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Rachel Uchitel -- Locked and Loaded

6/12/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- the pilgrim of mistresses -- honed in like a heat-seeking missile on an unsuspecting Australian dude at L'Auberge Hotel in Del Mar, CA on Thursday night.

So that's what they mean by "poor" guy.


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She really needs to take it easy on the collagen injections in her lips, those things are WAY too big, not a good look at all

1592 days ago

shannon Hallowes    

CAN you get anymore left over's????????????? Please go get someone that's NOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1592 days ago

Jess Fillmore    

Yep, and there she is with her disgusting blow job mouth again. What a skank-she certainly puts out quick.

She disgusts me.

1592 days ago


Isn't this bimbo slut ten minutes of fame about up?

1592 days ago


Well at least he knows he's going to get lucky since she will sleep with anyone.

1592 days ago


Her mom and dad must be so proud! What did you do with
your life while you were here? Oh, I just effed anyone famous
with money. Nice.

1591 days ago

Get back to work!    

Incredible! You can actually see the instant that herpes is transferred from her to him. You should shop that around to Discovery Channel.

1591 days ago


Uglitel silicone lips look like sausages ready to burst, GROSS !!!

1591 days ago


She is a nasty skank thats nothing but a hooker trying to make a buck, her breath must smell worst than her va jay jay!!!!! Nasty HO, you will be in your 40's and maybe not your 50's and you will look back on your life and say I was just a Skank, what did I get out of all this in life, and you will say to your mirror why did I do this.

1591 days ago


She a ho..........she a ho..........What else is there to say????

1591 days ago


GROSS! ABSOLUTELY DOWNRIGHT DISGUSTING! I hate this woman with a passion. Her fiance may have died in 911 but that does not give her any right whatsoever to go about homewrecking. I hope all women like her burn on the cross. Nuff said.

1591 days ago


With her digusting Lazy Eye and her come dumpster crotch you'd have to be pretty darn desparate to use her for a piece of strange. Geez guys, go do the knuckle shuffle then go back to her and you'll see how unattractive she really is. Don't think with the wrong head. Did I mention that she's gross. I'm just an average looking guy, but I'm sorry, in my single days she would't have even been able to get me half way there.

1590 days ago


Haha! Aussie dude is totally taking his ring off in the 7th picture.

1590 days ago


what the hell were you raised by a crack whore and a pimp. Were you not raised with a moral or an ounce of respect for yourself. I am so sick of seeing your fat - **** sucking lips on this internet it makes me sick. Real proud.... I bet you are real proud... you stupid whore. And to think that EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD - KNOWS YOU FOR 1 REASON AND ONE REASON..... BECAUSE YOU ARE A WHORE!!! LOL

1590 days ago


I bet your parents are real proud of you... actually probably not... how in the hell were you a whore and a pimp. If so.... well honey you are right on track and should be very proud of yourself. Honestly, I have no clue how you even show your face in public. We are sick of seeing your lazy eye and puffed up lips and the fact that the internet has you on here for one reason and one reason only..,..... WHORE.

1590 days ago
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