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Dr. Murray Rally: We Love You

6/11/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Murray Pastors from several churches in the Houston neighborhood where Dr. Conrad Murray does charity medical work are organizing a rally to coincide with his scheduled hearing in L.A. to set a date for the preliminary hearing.

We're told United States Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will be in attendance, to show support for the doctor who is accused of killing Michael Jackson.

We're also told as many as 1,000 people are expected to show at the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Acres Homes, a poor community in Houston.

As TMZ first reported the initial plan was to charter buses and come to L.A. -- to counter the protests organized by Michael Jackson fans.

UPDATE:  Congresswoman Lee's Chief of Staff just called TMZ and said, "There is no knowledge of any event.  There is no truth to the story."


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jungle ball sweat,wow you really need to learn your facts!
@Trish-why don't you let Murray give you some propofol!

1565 days ago


I am so happy to hear about all the support Marvelous Murray is getting. He deserves to be supported and not condemned. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. We all have made mistakes in life, so stop condemning Murray. Nobody is perfect...especially Michael Jackson. Its mainly his fault he is where he is right now, not Dr. Murray. Doctor Murray is a GOOD doctor who made a BAD decision, but it was ultimately Michael's addiction that did him in. Even if Dr. Murray had declined Michael's demands, he would've only delayed the inevitable because Mike woulda found someone else to shoot him up with that stuff. So all you rabid fanatical fans leave the good Dr. Murray alone. He doesnt deserve condemnation, but compassion. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! Justice and mercy for Murray!

1565 days ago


God bless Dr Murray.

1565 days ago


He didn't do it on purpose? Ok, fine but the fact is that he administered Propofol outside of a hospital setting for insomnia (negligence) in addition to administering multiple sedatives just hours prior with NO monitoring or respiratory equipment running (negligence) and left the patient's bedside after administering (negligence).

As a Doctor, he is/was well aware that his actions are/were not permitted by the medical community he chose to be a part of. The result? Let's forget it was MJ and realize A PATIENT died under this type of negligent care.

I wouldn't call Murray a criminal but he is still responsible as he was the supposed medical authority in a situation full of GROSS MALPRACTICE that cost someone their life. He should lose his license and be sued.

1565 days ago


@36,CJ, You are a f*** idiot.We all make mistakes,but we all don't make the mistake to commit murder,and they ones who do,end up in jail.I hope you haven't killed anybody and got away with murder,like dr Murderer.There are mistakes,and there are MURDERS!

1565 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

God Bless you Dr. Murray.
You did a great service for the world.
I truly see the love of God in your eyes.
I know you where used of God to keep this molster from hurting anymore little boys.
There will be a special place in Heaven for you.

1565 days ago

Tom Jones    

Dr. Murray is a total d-bag.

1565 days ago


Hey, when its your time to go, its your time to go. MJ is dead and Dr. Murray, its your time to go free.

1565 days ago

Princess Jackson    

All a publicity stunt. They're all getting paid to show their "support" for Conman Murderer. Shiela, Murray, pastors... You're all going to hell. FUH Q!

I love you, Michael!

1565 days ago


Murray, you could have a million fruckin' people come support you. Fact is, it would NEVER out do the number and power of MJ fans. We are many, you are few. He is loved, you are despised. He may be dead, but so are you. ;0) COLD DAY IN will never outweigh us! Keep trying.

BTW...I want to personally thank you. I have plastered your ugly mug all over my karate bag. My work outs have improved DRAMATICALLY! My neighbors thought I was losing my mind until they saw your destroyed pics on my bag. I think I may need a new bag soon, as I think I'm starting to wear holes in it where your face resides. Steer clear of me on the street, dirtbag, I have much practice at kicking your ugly ass under my belt. Kisses.

1565 days ago


Those lending support to this murderously incompetent idiot, are of the same mindset that determined that OJ Simpson didn't slaughter Nicole, and Ron! They are full of excuses, for themselves, and their "community". Never owning-up to ANYTHING. Never admitting wrongdoing. Always blaming The Man, and anonymous "others" for their lack of respect, and inabilities to forge ahead, leaving the Past, behind. Sheila Jackson our friend, Gloria Allred, is constitutionally incapable of ducking a television camera...when it is in her interest! Yes...they board those vintage Martin Luther King-era busses...out of sentimental feelings, of course...and, make their "Long March" to Murray's court proceedings. Expect some gravelly-voiced renditions of "We Shall Overcome!"...and, maybe a tad of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", for good measure. And, there will be the moth-eaten tales of "lynchings", and of "slave-ships"...the usual boring rhetoric about how "the Black man can't get ahead", and can't get "respect"...because "the White Man" will be there, to slap him, down!!!" (Cheers...Amens...and, whistles, here.) There will be the predictable elbowing to the microphones, and cameras, by SEVERAL, who will identify themselves as the "official spokesman", for the group. What these people will say, regarding Conrad and his case, will be, undoubtedly, forgettable. If there was high-definition video of Murray's actions, surrounding the death of Michael Jackson...which spelled-out the whole dismal business...these are the people who would see nothing "wrong"...nothing that makes him incompetent...nothing that makes him remotely culpable! Among their other gigantic flaws...they are Masters of well as perpetual crybabies, and malcontents. More constitutional guarantees than any other nation has granted to any other group...and, STILL they fail! Still they cannot get themselves "together", and become as accomplished as every other ethnicity, in this country! Still they make excuses...and blackmail the government for MORE handouts, and perks...and, still they are not appreciative. Yes...The whole gang of professional whiners will be on hand, to make excuses for a philandering...bankrupt...dishonest...trasher of his Hippocratic Oath...who kept his eye on BIG MONEY...while stuffing his patient with everything he had, except Draino! It is always healthy to seek the "positive" out of every experience that Life throws, at us...but I'll be darned, if I can see anything worthwhile in this "affirmative action witchdoctor", and his gang of merry defenders, and apologists. Michael is gone...and, what we are left with is Murray...and, the drama-queens...(male and female)...who will descend upon Los Angeles, like a plague of locusts...

1565 days ago


Dr. Murray did not take Michael Jackson from us--Michael Jackson CHOSE TO LEAVE us by his selfish reckless actions. Unfortunately selfishness and recklessness are typical behaviors of the addict. All you fans who refuse to acknowledge and believe he was an addict are in denial. The fact that Michael was demanding propofol to put himself to sleep is proof enough...and dont buy that lame excuse he was an insomniac and that's why he needed the stuff...that is a LIE! There are plenty of other SAFE alternatives available for treating insomnia...Michael obviously enjoyed being put under, thats why he abused the use of it. He was a doctor shopper running around trying to find someone to give him his fix. Time to start putting the blame where it belongs folks--on MJ. Stop blaming everyone else for Michael's bad actions. Dr. Murray did not kill Michael, Michael threw his life away. There I said it, now deal with it! Time for you for you fanatics to realize this and move on with your lives. Stop living your life for someone you dont know and have more than likely never met in person.

1565 days ago


You know its sick to me how these so called christians are taking the side of a man who hurt another human being. I don't think these are true christians because for one thing they are defending an individual who possibly committed murder. The Bible states that "Thy shall not kill." Murray did not have the right to do this to Michael no matter what. You know its amazing how all these christians are defending Murray but they wanted to critcize and judge Michael when he was alive for things that they didn't know if it was true or not. So to me they are hypocrites to judge one person and defend another for something that has been proven to be true. Don't believe these christians are going to make it into Heaven. The Bible says there will be false prophets at the end of time and to me these are some of them and so is Murray. All Murray is doing is trying to make others feel sorry for him. Well I don't the only one I feel sorry for is Michael and his children. Cannot stand individuals who claim to be christians who judges one and not the other for what they do. This is not a true christian. Sure God expects us to forgive others but if someone does something to another person like Murray than they need to accept the consequences instead of trying to make others feel sorry for them. These christians need to check themselves because they like to judge individuals they don't like instead of praying for them or helping them.

1565 days ago


CJ you're just proving the point that a doctor giving propofol for insomnia is very negligent as has been stated before. Good job!

1565 days ago


Murray may have supports comming in from Houston, but Micheal has supporters all over the WORLD. So really,,, does it make a difference if a few of Murray's friends come?

**TMZ should re-post Joe and Majestik's letter asking MJ supporters to be respectful. (posted May 12) It really is a beautiful letter.

1565 days ago
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