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Arnie Klein -- Joe Jackson's a Hypocrite!

6/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the man who was probably closest to Michael Jackson -- came out swinging against Joe Jackson, claiming the elder Jackson could have tried talking Michael off a ledge, but all he cared about was making money.


Dr. Klein tells TMZ, "Michael was very close to Katherine, but Joe talked to him too, but all Joe ever wanted to talk about was business.  Everything Joe utters is nonsensical."

Joe is taking lots of flack for telling News of the World Katherine is responsible for Michael's death by not trying to cheer him up.

But Klein says he's over the drama:  "I'm no longer interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show on Havenhurst (the family home).  My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael's, and the preservation of Michael's memory."


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Interesting that Klein would say he's not interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show at Havenhurst. Sodom and Gomorrah are two cities in the Bible that were destroyed by God. They are usually used as a metaphor for homosexuality. As far as I know, no one at Havenhurst is a homosexual, or any of the Jacksons for that matter. Klein is another story.

1531 days ago


TMZ stop saying Klein was his closest friend, you dont **** about MJ's privte life. This bitch is just trying to clean his image after the fiasco of his allegactions against mj being gay and his stupid uly fat hoe Jason Pigffeir. SCREW HIM AND SCREW JOE. NO ARNIE WE HAVENT FORGOTTEN YOUR STUPIDITY.

1531 days ago


Arnie Klein is like a big turd that just won't flush....

1531 days ago


i don't know what this paper want to say .i just think every thing is very clearly ,we have no need to talk a before men ,i think so,

1531 days ago


klein you can talk, you're just as bad as Joe with all the BS you've been saying about MJ since he died.

I'm Lmao @ this statement "My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael's, and the preservation of Michael's memory." Yeah right. If that was the case you wouldn't be saying all this BS in the first place. Just looking to get your face in the spotlight again. Another vulture Michael could have done without.

1531 days ago


Oh and actually Elizabeth Taylor was Michael's closest friend. Anyone with a brain would know that. TMZ you really need to start straigtening out those 'facts' (99% of it is a whole load of BS really).

1531 days ago


Pot (Arnie) meet Kettle (Joe)

1531 days ago


The closest to MJ????? all joe cared about was money????? i wonder how much money bank of america cares about in regards to Arnie?

Posted at 10:46 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by mymjj5

I wonder why harvey/tmz have not posted that story about klein being sued by BOA? Klein is a liar!He is in desperate need of money so he is running around selling BS stories to any tabloid he can find!

1531 days ago


Posted at 10:19 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by Phantom of the opera

Thank you Phantom <3

1531 days ago


@ Chico

I agree it is interesting that this whole "story" comes out just days before murray goes back to court. I just can't help commenting on this. I just get so annoyed when I see klein. I'm not a violent person, but every time I see his face I want to punch him. I think he has ulterior motives (as did everyone around Michael) and I can't stand him for it. I wish he would just go away.

1531 days ago


Another vulture Michael could have done without.
Posted at 10:37 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by Jen
This is part of the reason Lisa Marie claimed that she and Michael could not sustain - she could not stand to see him surrounded by such leeches and vultures and do nothing to disassociate himself. I can imagine that that HAD to have been very frustrating for her (or anyone who cared about him) to witness.

1531 days ago


30. Well, the pot calling the kettle black.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by JB


72. Pot (Arnie) meet Kettle (Joe)

Posted at 10:43 AM on Jun 14, 2010 by TXluvsMJ2

the two best post regarding this board and the one about Joe.

However, considering that a lot of people believe that either 1. AEG/Sony may be in some way culpable in what may have happened to Michael in some way maybe indirectly then the only person who seems to be TRYING to find out is Joe by brining AEG to the table and trying to get some answers. You don't see anyone else saying what happened to Michael. They are all keeping their mouths shut. Why is that? Are they saying, let's just see how this plays out in court.
What? If your son died, would you not move Heaven and hell, regardless of anything to know what happened. Each of you with children should put yourself in that position as a parent, then pass judgement as to what you would do.
You have no idea. I know you say.. Joe is greedy, but hey, without Joe and what he did 45 years ago, there would have been a Jackson 5 or if Tito hadn't been caught with that Guitar and they hadn't gone out and spent all that time on the road, so give the man some credit. DAMN. He did do something right.
He isn't perfect by any stretch and he is a horrible businessman at this point. But he is still Michael's father whom Michael forgave during his Oxford speech. So he wants to know what the hell happened.
As a parent, I would want to know. what happened to my child no matter what...

1531 days ago


Just shut up, Arnie Parnie. No one wants to hear you.

1531 days ago


Don't get distracted from the issues that are relevant,we don’t know the truth we can guess and wonder if this could be made up crap, lots of lies go along Jackson stories they'll forever be the stalked family. Joe's relationship with his wife & son is irrelevant and what Klein says is irrelevant. The point of Joe having to find out what happened & how much the Estate is making is to assure the rights of Michael's kids, Katherine & the charities Michael supported. Someone wanted to destroy Michael they had it out for him big time. Even after his death they're spewing more lies - enough already. Nothing is being disclosed by the Executors and someone is protecting Murray!

Branca has a history of embezzling money from Michael, the Executors will rape & pillage Michael's music, image & name with no opportunity for the children to have a say in their Daddy's legacy. No one really knows what went on behind closed doors its all speculation. So how can the Jackson family know the children's rights are preserved when the Executors are not letting anyone know the true amount made since Michael's death! There are many hands in this stated death, if the Estate lawyers really cared they would fight for justice for Michael. They controlled Michael in life and even now they just can't stop shame on them.

Thank goodness Joe Jackson is speaking out about the greed, corruption & abuse of Michael's career, Katherine cannot contest or protest. We have to know that there will never be a perfect situation in life and that also applies to this vulnerable family now. There's valid reasons why Joe is pushing for justice & the Executors to expose how much Michael is worth dead and who benefits because of it....he is pushing to disclose TRUTH!
Support Joe.

There can be no peace until there is justice!

1531 days ago


Hahahah... Arnie is the biggest hypocrite. "My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael's, and the preservation of Michael's memory." Yeah, like telling people Michael pees in public and has a gay lover. Can you say HYPOCRITE?!!! I don't know why you even give this ass any airtime.

1531 days ago
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