar, and I see nothing to convince me that this is going to change any time soon.

1554 days ago


she was at the beach dumb azzez

1539 days ago


Sorry to all that are obsessed with this girl and think she can do no wrong, but she's not wearing a swim suit. Unless structured white lace bra-like bikini tops are now in style.

1539 days ago


i hate tmz
its a bathing suit cover up dumb bleep..shes at a beach

1536 days ago


Its a Fu***n bathing suit!!! Dang, Ya'll wouldn't have said anything if it was a bikini... Wait, I changed my mind cus your immature ass would have.

1534 days ago


U people get a life and let her enjoy hers that' a bathing suit.I hate u all people in TMZ for that they so stupid give Miley privacy.

1530 days ago


wooooooooow waht next .... ****ing boy's at t.v

1527 days ago

kc brown    

just because its a bathing suit covering doesn't mean she should wal around like its a normal dress or jeans an tee-shirt!!! man people these days, just cuz she is a "popular" singer these days doesn't mean she can do this! SHE HAS 5 YEAR OLD FANS AND THEY DRESS LIKE HER!! SHE NEEDS TO GET A GRIP AND BE A NORMAL TEENAGER!

1507 days ago


I don't see what this "story" is about. There's nothing scandalous about showing a little (very little) skin when in a bathing suit. This is 1920.

Sadly, Miley has the kind of body that's going to have a few pounds on it as she gets older. Not "sadly" because that's a bad is what it is...but I hate to see what she'll have to go through. I'm not a fan of her, or Jessica Simpson, but people act like these girls have to maintain a size 2 or else they are "fat." It's unfortunate.

1444 days ago

jaime angel    

tmz, you are full of it. you think that what's she's doing is too much. she is being herself. grow up and look at the real picture. you guys are so obssessed about her. maybe yall are the ones that seriously need to grow up

1437 days ago


I can't help to wonder how you'd all react if she wore the exact same thing anywhere else. I guess it would all be about how it's see-throug and we can see her underwear, but on the beach (like in the video) it's only a bathing suit and a bathing suit "cover". She might be covered up, but it's still see-through. Just sayin'

1382 days ago
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