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Khloe Kardashian: Reggie's Not the Bribin' Type

6/13/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian clearly didn't have a hateful breakup with  Reggie Bush ... because her sister thinks he should be allowed to keep his 2005 Heisman Trophy.


Khloe Kardashian went on the Ian & Margery radio show in Minnesota -- scoffing at stories that Reggie  got improper benefits while he played for USC.

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Oh, shut up Khloe. He signed contracts to abide by NCAA rules but then he took graft. Allegedly, lol.

1596 days ago

Ron Jeremy    

Hoes dumb as she look !

1596 days ago

Ron Jeremy    

you can tell she been swallowing to much *** ,cause is affecting her thinking .

1596 days ago


**** that *****

1596 days ago


What could Khloe Kardashian know about this matter? Go away, Khloe. With how busy Reggie is, I doubt you've seen him for a day in the entire time Kim dated him.

1596 days ago


This girl should eat more pie and pick her nose more. Why? Cause when her mouth is full and fingers are busy it means she isn't talking or typing.

Gold digger should worry more about her own fat ass than her sisters. Egoistic bitch.

1596 days ago


What the hell was L.O. thinking??? (shivers up my spine)

1596 days ago


it's long been known in NCAA circles that many schools wanted reggie the player but many bowed out because of the bigger schools waving the perks in front of him that the other schools couldn't or wouldn't compete with.

and now the kardashians want to talk about the integrity of someone - their version of integrity is far different than the normal idea of honesty and values. this is family from the dad robert that carried oj's bag away at the murder scene to the mom that will lie to bruce jenner at the drop of a hat without blinking an eye to continue their antics.

i'm sure khloe wants to believe in the best of someone who could possibly fund her sister's lifestyle some day. no motive there, right? the days are gone when people were famous for doing worthwhile things - now the more of a trainwreck you are, the bigger the fame you achieve. sad.

1596 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Who cares what the Kardashians say about anything. They including the moron monther simply put out to anyone who can get them, money, notoriety, and their 15 minutes in front of the media. They would pander to anyone who could get those losers publicity.

Why give them the time of day . Reggie violated the rules, he knew he was violating the rules and the Heisman shopuld go away and he should be the disgrace that he is.

Why cant the Kardashians just go away, they are all losers, including the loser father lawyer who defended the murderer, OJ Simpson. The wife is a true gold digger and the girls are all perfect molds of the mother, what a waste.

1596 days ago


Riiiiight.....And next she'll be telling us that Kim hasn't had any plastic surgery done!

1596 days ago


So much hate for the K family. Interesting the you have American businesses and business people steal money from folks everyday and nothing said or done. Cheney's company ripped off the Dept of Defense for millions of our tax dollars and was responsible for building that now leaking oil rig and nothing said. And you morons are worried about some ex-college player keeping his Heisman Trophy. Also please keep your racial comments to yourself. We really don't need to see how your family raised you morons.

1596 days ago


i think he got some benefit and i am usc fan KHLOE u don't know what going in college sports u have horse blinders on

1596 days ago


They are famous and you are not, get over it and stop judging others!!!

1596 days ago


To all u haters that think the Kardashians should keep their mouth shut. What could you hate on next ...u obviously have nothing better to do than to read this blog and criticize Klohe's comments and talk smack on L O . Klohe made an honest opinion about Reggie's positive personality after a breakup with her sister , how honest and nonvengeful can a person be ....lets be honest there shoud be more people like this in the world. I'm quite sure that Lamar loves her just the way she is, looks and personality . So please HATERS save hate whan it is needed .........NEVER

1596 days ago


If he did, he should go to jail. He ruined the USC football program and nothing happens to him?

1596 days ago
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