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Sheriff Won't Budge

in Charlie Sheen Plea

6/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is going to have a hard time nabbing the plea deal he thought he was getting, because we've learned the sheriff ain't budging ... and Charlie could end up working at a dump.

Sources at the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department tell TMZ .. Sheriff Bob Braudis still insists he never signed off or gave permission to give Charlie work release.  We're told the Sheriff is pissed at a local reporter who wrote that Braudis confirmed that Charlie would be able to smoke during work release.  Sheriff Bob says he was misquoted.

The Sheriff, we're told, is letting the Jail Administrative Officer, Beverly Campbell, run the show.  Sources say Bev is clear -- Charlie is not eligible for work release.

If he serves time, the only way he can get out during the day is under the Useful Public Service program (UPS).  The way that works --  each day Bev gets hundreds of emails from businesses and organizations in town, including the dump, the landfill and the hospital. She decides each day where inmates eligible for UPS will go. 

Theatre Aspen is on the list.  But good luck with that one.


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Just do the time, Charlie. Keep one eye open, ears peeled for Ms. Bev, she's out for you. Do the time and put this behind you.

1596 days ago


Somehow, I don't think Charlie Sheen would have a problem working at the dump, he probably would have his co-workers laughing their asses off.

1596 days ago


Charlie Sheen should have NO privileges like SMOKING or jotting around Aspen to do theatre. HE PUT A KNIFE to a woman's throat with 2 babies in the house. he NEEDS serous JAIL TIME!!! SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, BREAD/WATER DIET for 30 days. hell, here in IL, shoplifters do 60 days!!!

1596 days ago


UPS... isn't that what they used to call a "Chain Gang" picking up litter beside the road??? Sounds reasonable.

The court and Sheriff are setting the STANDARD for what every abuser will get in Aspen from now on.

1596 days ago


"each day Bev gets hundreds of emails from businesses and organizations in town, including the dump, the landfill and the hospital. She decides each day where inmates eligible for UPS will go."

That just spells corruption! I'll bet anyone that lil Bev is on the take with local businesses that need cheap labor. Sheriff Goober is probably in on it also. I mean it's Aspen, how many crimes can there be?

1596 days ago


Aspen is where Claudine Longet, ex-wife of singer Andy Williams, murdered her boyfriend, skier Spider Sabich.

Crimes often happen among the rich and famous. Too much money, booze, drugs, time on their hands, passion, and ego. Breeding ground for hate and crime and murder.

Charlie Sheen's wife escaped with her life and shouldn't treat the event so cavalierly.

Charlie Sheen would not be a rich, famous "actor" were it not for his father.

1596 days ago


Brooke was drunk off her ass and changed her story also, she bore no signs of abuse as she smirked at the paps' cameras the next day. Wonder why she was snooping in his bank accounts before she went to Aspen? Lookin' for a shake down? Being twice the legal limit and most likely on crack, did Brooke think of her twin babies on Xmas morning? Hell, no. She should be in Aspen serving her time, too. Frankly, why the Keystone Cops brought a case is questionable.

1596 days ago


31. Why can't he get hard labor like that 19year old-1st time offender Chris Brown did? Charlie is MUCH older and has been given soooo many chances and still doesn't feel he deserves any kind of punishment. Chris didn't complain, he just did what he had to do. STOP letting Charlie get away with stuff. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? He will end up KILLING a woman one day, b/c you all don't teach him actions have consequences...and they haven't for him, except he got a RAISE for TV show.

Posted at 9:05 AM on Jun 12, 2010 by Just me

Chris Brown did his sentence, but he continues to pay the price. RiRi refused to go to counseling and she sure did seem to keep bringing it up when ever she needed to sell records. I don't know if it is true, but a woman hitting on a man is no better either. frankly, it is stupid and illegal. But best of luck to both these young kids, hope they both live and learn..put it away in their past to stay. No to violence and button pushing.

1596 days ago


I love Charlie Sheen, no one knows for sure what happened between him and Brooke! I the system is trying to make an example out of Charlie Sheen!

1596 days ago


what would have happened if this had been a poor unemployed ******?

1596 days ago


F this Charley fight this bull****... there is no evidence you did anything and only person who can say you did does more dope than you...

I tell them all to f off and take my chance in court

anyone calling him a pig or whatever is nothing than a stupid fem nazi woman or some woman who likes getting beat and thinks all men beat woman because they will never get a good one with the trailer trash mouth they have on them...

stupid losers cant figure out he never was convicted so keep talking **** and lies... he should sue you disgusting fat blobs of crap but clear trailer trash will never have any money to even cover court coasts

1595 days ago


Just do the 17-30 days you hollwood *ussy..

1595 days ago


Sheriff scared of his Work Release Clerk. What does she hold over him that he is like a little meek mouse.

1595 days ago


FU Sheen. You suck you women beating SOB. I hope you work in the dump each day for 12 hours since that is exactly what you are is a piece of garbage.

1595 days ago


He's still getting off too easy, the Aspen DA by wimped out with a misdemeanor plea deal.
He admitted to ripping the glasses off his wife's face & breaking them. Then (allegedly) held a knife to her throat... the switchblade knife that was found OPEN in his suitcase where he had probably just tossed it before police arrived.
He beat the hell out of a girl in 1997 (only got a misdemeanor = celeb justice) and before that shot Kelly Preston (WITH A GUN!)under mysterious cir***stances (no criminal charges = bought the victim's silence?).
He needs to be locked up this time, he's a repeat violent offender. And why does everyone think Yale Galantar is so great, he was laughable at OJs trial. Although, it was hard for the jury to get past OJ saying on tape to his armed pals, "don't let nobody outta this room." lol

1595 days ago
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