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Bam Margera

Beaten by Batty Woman

6/12/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612-bam-margera-tmz-ex-creditTMZ has learned "Jackass" star Bam Margera has been hospitalized after being attacked by a bat-wielding woman.

Cops tell us ... it happened at 2 AM this morning, outside Bam's bar in West Chester, PA. There was some sort of fight, that ended when the woman allegedly hit Bam in the back of the head with a baseball bat. 

The woman was arrested and charged with assault. 

Bam was taken to the Chester County Hospital.  His condition is unknown.

UPDATE: According to court documents, 59-year-old Elizabeth Ray faces the following five charges: Two counts of simple assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person and one felony count of aggravated assault.


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#74 Wow are you quoting the paper or is that your brilliant observation?

1596 days ago


Awww I hope everything is ok with Bam, I guess that lady wanted to be in jackass, so.. she did what she had too

1596 days ago


#46 and #83 - You must be behind this and one of you is the sick person who hit him or are involved somehow. You are truly sick to believe he deserves to die.

1595 days ago


Crazy dumb dizzy BITCH...I love Bam, Get Well

1595 days ago


Ummm....#86 @Raven... did you even bother to read what I said. Because if you did then apparently you have backwards disease. I said it was ignorant to say he should die. I also said people saying he should die are bringing bad karma on themselves. Try getting your facts straight before you make stupid posts. ~k?

1595 days ago


who gives two ****s? the guys a ****tard anyways....

1595 days ago


Is this the new Hollywood fad? Injuries to the back of the head?

Let's see, we have Natasha Richardson, Bret Michaels, Gary Coleman, and now Bam.

1595 days ago


Get your numbers straight.

1595 days ago


Let's be honest, this ****ing douche bag obviously pissed some girl off with his 12 year old Shena****ns and got instant karma, These kind of guys get "famous" and then go around the country thinking they are the man, banging chicks and getting wasted, going to clubs, getting treated like VIP'S and completely abusing their 15 minutes of "fame". I mean jesus christ, the guy is famous for smacking his dad around while the poor bastard is dropping a D. I mean ****, he should have just stuck with being a pro skater, have some ****ing pride dude. Instead this guy is shoving firecrackers up his ass for what? To top the last idiotic thing he did with his moron brothers? There is only so many times you get away with **** like that and get away with it. I'll Guarantee that this ****ing Donkey pissed this girl off and she came back and gave him a taste of his own Medicine.

1595 days ago


Did you forget your medicine today? It's very important that you take it every day to keep the voices away.

1595 days ago


Well it was going to happen eventually.

1595 days ago


OMG it's so many people on here that hate Bam...damn what did he do 2 u psychos personally?

1595 days ago


Hope bam bam recovers. he used to be a pretty cool guy but he's a hot shot sell out lately. Maybe he deserved it. Hopefully it'll make him realize he needs to respect those around him. Can't wait for Jackass 3D. I'm sure he's probably got another 30 tattoos since i last saw him on the big screen

1595 days ago


Well I don't hate Bam but I do live in West Chester and in my circle run into Bam a lot. He is doped up most of the time and just acts like an a-hole. If you don't worship at his feet he is incredibly rude to you.

1595 days ago


i know he can be a jacka$$ but that give her no rights to hit him now she is paying for it and if he played jokes on his dad thats his dad. he went along with it. if he didnt wanted to he would of not be there when bam is doing the show so ppl think b 4 u type crap. and the other guys love it also cause they was there when he doing his show and they know that he pulls pranks they doews it to him also i hope he is ok. and i bet she will nevre hit no one again when and if she gets out

1595 days ago
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