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Rap Chick Nicki Minaj

Sued over Lambo

6/11/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_nicki_menaj_EX_TMZRapper Nicki Minaj banged up a rented Lambo to the tune of nearly $12,000, according to a lawsuit filed by the rental car company.

The plaintiff, Hollywood Exotic Car Rental, claims Minaj agreed to rent a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago -- at the rate of $1,750 a day -- to shoot her "Massive Attack" music video.

But according to the suit -- filed today in L.A. County Superior Court -- the exotic car was driven "off-road" and damaged "in the approximate amount of $11,589.41."  Plus, they allege, Minaj didn't pay three days rent on the car -- that's another $5,250.

The rental company is suing for unpaid rental charges, property damage, and punitive damage.

Check out the Lambo in the music video. We gotta say, at that price tag -- pink? Really?



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why does "she" have an adam's apple in the pic with her tongue out? and I like rap but I have never heard of this person

1573 days ago

Just Sayin    

Why can't nikki just sleep with the car rental company and give them good head like she claims to do and we could all live happily ever after

These rap whores claim to have gazillions PAY UP Skank!

1573 days ago



1572 days ago

Evelyn, PA    

That was the weirdest music video I've ever seen. I didn't even understand a word they were saying.

1572 days ago

wow it's okay!    

wow, it is amazing how much everyone has to say about this GIRL. I feel if you don't know or like her leave it alone. It is said what people say about people they don't know.
By the way being black has nothing to do with knowing who she is.
One-she can rap!!
Two- don't like it don't listen


1572 days ago


lambo? really? no one who has a Lamborghini calls it a lambo. do you have 12 year old nerds writing your copy?

1572 days ago


"27. lambo? really? no one who has a Lamborghini calls it a lambo. do you have 12 year old nerds writing your copy?"

LOL, Your the one who sounds like a 12 year old nerd. I've known a few Lamborghini owners and they are all fine with calling their car a "Lambo". It's no different then calling a Chevrolet a Chevy. If you actually know Lambo owners who are offended when people call their car a Lambo... well you should do them a huge favor and pull the stick out of their ass.

1572 days ago


Ti is so sad that she has to steal the style of lil' kim to become a bad rapper. WTF is she a robot in all her videos(so stupid) get a better style PLEASE!! find ur own!! kim did the multi color wig thing before (Crush on you video)! Oh well as long as people rate her to be such a great rapper we will have to keep seeing her ass on TV or hearing her on the radio! justbeingme!

1572 days ago


I was wondering why they were hauling a ss down a dirt road in a lambo. I'm not surprised they tore it up.

Those two freaks with the white eyes, contorting their bodies all around, creep me out.

1572 days ago

ace club    

thats not a 08 Lambo. in the year 2007 Lambo came out with the lp640 it had a single rectangler exhaust an front bumper was also changed. the one she is driving is a 03-06 model.

1572 days ago


Oh, good gawd! Blue contacts? Really!

I don't have a clue who this wannabe is...........should we be surprised? Don't think so!

1572 days ago


Wow, she is a classy looking lady....not really. Who cares about this dumb ho

1572 days ago


cant believe it, i was so crazy about the pink lambo when i saw it in the video song. Nicky is going through a lot now. with lil kim attacking and P. diddy bringing his nose in. nicky stcik to the rap.Amber rose( kanye west girlfriend) should pay some cos she was in the car when it crashed

1571 days ago


I listen to a lot of music and have no idea who this is??

1571 days ago

I'm not sure if i'm too late, but I don't believe this story too much. I'm not going to believe an exotic car rental place is going to rent out an expensive car like this, for a RAP SHOOT, and not get any funds at all, up front.

And like another commenter said, if they did, then tough shiiiite!

1570 days ago
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