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Katherine Jackson's Lawyer Goes After Joe Jackson

6/14/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson's cruel attack -- that his wife, Katherine, is responsible for Michael's death, is but the latest in a rich history of reckless, untrue comments ... so says Katherine's lawyer and the lawyer for Michael Jackson's estate.

Katherine is not commenting on what amounts to her husband's declaration of war -- that she refused to "keep [Michael] cheered up" because she didn't want to invade his privacy, and he'd be alive today if she had.

Katherine's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, "The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a very special relationship."  Streisand then drives it home:  "The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget."

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate, tells TMZ, "The inference by Joe Jackson that Mrs. Jackson was in any way responsible for Michael's death is preposterous.  Katherine Jackson was a supportive and loving mother throughout Michael's life.  His love and respect for her is reflected in his estate plan."  Ouch ... and true.

Now here's how Joe may have screwed himself.  He's not included in Michael's will and no matter how hard he tries to invalidate the will, he's going to end up with nothing in that department.  The chances of Joe getting a court-approved allowance from the estate are slim to none.  And Joe is trying to exploit Michael's name to make money, but his unauthorized attempts have pretty much been shut down by the estate.

So the only thing Joe has been able to rely on ... Katherine's generosity in the money department.  Looks like that gravy train may have finally left the station.


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Michael was sent by God to bring joy to the world through his music, he completed his mission and is back with God making and
enjoying beautiful music in heaven!

Miss You Michael
Love You Forever

1561 days ago


Katherine will never turn her back on Joe, no matter how many stupid things he says or does. Why do you think that she hasn't divorced him?

1561 days ago


Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world when it is done correctly. Katherine Jackson did her best with what she had and knew at the time. All the woman of the world who understand this support and stand beside Katherine. The best thing she can do now is focus on her grandchildren ignore the outside world as much as possible and teach the next generation how important education is. Power is knowledge and changes the world we live in. Just look at Papa Joe... ignorance is bliss! God Bless Katherine and her grandchildren.

1561 days ago



Posted at 8:00 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by Phantom of the opera

Thx .Once again you found a beautiful one :)

1561 days ago


Again I say, " Don't be surprised if all of a sudden something happens to Katherine. Money bring's out the evil in people.
And since Michael Loved Katherine enough to have left her in charge and didn't Love,Respect,or leave Joe or his brother's anything,their all plotting any and everything they can to get money. I feel so sad for Michaels three children to have to be involved in this mess. This is why Michael kept them away from his family.This family is Very Messy and disturb. TMZ Keep your eyes open for the out come.

1561 days ago


The question will be, is Katherine finally ready to kick this man to the curb.

He has beat the kids. He has stolen and abused their money. He has mentally and verbably abused Katherine herself. I would not be surprised if he has not physically abused her as he abused the kids. She has not divorced him, nor has she kicked him out on the curb. I have always been disappointed at Katherine for never loving the kids enough to get rid of Joe. I don't know if she will have the will to do it now.

1561 days ago

Daisy Mae Duke    

She needs to divorce this azzclown. Michael cut him out of his will for a reason. And Michael's children need to be kept away from him.

1561 days ago


What a pig this man is! He once again proves himself to be an abusive monster, this time turning his venom full force on poor Katherine.

He should be shunned by society -- ignored, exiled, abandoned.

I hope he never gets a penny from Katherine, nor a dime from any other blood-sucking activity he undertakes to profit from the death of his son.

1561 days ago


Joe is a moron. Why didn't he try to help ? Michael was a grown man that didn't have to answer to mommy. Katherine was a loving mother but knew butting into Michael's life would have blown up in her face. Joe is just trying to make money off his son.

1561 days ago


For the likes of OhWell, Fan, Trish and a few others that choose to comment on MJ's article on a daily basis, you are becoming booooring with your old chewed over and spit out comments, don't u realise that nobody gives a **** about little brainless ****s like you!!! U can't win. I bet that *******s like you are from the US of A the great country with the worst reputation for HATERS, jealous ****S, BRAINDEAD ****S, RACISTS *******S, THAT IS WHAT YOUR COUNTRY IS MADE OFF. It is all reflected in those banal comments that reek so much of tabloid junkie ****, is that what your brains are made off. No intelligent streak in there at all?? Don't u work, do you have to rely on the welfare system to operate your computers??? All of you little ****heads have been bulled over your lifetime by DAD and can't get enough of it. Go and suck your dad's ****s and hopefully it is big enough to choke you and silence you for good. You make no relevant imputs to the world, you don't feed your starving kids in your country, you are simple NOTHINGS!!!! All your lifetime you wish you were as good looking as MJ, the longing to be with him just for a second drove you insaine. But when u are as ugly as you lot are all you can do is bend over and be at the receiving end, so nobody can see your ugly faces. Face up to it, u stuck with it for life and no matter how hard you try to write your REPEAT OFFENDERS COMMENTS ON HERE IT DOES NOT SOLVE YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE. ONCE UGLY ALWAYS UGLY, ONCE A BULLER ALWAYS A BULLER. That is why your name is OHWELL CAUSE THAT IS ALL YOU CAN SAY TO YOUR LIVES SITUATION~!!! Now find some ******* to disappear in cause it is people like you that will remain in a DEEP DARK HOLE!!!

As for the unity from people around the world to seek Justice for Michael J. Jackson I salute you. And you are right it is people from outside of the US of A that appreciate all the good things he did for your countries and he deserves all of your concern. Never mind the real Killers, the big and mighty USA, that are run by some Powers and are just puppets to their every beck and call. We know who is running the show out there and it isn't Barack Obama!!! It is the same ones that are killing the people on the ships that are trying to aid Palestine. And they are the same people that made sure that Michael J Jackson was brought down shortly after his THRILLER SUCCESS. Like Michael Jackson said after the Thriller Success he woke up one morning and all of a sudden he was a FREAK, A MOLESTER, a this and a that!! Why because he was Powerfull, too Powerfull for the same group that meticulously took him apart with invented LIES. But people like OHWELL and FAN are such poor grade *******s they cannot digest these things. Keep supporting the Cause for Justice for Michael J. Jackson NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!!


1561 days ago

Just Me    

IF (and that's the keyword here) it's true that Joe was tacky and heartless enough to make a comment like that to Katherine, the REAL bottom line here is that I don't care whom it was in Michael's life. I'm sure that many of them DID try to help him. The sad thing here is that in the end, Michael didn't help himself either. You can only help those who really wish to be helped...

1561 days ago


Joe! For God Sake Man - Have You Learnt Nothing?

1561 days ago


I just read the transcript for that Geraldo show...WOW did you see what Joe said????

Posted at 10:24 PM on Jun 13, 2010 by Chico

Wavying to Chico

What did Joe say?????

1561 days ago


How much of this slamming on the part of the estate has to do with Joe Jackson’s lawyer going after AEG for Michael’s death (reported by TMZ on June 10)? Just curious about the connection, if any.

1561 days ago


@161 Such a "potty" mouth. Your trash talk on us means nothing and people from Barbados suck. "Pedophile Awareness Day" June 25th.

1561 days ago
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