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Tiger Woods - Cruisin' the West Coast

6/14/2010 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the US Open at Pebble Beach just a few days away, Tiger Woods was already hangin' out in California this weekend ... roughly 85 miles from his most famous mistress.

Woods was seen driving around in Newport Beach late Saturday night -- wearing a spiffy blue party shirt.

In a completely unrelated note, did we mention Rachel Uchitel was out in San Diego this weekend ... it's only about a 90 minute drive from the O.C.

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My point was Tiger had an awesome woman, wife, and Mother to his children.

Greed, Selfishness, and Lack of Self Discipline caused him to lose it all. He does look quite a bit older.

Stress Man!! HA!!

1559 days ago


go get them tiger. good for you guy. go on with your life now that the golddigger is on her way out.

1559 days ago


he looks like a black Tony Montanna from scarface,,he is on the prowl,,thats for sure...if he doesnt finsh in the top 5 at pebble beach he is finished,,

1559 days ago

Rachel es una puta    

He should have felt grateful to marry such a gorgeous, classy and fantastic woman. He's ugly as hell and the kids would be just as ugly if Elin weren't their mother.
From now he will hook up people of this kind : DIRTY NASTY CLASSLESS STUPID TRASHY ... Poor Woods he had it all and he threw everything away for stupid skanks you didn't care for him at all.
BTW there is a rumour that Tiger has an illegitimate daughter from one of his mistresses Teresa Rodgers back in 2003. He paid her 2M$ for her silence..... I would like to hear the Tiger lovers about this topic.
Pat you need to get a life . You always post that same boring lame post. Elin is not a gold digger so shut up your big mouth. She's a special lady with a ton of class that's why you are so bitter and jealous towards her ???

1559 days ago


ew gross. can we ban him from CA plz? Or make him register as a sex offender so we can stay away yuckkkkkk. He and Rachael Yuckyyuck need to like move far far away.

1559 days ago


Wow, ugly and a pig with tons of money.
All you'll ever get is whores. How's that golf game lately?

1559 days ago


He is a pervert just looking at him makes my skin crawl. I used to be a fan before all hell broke loose. Plain disgusting

1559 days ago


He is from the Newport beach area and born in Orange County. Hello TMZ you have been failing in the shock news department. Why don't you report how Derek Jeter was the one banging Rachel and he was the one that fixed Tiger Woods up with Rachel last year at his apartment. Jeter hooked them up after he through a party at his apartment last year and was banging Rachel then passed her on to Tiger.

1559 days ago


This guy is a creepy steroids user .. His game is gone and so is his phoney family man face. Total fraud. bigger body isbreaking down because everybody are now watching his dope sources. Putting one's pregnant wife at risk of sexually transmitted disease is pretty low. No doubt winning by 10 strokes or more will never again happen because he now has to try with no dope. His coach resigned because he knew it was only a matter of time before this creep is totally found out. His family jewels will one day be the size of shriveled raisins. That's his punishment from God. Could not happen to a nicer fellow.

1559 days ago


People are sick. Who cares what this guy is doing or does? The media has made sure his wife and children will forever be invaded because he cheated. Go bother somebody else for a while. The world is in a terrible shape right now and they are following around movie stars & athletes. Go get a real job!

1559 days ago


Beg to pardon...half of married American men (are not) cheating with 101 different swines with (at least) 100 of those acknowledged likely infected with some type of venereal disease which they are passing from one partner to the next. He and any man/woman participating in the same reckless sexual promiscuity need long-term professional psychological help and he should have taken leave of the golf links for many more months in pursuit of authentic healing. RU may be $10 million richer with the payoff but is the biggest swine of them all!

1559 days ago


I agree, LollieBluCaliToo. He really does look creepy.

1559 days ago

Get back to work!    

Yeah, that's Rachel laying down in the front seat...you can just barely see the back of her head under the steering wheel.

1559 days ago


Of course he will end up with fake lips Uchitel. Bet you he can't wait to put his penis in her nasty hole.
Poor guy I truly hope one day he wakes up and realizes what real love is .

He seems completely lost and this picture is a living proof.
Elin and the cute babies are better off without this pervert horndog. He has the nerves to fight for joint custody : what is he going to do with children under the age of 3 ?????? Really if this guy is man enough to take care of two young kids. He only cares about himself and NO NO NO he doesn't love anyone but HIM.

What a master POS he has become. And to think there are still degenerates who are rooting for him ......

1559 days ago


Tiger...if your marriage is over, go for it! It's a free world do what you want and who you want. Screw TMC for trying to make you look like a bad guy on the prowl. You can have any girl in the world you want. But...play good golf first!

1559 days ago
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