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Arnie Klein -- Joe Jackson's a Hypocrite!

6/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the man who was probably closest to Michael Jackson -- came out swinging against Joe Jackson, claiming the elder Jackson could have tried talking Michael off a ledge, but all he cared about was making money.


Dr. Klein tells TMZ, "Michael was very close to Katherine, but Joe talked to him too, but all Joe ever wanted to talk about was business.  Everything Joe utters is nonsensical."

Joe is taking lots of flack for telling News of the World Katherine is responsible for Michael's death by not trying to cheer him up.

But Klein says he's over the drama:  "I'm no longer interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show on Havenhurst (the family home).  My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael's, and the preservation of Michael's memory."


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However, considering that a lot of people believe that either 1. AEG/Sony may be in some way culpable in what may have happened to Michael in some way maybe indirectly then the only person who seems to be TRYING to find out is Joe by brining AEG to the table and trying to get some answers. You don't see anyone else saying what happened to Michael. They are all keeping their mouths shut. Why is that? Are they saying, let's just see how this plays out in court.
What? If your son died, would you not move Heaven and hell, regardless of anything to know what happened. Each of you with children should put yourself in that position as a parent, then pass judgement as to what you would do.
You have no idea. I know you say.. Joe is greedy, but hey, without Joe and what he did 45 years ago, there would have been a Jackson 5 or if Tito hadn't been caught with that Guitar and they hadn't gone out and spent all that time on the road, so give the man some credit. DAMN. He did do something right.
He isn't perfect by any stretch and he is a horrible businessman at this point. But he is still Michael's father whom Michael forgave during his Oxford speech. So he wants to know what the hell happened.
As a parent, I would want to know. what happened to my child no matter what...

Posted at 11:00 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by Della


I respect your comment, but your comment is like the adage, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" Well, no one knows. So to say that Michael and his brothers wouldn't have somehow gone into the music business and gotten discovered on their own or by someone else stumbling onto them, I think without a time machine that is something impossible to prove. Seeing that both parents had musical backgrounds, I can't help but think their future was predestined. And if you remember, Katherine convinced Joe to listen to the boys perform. Also, Katherine discovered Michael's perfect pitch humming while he was helping her around the house at 5 years old. She once again convinced Joe to listen. From that a star was born. So don't give Joe all of the credit for the discovery. He was too concerned about his own band which had torpedoed into the abyss before Tito famously broke the string on Joe's guitar. Katherine is just as responsible for their success as Joe. And one other thing. Sure the J5 was internationally successful, but when Michael left, the group faltered. Michael saw a dream the other boys didn't see or want to follow. So Mike set out to pursue his dream without his father's help. All of the boys had been guided by Joe, but why was it Michael who when stepped out on his own, became a superstar? Jermaine went solo with only minimal success because his style was still confined to Joe's teachings. Tito and Marlon had the same results. Michael did it his own way and made himself the megastar he is today, not Joe.

The point I'm trying to make is, Michael doesn't owe Joe anything anymore. That debt was paid 1000 fold over the years. Why aren't the other brothers repaying Joe for their early success in the group? Why must Michael be the only one to toe the line for the whole family's financial responsibility? And if you also remember, Michael would give his mother money to divvy out to Joe with her discretion. He didn't trust him with money. Mike said Joe was always investing into some crazy idea that he would lose his shirt over, then he would come back to him for more money to do the same. Bottom line... it was Michael's money to do with as he pleased. It is not his responsibility to take care of his father, or mother. But being the incredible loving person he was, I'm sure he just accepted the burden.

Lastly, maybe you don't see or here about people accusing AEG, Thome, Nation Of Islam and others, because they don't want to tip their hand and give those who are culpable the opportunity to create wiggle room and slither away from justice. Joe should learn how to be discrete and keep his mouth shut.
His diarrhea of the mouth could jeopardize everything.

1594 days ago

You Should Read This Article    

Sorry to go off topic here but I thought some of the posters on this board might be interested in this: its a very well written article from a Huffington Post writer about the media being bias during Michael Jackson's child sexual abuse trial in 2005, here's the link,

1594 days ago


164. Sorry to go off topic here but I thought some of the posters on this board might be interested in this: its a very well written article from a Huffington Post writer about the media being bias during Michael Jackson's child sexual abuse trial in 2005, here's the link,
Thank You for making my day! All the info that is available has certainly been mind boggling making everyone appear guilty but you have brilliantly exposed one of the greatest crimes in history.

1594 days ago


Yes, #164 - the post by Charles Thomson is great and exposes all the lies perpetrated against Michael in that farce of a trial. Too bad a good journalist did not write this during the trial. Sneddon belongs behind bars.

As to the other posters, yes, there is some correctness in Joe Jackson's position; he was probably misquoted in blaming Katherine; he was trying to say sometimes a mother can get info from a son that other's (siblings, fathers) cannot. Be that as it may, he has a right to question the cir***stances of his son's death. There were maggots and lowlives around Michael right up to the time of his death; Dr. Murray is the tip of the iceberg. Look how much money has come into MJ's estate since he died; executors get 5% each of that, do the math; there apparently hasn't been much of an accounting and all they have to do is every few weeks deny a claim. Everyone involved needs to know where that money is going.

1594 days ago


Dr. Klein, again? Concerned about Michael's kids? Is this the guy who said Michael pee'd in front of his patients; is this the guy who said Michael had a boyfriend in his office? This is no friend of Michael. Dr. Klein, go give yourself a facelift and leave the rest of us alone.

1594 days ago


Did everyone in southern calif. just feel that big earthquake?

1594 days ago


It was a 5.7 with several after shocks centered at the calif/mexico border.

1594 days ago


"Preserving Michael's memory".... What??? I agree with Tara, and Grump, and the rest who commented before me. This Klein guy is nothing but a joke.

1594 days ago


Someone who serves as Executor or Personal Representative of an estate is entitled to get paid for the job. In addition to all out-of-pocket expenses in managing and settling the estate, Executors generally earn a fee of about 2% of the probate value of the estate for their work. (This varies some from state to state, and the percentage generally decreases as the size of the estate increases.)
Additional fees may be allowed by the court in extraordinary cir***stances or cases of unusual difficulty. On the other hand, if the Executor is derelict in duty, or engages in self-dealing, the court may reduce or deny compensation, and the Executor also may be held personally responsible for his or her negligence or misconduct. Be wary if the heirs are contentious, as the likelihood is that the Executor will be dragged into the fray.

If a person is the sole beneficiary of the estate, unless the estate exceeds $2 million (for those who die in 2007 and 2008) so that it is subject to Federal Estate Tax, it may not make sense to take any Executor’s fees. The money a beneficiary receives from the estate is income tax free, while Executor’s fees are subject to federal and state income taxes.

1594 days ago


Dr. Klein, pls, none of your business! you betrayed Michael & not his closet friend anymore! So, shut up your mouth!!

1594 days ago


Thank you so much for the link to the article, You Should Read This Article. It made me cry, and reminded me of the injustice Michael had to deal with. Finally, some truth from a journalist.....

1594 days ago

Smart Kata , Poland    

Maybe one of the reason or ... main reason why Michael was adiccted to sedatives is Your medical dangerous practice mrs Kline. Concrete: the frequent Michael's visits in your office at 80's when MJ's skin changed. That's it ? Are you skird about You 'cause Sodom and Gomorrah = Your office and investigators walk on your heels?
I'm waiting for your trial dr Jakyl.

1594 days ago


@All. The nerve of this s.o.b calling Joe a hypocrite!! It's like "the pot calling the kettle black". This mediacrazy fa**ot just can't keep his big mouth shut.I mean,"the preservation of Michael's memory"!! Give me a break he has been doing just the opposite since MJ passed. What a snake!!!

1594 days ago


Everything that comes out of Joes Jackson's mouth is "non sensical"! I guess that makes two of you Mr Klein. If you loved MJ and his kids so much why talk about their personal life. Does anyone even think of these kids anymire?

1594 days ago

anjel thomas    

I think it's disgusting the way that Joe Jackson is making money off of Michael. I heard a report that he was blaming Mrs. Jackson for Mike's death saying if she had've done what he told her to do, well my response to that is Where was he?

1594 days ago
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