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Gary Coleman -- Used Car Salesman

6/13/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman may have been a great actor as a child -- but he sure grew up to be one lousy used car salesman.


In another clip from a pilot Gary shot in 2008 -- which never aired -- Gary's life coach forced him to try his hand at selling cars ... which worked out about as well as that job at the pet store.

We have no idea why this show didn't get picked up.


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okay, that was funny. the pet store video was also funny. i would have watched him if it was a weekly reality series. He just needed to improve his scarcasim and ditched the wife...she was not needed then or now.

1590 days ago


May Gary Coleman Rest in Peace.

On the other note; I think his EX-Wife Shannon knows something about his death, like it was a set-up. Hope she gets what she reaps.

1590 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Enough of this nonsense. Arrest the EX wife. She is a murderer. There is no way she should be able to get away with this. Utah PD is negligent in its investigation. Clearly she hit Gary from behind and he didn't know what happened. There have been no other logical explanations, and there has been no follow through in what is clearly a crime.

1590 days ago


That car dealer acted like a cokehead. Gary needed to be shown how to sell a car, it's not rocket science but there are steps to be taken and saying "there's a customer, go sell a car" is not how you do it.

1590 days ago


TMZ, let the guy rest in peace.....please. You may not have posted the post-death pics, but further humiliating the memory of Mr. Coleman is almost as low. Give it up....

1590 days ago


well at least now people can stop trying to belittle him by saying he had to take jobs as car saleman, security job, etc...

thanks TMZ for showing these were sorta "acting" jobs or, I guess, self help. i wish he hadn't tried so hard to please his so-called wife and found someone who liked him for him. but first, i wish he had chilled out and spent time getting to like himself.

1590 days ago


I'd like to see LiLo in a reality show like this.

1590 days ago

Miako Tamatsue    

The man has died. Let him rest in peace. Why are you writing about him every other day in some embarrassing situation? TMZ is no different from his ex-wife. Both of you are trying to profit from a dead man. How crude.

1590 days ago


Omg he was so honestly funny just being himself. This is so sad to watch.Rip what a loss.

1590 days ago


I just watched a small part and heard him say something like "...keep my marriage. That's the ultimate goal."
It seems to me he was trying to save his marriage at this point.

1590 days ago


How sad! I would have actually watched this. He seems like he was trying to be more social for the sake of his wife and marriage. I don't like car salesman guys' lack of respect towards Gary. He knew Gary never sold cars and he gave him a crash course training! What other results could he expect, than failure.

1590 days ago


First day of work, the car salesman should have had Gary shadow him, so he could learn. Not just tell him to sell a car and send him out by himself.
But it was made for TV, so I guess it had to be entertaining.

1590 days ago


That car salesman was a real A-hole, just like most of them are, he wasnt trying to help Gary at all.

1590 days ago


Why didn't this air on cable??? It's really funny. I would've watched it!

1590 days ago


Just let him rest in peace already!!!!!!

1590 days ago
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