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Bam Margera

Beaten to a Pulp

6/13/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When we broke the story yesterday -- that Bam Margera was taken to the hospital after being attacked with a bat -- we had no idea it was this bad.

The photos were taken immediately after the incident, as the "Jackass" star was being loaded into an ambulance.

His condition is unknown.

061110_steve_o_video_2UPDATE: We talked to Steve-O, who says Bam was holed up in the intensive care unit after the incident ... but has already been released from the hospital.

Steve-O also said, "I think he's gonna be okay."


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Janice in Chicago    

Are you ****ing kidding or are you really that stupid, TMZ?? You reported he had been hit in the HEAD with a BASEBALL BAT. If you thought that wouldn't lead to something serious than I suggest you take a few hits to one another's head using a bat. It might knock some GD sense into you morons.

1592 days ago

Dj SharK    

Nothing but best wishes for Bam. **** all y'all haters.

1592 days ago


I don't care what he has done...nobody deserves this! I hope he recovers soon!

1592 days ago


Attacker claims she's innocent and he used the N word.

1592 days ago


Bam was known to skaters before he came out with the Jackass and Jackass is a censored version of his CKY videos.

1592 days ago


After reading the blog entry, this woman must be delusional. She even has a criminal record. She denies hitting him and there are witnesses. He was in intensive care. She is known for harassing him. He should have gotten a restraining order against her before this and, hopefully, will get one. I hope she goes to jail and they keep her there. I cannot imagine how anyone can defend her "side". There are so many jealous people out there.....America is full of this. It is one of the many things that is ruining this country or has ruined it.

1592 days ago

hop devil jack    

i guess that sweet black lady was coming home from a baseball game with a bat in her hand,,,what the eff ? .. thank god it wasnt a gun..she is a jackass ,,,,get well soon bam... i think its time for some bodygaurds ,,,or a hard hat late at night,,or maybe vallet parking at the note,,,,,,,,,jack....

1592 days ago


sub humans? what are you? some bad sifi author? haha, you ****ing idiot.

1592 days ago


Bam cheated on Missy with so many women, and has put many friends (not to mention family) through hell over the years... it serves him right. Cheating s***, what goes around comes around! Get off the drugs, get your life together, and grow the eff up you piece of ****!

1592 days ago


Wow, those posters that are saying good, he got what's coming or he deserves it, etc are sick - and very hypocritical! Many are saying they didn't like his show and felt he was rude so he got what was coming - well you are no better and in fact, much worse! You are wishing SERIOUS HARM on someone who never did anything to you or anyone else who wasn't involved in his show and that makes you worse - pure evil!
This guy was on a tv show that was not to your liking - that's fine, you have a right not to like it but to hate Bam or others on the show simply for not agreeing with their show concept is not only immature and dumb but wishing harm on innocent people for no logical or deserving reason is pathetic! At least Bam can laugh people like you off and simply live his life as he chooses since he's not doing anything wrong or hurtful!
Get well soon Bam!!

1592 days ago


WAT THE HELL EVERYONE.... do u all have like no feelings haha the dude got hit in the head for no reason by some crazy idiot... to the person that wrote on of the other comments bout the pictures, wat do u expect its BAM if someone called for an ambo and said it was for him hello there would be like 14000 cops u all really not care??

other than that i hope he gets better :D x

1592 days ago

Janice in Chicago    

Personally, I can't stand the guy and think he's a sick mofo but so are the people saying he deserves this. Shaking my head at those of you saying karma is a bitch but then go on to justify and dismiss violence that could lead to brain damage or death. You're right - karma is a bitch and that includes you.

1592 days ago


Hopefully she beat some sense into him. But I doubt it!!

1592 days ago


word on the street is that he made a racial comment towards her which earned him the beating...i wasnt there, but thats the word on the street here...

1592 days ago


Raven, Post It, etc. Wake up!!! He pomotes this type of behavior!!! And no... he isn't a good person and he's done nothing worthwhile, redeeming or of significance to gain his recognition. The dudes a little twerp!!! Again, this never-to-be-a-man shows no respect for anything or anyone and ya'll want to idolize him... what's your problem??? Bam, SteveO, all of 'em, do not promote good values... what they do promote is this type of behavior. So... why are you thinking; " Oh my God... how could something like this happen"??? It's not cool to be violent and rude or to put others in danger. These guys have made it their mission in life. Ya'll need to grow up!!!

1591 days ago
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