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'Half Pint' Brawler: I'm A Midget, Get Over It

6/12/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A wee wrestler on Spike TV's "Half Pint Brawlers" thinks the whole stink by a civil rights organization over the word "midget" is a little ridiculous.

The Little People of America issued a statement, criticizing the show for using the M-bomb because it reinforces "archaic, objectifying and stigmatizing stereotypes.".

Turtle (above) -- tells TMZ, "I do not find the word 'midget' to be disrespectful at all ... I am not trying to push it on other people to use the term to describe themselves, but midget is just another word for little."

The "Jersey Shore" cast got similar flack for their use of the word "guido" -- and last we checked, they didn't give a crap either.


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Ya, I like this guy too. PC has gotten way out of hand...

1594 days ago


I used to belong to Little People of America but quit because of everyones ATTITUDE! Im a dwarf and in my Childhood and Teenage years LPA helped alot but as an Adult I noticed that. So what I enjoy making People laugh so what I do NOT have an attitute of "Im a Dwarf do this for me now" to People. SO People call me a Midget SO WHAT

1593 days ago


You are not a midget you idiot! If you are a midget than I want to be Batman.

The Half Pint Brawlers use the word midget to make money as Puppet himself admits to in a clip of the show. Their partnership with Spike sends the message that the word is OK to use and OK to refer to others with a form of dwarfism as such. In fact if you understand the history of the word and how it was used, you will find that puppet is not a midget. UNDERSTAND FIRST!

Back in the day, the word midget referred to someone of short stature who was proportionate…which Puppet is not. He refers to himself as one because there was a time when the word was used as an umbrella term for those people with a form of dwarfism that were exploited and put on public display because of their unique psychical features... a sideshow. Not only is it considered highly offensive by the large majority, it is a word that identifies a person of short stature as a “lowbar” spectacle, cheap gag, and sideshow act. It is humiliating and degrading when your only identity becomes the word midget and all the baggage that come with it. Puppet is a dwarf (puppet the psycho dwarf) if you want to use the so called correct term. So then why is it called "midget wrestling"? They call themselves midgets to profit much like how people in the past, and now like Spike, will profited from a persons difference for the entertainment and amusement others.

This in fact would be unacceptable to all networks and production companies if they utilized the "N" word or offensive slang terms that reflect other ethnic backgrounds, minorities, gender, or any other group that has large numbers. Instead Spike finds it OK to proceed with such programming when it comes to people with a form of dwarfism when the numbers and threat is low. A pretty cowardly act I am sure you agree.

BEFORE YOU START SAYING THAT EVERYONE IS BEING SO POLITICALY CORRECT, it is important for you to realize the impact that the word midget will have on children with a type of dwarfism. By labeling them as a “midget” It becomes their only identity, it lowers their self esteem, it casts them aside, it contributes to name calling, teasing, and bullying in school, less chance of employment and nothing less then contributing to lesser chance to succeed in life. If you had a family member or yourself had a form of dwarfism…would you like to be referred to as a midget? THINK!

1592 days ago


I don't care what he calls himself, I just think he's sorta hot! :)

1592 days ago


screw being politically correct. its just a way for these green piece, save the whales, global warming nonsence and the rest of the liberals to have something else to throw up in peoples faces to keep somebodies "feelings" from getting hurt. IT'S THE REAL WORLD PEOPLE YOUR FEELINGS ARE GONNA GET HURT

1543 days ago
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