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January Jones -- I Didn't Flee, I Wasn't Drinking

6/11/2010 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_january_jones_BN_TMZ_02January Jones' rep says January Jones did not hit-and-run last night and there was no alcohol involved in the crash.

Jones' rep says "While being followed by paparazzi, Ms. Jones struck two parked cars."  Although LAPD is now saying 2 cars were hit, this morning they said 3 parked cars were involved -- consistent with a witness.

Jones' rep also says, "There was no alcohol involved and there is no investigation pending."  And cops tell TMZ no crime was committed.

The rep says, "She did not flee the scene; she left her license with a witness and walked to her nearby home to call the police." 

That statement somewhat contradicts what Bobby Flay told TMZ.  Flay says he gave Jones his cell phone number earlier in the evening and after the crash -- while she was still at the accident scene -- she called him on his cell phone to come over and help her.  If Flay's story is accurate, Jones didn't have to go home to make the call -- she could have stayed at the scene and called 911 on her cell.


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other than princess di, when have the paps ever really chased a celeb in a car? why on earth would paps be so interested in this nobody that they are chasing her? you see paps take pics and hound far more famous celebs but when they get in their car the paps are done. lol what a liar

1557 days ago


She didn't have a cell phone to call from the road? HW star? Hard to believe. Why would Bobby Flay lie when he got dragged into this by HER? Honey, the paps were chasing you while from the other night and the next morning, pics to prove it. Get your lies straight, stop drinking/driving and partying so much..see Lindsay Lohan land. Give the paps nothing to see.

1557 days ago


Okay... so here's my take on Flay-man-yawn... how did this guy ever land a hottie like January Jones... or even his wife for that matter???

Note to TMZ; Time for a "who'd you rather". At the risk of kickin' a wife while she's down...I'm goin' with Ms. Jones.

1557 days ago


This incident only makes me think there's something up with her and Bobby Flay, considering her infamous "Walk of Shame" the night before...
Why call Bobby so quickly?...No other numbers in her cell phone?...
How convenient, and a DEAD GIVE AWAY to the real scoop here...

1557 days ago


Maybe she had to go to the bathroom. With home so close, that's what I would do. She did leave her license with someone, after all. So glad I'm not famous. Paparazzi look just plain desperate and scary.

1557 days ago


She left so she wouldn't have the paps taking photos of her, if she smelled of alcohol the police would have arrested her, especially since 3 cars were damaged. Her story makes perfect sense if you have ever seen how these photographers drive, and they do swarm vehicles, run lights and blow through stop signs. Some of them are quite capable of killing people and take horrible risks with innocent people.

1557 days ago


Too bad Bobby didn't have a grill with him...could've turned it into a party.

1557 days ago


i would say that this is going to turn out to be less about Jones' drinking or leaving the scene of an accident and more about bobby flay having an affair with her and wanting to keep it on the down low. first you have the taxi and the "walk of shame" pics of JJ, then all of a sudden she's calling bobby flay for help at the scene, and next thing you know there's a string of elaborate reasons about how she got his number and for why she's calling him. It isn't much of a stretch to assume he was trying to avoid the paps coming to the scene at all so people wouldn't say it was him she left in those taxi pics. i'm pretty sure she was intoxicated, i'm pretty sure she left the scene in an attempt to cover her ass, and i bet the cops know she's lying but honestly, they can't prove it so they aren't going to do anything about it.

but I'd also say it's plausible she did that because bobby flay didn't want to get busted for cheating...he's got more to lose than she does since Food Network has made him a sort of G-rated celebrity. Really, Jones isn't someone lots of people know if they dont watch her show, so fooling around isn't going to hurt her career much. Celebrity affairs are the issue of the moment thanks to Tiger Woods and Jesse James...this is all my opinion of course but honestly, it doesn't sound that far off base to me.

1557 days ago

Fred Farkel    

What's this??

A female that lies????


Can't be.

1557 days ago


Bobby Flay should learn the words No Comment

1557 days ago


BobLoblaw your good but your still full of **** like most every lawyer and if it went to trial and I was in the jury Id convict without a shadow of a doubt this broad is guilty! Wheres the pictures from the paps, she left the scene of an accident period its against the law for regular folks.
Of course celebrities never pay for any crimes they commit because they are above the law! Celebrities (word used loosely in this case because I have never heard of this broad) must have their own laws we peasants dont know about.
More lawyer bull****! The paps could have easily released the pictures anonymously! If this dumbass can get away with hitting 3 parked cars then the invisible paps aren't going to be charged with jack especially when not one other witness saw them!

No one has to be drunk out of their mind in order to hit 3 cars all you have to be is a little tipsy ( a point or two over the limit which equals 3 glasses of wine and she is a helluva a lot thinner then my sister in law who was just arrested for dui and was not intoxicated went thru a check point and it was just bad luck) and take your eyes away from the road for a second. After that run home for 45 minutes and take a shower, by then you have sobered up enough to realize what kinda **** you are in! Change cloths, chew gum your good. Not to mention a victim said she smelled booze on her breathe!

In the end no one like to see these celebrities in the gutter acting like *******s and everyone HATES seeing these *******s especially some broad most people dont know from a hole in the ground get away with this **** that any normal person would be locked up and in jail for! Justice for all? NO justice for some and if your a celebrity or have enough money then pass go and collect 200 dollars!

1557 days ago


Bull, you were drinking, Flay saw you. But no one saw ANY photos. Who would bother following you? I've never seen or heard nything about you until now. Is this how you are planning to grab your 15 minutes? It really bothers me when people blame other people for their irresponsibilities. Liar

1557 days ago


Ok, from what I can see, the cops out your way are dense. She should have IMMEDIATELY been given a breathalyzer test.
Where are the pap photos too?

1557 days ago


Oh please leave this poor woman alone. So what that she chose to walk home to use her house phone to call police, when she had clearly had a cell phone already on her? I mean she had to change clothes and pop some gum in her mouth to cover up the smell of alchohol. Doesn't every starlet have the God-given right to do this? And doesn't every 1-show starlet who's creamed 2 (or 3, OK, whatev) cars while being chased by the 'paps' call Bobby Flay for help? I mean what's so strange about that? I mean, really.

1556 days ago


She had to get rid of the drugs.

1556 days ago
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