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Chace Crawford Charged with Pot Possession

6/11/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_chace_crawford_mugshot_EX_SMTMZ has learned "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford has now been charged with one misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana.

TMZ broke the story ... Crawford was arrested in Plano, Texas last Friday after cops found an unlit joint in a car he was sitting in with a friend.

If convicted, Crawford faces a maximum of six months behind bars.


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What a joke. Way to waste money AND time by busting someone for ONE joint. Big fricking deal. Good grief. I don't even smoke pot but still think it should be legalized. Let cops focus on REAL crimes instead of doing crap like this.

1563 days ago


I live in Plano and I will guarantee Collin County will prosecute this to the max. Collin County is the most corrupt, ultra-conservative county in Texas and they love to throw the book at people for the smallest infraction. He has no chance of getting out this and you can bet money on that one. Welcome to the worst nightmare county in Texas, Chase. I feel bad for the guy having to deal with anyone in the corrupt s***bag DA's office there. Just a few years back it was the Heroin Capital of Texas, but the little rich kids moved on to bigger and better things.

1563 days ago


What an F'n joke. LEGALIZE THE SHIZ and then we can all relax and smoke a joint and no one will spend jail time for WHAT? WEED? SERIOUSLY... REDICULOUS!!!

1563 days ago


Seriously people alcohol is SOOOOOO much more dangerous than pot. This is just stupid, I bet there are more people who smoke pot than people who don't. If it was legal this would definitely be true, a lot of people can't because they are worried about getting a random drug test at work which is ridiculous. It stays in you system for 30 days, just cause you test positive doesn't mean your under the influence at that exact time.

1563 days ago


Why is this plant still illegal ? The law causes more harm to the user than the plant .. liberty my ass .. land of the frightened

1563 days ago


6 months for one joint? wow. lame.

1563 days ago


Let this be a warning all Hollyweird liberals-- dont come to Texas if your going to shoot up drugs! Keep the hippy lifestyle to yoruself back there in New York City and Malibu. This is a family friendly state and we mean to keep it that way!

1563 days ago

USA Sucks    

A - I've never heard of this guy until I see all these "breaking news" articles in Google. I still don't know.

B - This country is seriously f*cked up! White collar criminals who ruin the economy and the environment never go to jail, but having a joint to relax and forget about how corrupt everything is gets you thrown in jail? (Bernie Madoff is only in jail because he ripped off other rich people.)

1563 days ago


Hey CHIP!!! Who you kidding. Nothing is going to happen to Chace. he's laughing right now & you know it. Money will but him off & a little time working out for the homeless. People & families with Money get all the breaks. Money talks & Chace walks with a smile.

1563 days ago

I <3 Austin, but I hate Texas    

I hate Texas. Hate hate hate Texas. Austin is the ONLY redeeming quality of Texas and had this happened in Austin, the cops wouldn't have done anything but take the joint and smoke it themselves. This is LAME.

Oh and for the record, I live in Texas and I still hate the bum **** state.

1563 days ago


They're just trying to make an example of him. Who the hell cares about pot posession anymore?

1563 days ago


This is so crazy. Arresting someone for one joint is ridculous. Most places you just get a citation like a speeding ticket. What's wrong with these people?

1563 days ago


Lame.. so lame... It's a plant, let people smoke it for goodness sake. Just one more reason I'm moving out of this stupid country... They go after regular folk BECAUSE COPS CAN"T CATCH REAL CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!

1563 days ago


six months????That is not fair what about LILO? no ones put that bitch in jail justice is really blind

1563 days ago


Too bad for Chace that he wasn't in Massachusetts when this happened ~ He would have just been given a ticket & been on his way. Any state that takes the time to prosecute a marijuana offense like this one is just wasting the courts time and the taxpayers money!

1563 days ago
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