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Arnie Klein -- Joe Jackson's a Hypocrite!

6/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the man who was probably closest to Michael Jackson -- came out swinging against Joe Jackson, claiming the elder Jackson could have tried talking Michael off a ledge, but all he cared about was making money.


Dr. Klein tells TMZ, "Michael was very close to Katherine, but Joe talked to him too, but all Joe ever wanted to talk about was business.  Everything Joe utters is nonsensical."

Joe is taking lots of flack for telling News of the World Katherine is responsible for Michael's death by not trying to cheer him up.

But Klein says he's over the drama:  "I'm no longer interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show on Havenhurst (the family home).  My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael's, and the preservation of Michael's memory."


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Klein you still a bastard! Sodom and Gomorrah show? F*ck you

1558 days ago


He's also the hyprocrite. How can he judge Joe when he's basically doing the same thing: giving negative interviews about MJ for money and recognition? How can he be the "closest friend" when everything that comes out of his mouth is nonsense and negative about MJ? None of these people who say they were "genuinely best of friends" with MJ were really true friends, especially when they are selling him out to get recognition & money. I have issues not only with Arnie Klein, but also others like the Rabbi whatever his name, who sold interview tapes of MJ & others coming out of the woods to say "we were great friends, but..." Is this truly professionalism? Anything after the word "BUT" is bullsh**! In these "so-called" MJ's friends cases, anything before & after "BUT" is bullsh**. As far as I can see it, all of these people are leeches. I have to admit that I agree with Jermaine: F*ck Arnie Klein! I remember once upon a time, doctors were revered, but now they do more harm to patients than anything. They are more about greed and status, no wonder our healthcare system is like it is. Just imagine if one of us happened to get rich & famous, God forbid if we become one of their clients or patients. Trust me, they will sell us out too after we are dead. Something to think about!!!

1558 days ago


Oh shut up, Arnie! You slandered Michael's name when you publicly claimed that he was gay. You are as shady as they come.

1558 days ago


I really hate this guy. As others have stated he's just like all the other leeches in Michael's life. He's no better then joe and just as full of it. IF he REALLY cared about MJ's legacy he would STOP TALKING TO THE F-ING PRESS every few days!!! NOT TO MENTION arnie did his fair share of bashing Kathrine when he was on TMZ. He knew how much MJ loved and respected her. So why bash his mother? Stupid fool. All he ever did for poor Michael was aide his dependency on prescription drugs...not to mention his addiction to pointless cosmetic procedures. Michael's legacy and HIS CHILDREN will be fine...they don't need no bloated @ss*ole complicating maters any further. B*tch.

1558 days ago


To Arnold Klein: You’re a hypocrite too you fat pig so STFU! At lease, Joe Jackson is the father of the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen. You Arnold Klein are a worthless parasite with your bug-eyed expressions of concern. Drop dead media wh0RE!

1558 days ago


No wonder Michael Jackson prefered to die... look of what kind of people were around him... this psicopath doctor, an abusive father, friends who used to stabb on his back, brothers trying to take off his money. I think he is in a better place now. RIP Michael.

1558 days ago


Let's imagine for a moment shall we, that Michael asked both Joe and Arnie Klein to inject him with propofol. Which of them do you think would say NO and which would go ahead and do it? I can guess.

1558 days ago


I don't think Arnie slammed Michael in any way. He gave some straight facts about Michael (peeing in a cup, etc.) and now everyone thinks he's wrong for saying these things. Or that he's lieing. But I believe him. (big deal, Michael peed in a cup). Arnie loved Michael. It sounds like a more honest tidbit about Michael than some of this tabloid trash, and I'm tired of trying to decifer between the two.
I think Michael may have turned to Jason (or vice versa) for emotional support. They both had sad lives and understood pain. Jason may have thought it went further than that but I've seen Michael reaching out to others who have suffered in life because he could relate to them, and he would always hug and kiss them and tell them he loved them.

One thing I can't get over is how much Paris and Prince look like Arnie. C'mon Arnie, fess up. ha ha

1558 days ago


Joe Jackson only saw his son Michael Jackson as an entertainer and a big fat cash cow.He never treated him like a human being.As long as Michael made lots of money to take care of the whole family Joe Jackson was happy with him.Dr. Klein for the first time in his life is telling the truth: the Jackson family is wicked,wicked,wicked.

1558 days ago


Is this what you call NEWS , tmz??? Please do me a favor.
Nobody is interested what Klein thinks.
Not a topic worth replying to,other than this is worthless.

1558 days ago


Yes, Joe Jackson is a hypocrite but, Arnie Klein is a douche bag and an opportunist. I'd be surprised if he and Joe Jackson are somehow related as they share the same character flaws.

1558 days ago


Every media outlet suddenly picks up these stories only days before Murray's preliminary hearing. THE MEDIA WILL NEVER CHANGE....THEY USE DIVERSION TACTICS TO BLUR THE REAL ISSUE. The real issue is the death of Michael Jackson and who caused it. I wonder if anyone even bothered to watch the vid of Joe....he did not specifically blame Katherine for Michael's death. In addition, I think Joe is unafraid of what will happen to him...he is outspoken as to who he really believes is responsible and it sure isn't just Conrad Murray. Joe, along with the family, know Murray didn't just act alone...Murray is the fall guy, and everyone that has any sense knows this is true.

1558 days ago

Home Skillet    

For the love of God, can't we let MJ rest in peace for once and for all? STFU, Arnie Klein ... STFU, Joe Jackson ... just STFU! Katherine, we love you, don't take the bait. I would never tell you to STFU. I'll look forward to the day when your son can finally rest in peace.

1558 days ago


Never has the phrase "it takes one to know one" been more appropriate for a story. What an ass!

1558 days ago
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