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Bam Margera

Beaten to a Pulp

6/13/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When we broke the story yesterday -- that Bam Margera was taken to the hospital after being attacked with a bat -- we had no idea it was this bad.

The photos were taken immediately after the incident, as the "Jackass" star was being loaded into an ambulance.

His condition is unknown.

061110_steve_o_video_2UPDATE: We talked to Steve-O, who says Bam was holed up in the intensive care unit after the incident ... but has already been released from the hospital.

Steve-O also said, "I think he's gonna be okay."


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#53 - actually I am a writer and it is you that is an "idiot" as you say for making such a pathetic comment - I would presume you are somehow connected to this felon, the "Bat Woman". And #60... - You must be very unhappy with your life (and quite delusional) to be so negative toward Bam and myself and anyone who thinks he did deserve this. No one deserves to be hit like this by a crazy woman. I think you need to face the reality of the crime that was committed. It sounds as though you are the "Bat Woman" actually or you are the same type. I am sure there are "posters" in this forum who are affiliated with this crazy woman. It seems obvious to me and I am sure it is to others also.

1556 days ago


Bam, I hope you have fun reading the ludicrous comments that have been posted by friends of the Bat Woman or so they seem! :) So glad you are fine. Take care! I can't wait to hear you talk about this on your Radio Show!

1556 days ago


In post #63; is Raven actually criticizing her own comment ( #53 )???? Wow... that's kinda scary... especially for a writer and all.

1555 days ago

robert h    

That dumbspit probably deserved it. He's an idiot who will die well before his prime.

1555 days ago


Elizabeth Ray gotz kriminal hitory wit flying objects in da past !

1555 days ago

dont talk so much    

and you wont get your head smashed with a bat

1555 days ago


New meaning for the word BAM. To bad she didnt hit him a few times, would have been nice to get rid of that trash once and for all!!

1555 days ago


LOL a 60yr old woman did this? Bam and his 'boys' do act like they can do whatever they want to anyone they want and run away laughing. Bam and his boys have alcohol and drug issues, if this woman lives right on the same block as his 'bar' (yeah he really needs one of those) than I wouldn't be surprised in the least that most of the neighbors in that area are sick of his 'I own this town' mentality and total disregard for others and their property. I hope we hear more from this lady and why she felt pushed to the point of fighting back.

1555 days ago


There's no way this lady should have to do jail time for such a supreme act of heroism. She should be given a medal or something.
To all the Bam Margera jock riders who keep posting asinine comments like, "Anyone who thinks Bam deserved this is just a jealous hater!"...well, I'd much rather be a "hater" than someone who idolizes a spoiled, immature, doosh nozzle/drug addict like BM.

1555 days ago


Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo justified considering all of the times that he has hurt people and been a complete and absolute JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1555 days ago


All of the dumb things this guy does and a woman does him in with a bat? please how retarded.
He has made tons of money selling violence and stupidity, nice to see some of it returned to him.

1555 days ago


Soooooo, if one of his "buddies" had been hit with a baseball bat and it was filmed, THEN it would be funny right? Admiring someone who has does nothing but take advantage of other people's tolerance is pathetic. And, he's a mediocre skater at best. So really, there's nothing redeeming about him. I'm happy he got served.

1555 days ago

Nasty Ned    

She only did what America has been wanting to do...

1554 days ago


...strike 1....strike 2....strike 3....BAMS OUT !!!!!!!

1554 days ago


I hope he doesn't recover.

1503 days ago
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