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January Jones -- I Didn't Flee, I Wasn't Drinking

6/11/2010 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_january_jones_BN_TMZ_02January Jones' rep says January Jones did not hit-and-run last night and there was no alcohol involved in the crash.

Jones' rep says "While being followed by paparazzi, Ms. Jones struck two parked cars."  Although LAPD is now saying 2 cars were hit, this morning they said 3 parked cars were involved -- consistent with a witness.

Jones' rep also says, "There was no alcohol involved and there is no investigation pending."  And cops tell TMZ no crime was committed.

The rep says, "She did not flee the scene; she left her license with a witness and walked to her nearby home to call the police." 

That statement somewhat contradicts what Bobby Flay told TMZ.  Flay says he gave Jones his cell phone number earlier in the evening and after the crash -- while she was still at the accident scene -- she called him on his cell phone to come over and help her.  If Flay's story is accurate, Jones didn't have to go home to make the call -- she could have stayed at the scene and called 911 on her cell.


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Well, gosh if I hit 3 parked cars, I'd call a "happily" married superstar, too!!

1559 days ago


You need to read your own reporting a little closer. She left her drivers licence with a witness, and ran to her house, which was very close by, BECAUSE the parrarazzi were following her. When she got out of her car, they were there.....and most likely caused the crash in the first place. She called police, and when she knew the POLICE WERE AT THE SCENE, that's when she returned. We don't know what it's like to have vultures following you everywhere. No alcohol. No drugs. She was being hunted.....Jagass pappz!

1559 days ago


This is allllll BS...she didn't have a cell phone? The witness didn't have a cell phone???? Something is off and whoever was the officer in this case should be fired.

1559 days ago


#29 Bob Loblaw--spoken like a true attorney. Maybe you should re-read the original article, because one of the witnesses was one of the victims. And one other minor detail, there were NO cameras or paps in her face--NONE. To assume that would be to assume they were clairvoyant and hanging out at the exact spot they somehow knew she would plow into three parked cars. And if they were following her, where are the pics they were so hungry for? This is baloney--you know it, I know it, and anyone who is reasonably intelligent knows it.

1559 days ago


walks like a duck
talks like a duck
****s like a duck
.. it's January Jones

1559 days ago


Well played January, well played. :)

Nothing to see her folks, no investigation, no charges... move it along.

1559 days ago


Bob Loblaw ok so lets say you are right she had a right to leave whatever its bull**** but we will go with it. Where the pictures? Where the videos? The paps where in her face and scaring her thats why she left! It no doubt would have been every where so where the hell is it?
She was LYING thats why. She left the scene because she was drunk! But who cares right? People have a right to drink and drive and hit parked cars no one was injured so oh well right?

1559 days ago


I am going to feel real bad if it comes out that Bobby is messing around on his wife, Stephanie March. She is a good actress and I remember seeing their wedding on one of his shows.

1559 days ago


LOL.....she called her bf instead of the cops but she had to go to her nearby home to call police after she gave her license to a witness after the paparazzi made her crash her car and none of them had a phone…..LMAO...thanks, i needed a good laugh

1559 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

Suffice it to say, if you were intoxicated enough to sideswipe two cars, not three, which was originally reported, 30-45 minutes of time, a change of clothes and some chewing gum doesn't make you any less drunk. The police officers, who are highly trained in detecting abnormal behavior (id est, intoxication), would have pursued it.

It's safe to rule out drugs or alcohol, at this point.

As for the lack of photos, I have no way of explaining it. Do you think photogs, who are the alleged cause of this accident, would stick around? We're not exactly talking about the classiest of people, here.

In the end, though, none of your opinions matter. Everyone loves to see someone with some semblance of success being dragged through the mud. Guilty or innocent, it doesn't matter. It's best to report a portion of the story and let peoples imagination run wild, if it doesn't look juicy enough.

Everyone is so jaded, and I can't say I blame you. But there is very little indicating any guilt here.

1559 days ago


Wonder what Bobby's wife has to say about this?...Out rescuing drunken women when he should have been at home with his WIFE...

As to her state at the time the Police showed up, it's a tried and true trick to leave the scene when you've been drinking and hit something...The Cops can't prove when you drank, or if you were behind the wheel (Heather Locklear) without witness corroboration...Now, while there may, in fact, be witnesses to the wreck, no one can prove she was intoxicated while behind the wheel, as she could have schlepped down a few shots while at her house (another way to cover it up)...
Too convenient, and too fishy...
Might I suggest "Celebrity Rehab"?...They're in need of B-level drunks this season...

1559 days ago


She didn't use her cell phone to call the police because, uh, because she couldn't remember the number to 911. So she went home and, uh, looked it up in her phone book. Yeah, that's the ticket.

The witness said Jones' breath smelled like alcohol. Lindsay Lohan doesn't drink and yet her SCRAM bracelet goes off and Jones doesn't drink and yet reeks of alcohol. Must be a Hollywood thing.

1559 days ago


LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!!! Wonder what Bobby Flay's wife is going to say about this chick calling HER husband when she had her wreck??????? Kitchen remodel my fanny!!!!!!!!

1559 days ago


It makes perfect sense to me. Have any of you tried to call 911 with your cell phone?! Its a frikking nightmare. You get transfered around because there are different cities with different police departments in LA, you are on hold forever and it takes a while for them to find out where you are.

Call from a landline however, and your address automatically pops up and they are there in no time (or they SHOULD be there in no time)

1559 days ago


"43. Everyone is so jaded, and I can't say I blame you. But there is very little indicating any guilt here.
Posted at 5:27 PM on Jun 11, 2010 by Bob Loblaw"

Two damaged cars indicate something definitely occurred. Or is your client now denying her responsibility for that as well?

1559 days ago
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