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Slash Takes a Lickin' ... Keeps on Tickin'

6/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A crazed fan form-tackled Slash during a concert in Milan on Thursday -- and even though the former Guns N' Roses guitarist went down ... hard ... he didn't go out. Not by a long shot.

And that's why Slash is the man.


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Get back to work!    

More proof that Slash kicks ass.

1558 days ago

Bill Leslie    

WTF kinda crappy gig is this? That is hell and gone from 100,000 person stadium tours dude.

1558 days ago


Had this happened to Axl the remainder of the tour would have been canceled on the spot.

1558 days ago


How is this Jerk-off fan still walking???
Doenst anyone remember what happend to Dimebag Darell a few years ago?? Where the hell was security????
That **** is not funny at all!
That dude is lucky Slash is a mild-mannerd guy and he didnt go back after him.
Slash is a TRUE PRO!!! to keep playing and not get flusterd.

1558 days ago


Yeah WTF?
That security guard was not on top of his ****, and needs to be canned. What I have seen at the 10 or so concerts I have been to is side stage security, security behind the band and basically all points covered. That guy should have been taken down prior to making it to the main stage, and at the very least he should have been taken down mid stage prior to reaching Slash. It looks like the guard blasted the dude and I bet he was hurt in the fall he was flat out and hit him hard. But to little to late IMO.

I was watching a Dave Matthews Band concert and some D-bag came out on the stage in a trench coat, and that dude got dealt with real quick and in a hurry. He made it far enough on the stage to get his ass wooped.

Looks like Slash got hit pretty good, hopefully he was not injured, and his guitar was not damaged, and I also hope that they throw the book at that dumbass.

1558 days ago


Just about goes into the crowd over the amp, guitar knocked way out of tune, starts playing air guitar while it is exchanged/tuned, does not leave the stage. Stays outa the "news for the most part. What can I say, nothing. Oh wait "Axl is a douche".

1558 days ago


Man, we are very lucky that it wasn't worse. It brings me back to the dimebag incident.

On another note, Slash's hat didn't even fall off!!! LOL, Junior was there and had his back.

According to Perla on Twitter, if anyone can bring this person to the proper authorities, you can be her personal guest to any one of Slash's shows.

She wants this guy bad!!!

1558 days ago


WTF?? First off, Slash did NOT go "down hard". The guy half-way tackled him, but slash never hit the ground--he was just bent over and then stood up again. The guy who tackled him, though, probably hit the floor pretty hard. It's just TMZ trying to make more out of it to keep us biting. A-hols.

1558 days ago


his guitar playing sounded like sh i t before he was tackled...

1558 days ago

Brets #1 fan    

in the 2 clips of this that I just watched, Slash is playing guitar, someone helps him take the guitar over his head, he walks to the back and gets a drink of something, then the dude brings out another guitar and Slash resumes playing. No tackle- no nothing. What's everyone ELSE seeing??

1558 days ago


Man, Slash needs to lose the top-hat and chaps. It's so 80's and old. Get something new and fresh Slash. The hat has lived its life.

1558 days ago


What do you expect from a " Master Pro Guitarist" He is truly one of the Greats....

1479 days ago

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