Gary Coleman to Wife: All You Care About is Money

6/11/2010 7:00 AM PDT
Gary Coleman felt Shannon Price was motivated by one thing -- the almighty dollar -- and he said it to her face on video.

TMZ has obtained a clip from a pilot shot in 2008 -- around the time Gary and Shannon were divorcing.  Gary and Shannon are spilling their guts to a life coach.

Gary tells Shannon, "All you care about is the money."  He goes on to bitterly complain he's been forced to take jobs he hated to support her ... going to places he loathed, including Madison, Wisconsin (for the record, Madison is an awesome town).

The coach tells Gary, he needs a job and stat.  So, coach tells Gary he has a friend who owns a used car lot and he will hook Gary up with the owner for a post "Diff'rent Strokes" job as a used car salesman.