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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant -- Free at Last!!!

6/12/2010 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a brand new bounce in her step, Lindsay Lohan's former assistant -- the one who quit LiLo this week -- went out clubbing last night with friends ... none of whom were wearing SCRAM bracelets or needed food in the middle of the night.



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Who the hell is #TeamLindsay????

My guess it's a bunch of retarded kids who somehow get access to a computer at a public library.'s one of the Lohan's who come to TMZ using multiple handles defending Lindsay.

I wonder who's in charge of the marketing aspect of Lindsay?

I bet that's a hard job,due to the fact most producers wanna sell tickets,not have people avoid a movie because she's in it.

I suppose they have to start somewhere,and no better place than TMZ trying to get rid of all those nasty rumors about her....(snort)

1540 days ago


Jeez are you desperate or what TMZ? this is pathetic. Running after Lindsays former assistant? lol Next you'll be running after Caddy, Sam's english bulldog!

1540 days ago


@Lisa 18. You wonder a lot, pity you say fcuk all.

1540 days ago


You clearly aren't a fan of LL so reading articles and making comments about her just seems pointless.
Lindsay still has fans and why shouldn't they post and show their support for her after all the other disgusting comments that are posted.

1540 days ago


Nicole & Susan.. aka Dina Lohan..(smirk)

Like I said earlier.Go try to save the dolphins,or whales.It's more worthy of a cause than your daughter.Adopt a highway,or pick up trash,help out at a food shelf,a soup kitchen..ANYTHING!!..Because comming here,and hanging out at TMZ doing your marketing campaign trying to make Lindsay out to be a hero aint gonna work.

Looks like Lindsay's mother is here again using multiple handles defending her daughter..:)

Don't blame me that nobody likes this woman.She still has a large amount of fans?..Give me a break...(laughing)

Can someone here give me a good reason why I should be a fan of Lindsay Lohan??..Let alone why anybody should be? talented?...What? many years ago was that?You must still be living in the 90's..:)

Leave it To Beaver has more fans than she does,and ever will...(laughing)

Gotta wonder about the people who go way out of there way to defend this attention whore.

1540 days ago


You just assume anyone who is supportive of her is Dina? most fans don't have a high opinion of Dina. It is a toss up of which one is the worse "parent"
She hasn't done much acting since Ugly Betty & Labor Pains in 08/09. However she has upcoming movie roles, songs have leaked, she went on the trip to the India and she tweets her fans back.
Dating SR & the 2 DUIs were possibly her lowest moments but she sought treatment and suffered the legal consequences of her actions. There is no evidence she has taken drugs since 07 and the only thing she did wrong regarding her probation was miss the 3 alcohol ed classes.

1540 days ago


Lindsay I wil be your new PA. Text me at 9897143845

1540 days ago


really pointless video guys...
the questions just came off as annoying

1540 days ago


TMZ now your going to make this nobody famous just like Sam Ronson.
Pls this was a big waste of time.Buy the way your camera man ask the most dumb questions,

1540 days ago


You're papping Lindsay's former employees now. Ridiculous.

Re: Nicole and Susan. These two are fair and knowledgeable posters, otherwise TMZ would be unreadable. Hate about Lindsay Lohan and her family is tedious and found throughout several blog sites. TMZ should be glad that these two women post here. And the Dina claims are typical of haters that think everyone should bash Lindsay or show a different take on what's reported about her.

1540 days ago


I think she's great! There's always something going on and she seems to be able to take a lot shots with out falling apart. I would love to be her assistant, where do I apply?

1535 days ago


how utterly boring....what 'news' tmz... wanna story?! i just found a penny on the sidewalk.

1526 days ago


oooooo she's gonna cry like it niagra falls......
watch out for your ******** Lindsay,
And i would suggest beating the first girl that messes with you... and if all the lesbians are going after you, just refuse to do anything and get yourself thrown into the hole....
it's cake, you can do this, you need to dry out anway...
if those cops come and take you away in the squad car, don't do what paris did, boo hooo, good luck girly,

1503 days ago
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