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First Lady Rolls Deep in Hollywood

6/15/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Michelle Obama and her massive entourage shared a Hollywood hot spot tonight with none other than Ryan Seacrest.

First Lady Michelle Obama
A TMZ photog just spotted First Lady O leaving Osteria Mozza with a little girl -- we're guessing it's Malia or Sasha -- and a baller security detail: 1 CHP patrol car, 4 SUVs, and about a half dozen CHP motorcycle cops.

One major hint someone big was inside -- when Ryan walked out (about an hour before Michelle) and all the security stayed behind. Not many people in town bigger than Seacrest.

Plus, Ryan pointed our camera toward the restaurant and said "there is a bigger story than me right now, trust me!"

Oh, and by the way we just had an earthquake.  Busy night in the zone.


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1594 days ago



1594 days ago


i thought "Lady O" was Oprah...

1594 days ago


Remembering the old good times!!!!!!!!!!! Hahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahhahahhaha.

1594 days ago


She'll be divorced within 5 years! First on this news.

1594 days ago


How bad was the earthquake? Bet the Secret Service crapped their pants on that one.

1594 days ago


Every Hollywood worker, star and insider knows their career would be over if they voiced opposition to the writers strike, demand for increased compensation. There isn't an industry or market in America that has such deep unity and adherence to the demand from the workers?

1594 days ago


She is not an attractive woman at all. She always looks so demonic. Of course, her husband is an idiot that can't speak without someone in his earpiece telling him what to say! (look that video up on utube)

1594 days ago


Tell your husband to get of his butt and clean up the oil spill.

1594 days ago


I'm not a fan of the Obama's. Her husband is a pathological liar without a lick of sense in his freakishly tiny head. I wonder how much this stupid outing of hers cost us taxpayers.

To the person who asked about the quake: it was a 5.7 aftershock. Not big enough to do any real damage, just big enough to make you wonder if you were feeling the beginning of the "big one" which all of us Californians know will hit eventually.

1594 days ago


Ah, so nice to see our tax dollars hard at work. Meanwhile, her husband is too busy making speeches about whose fault the oil spill was instead of doing something about it - like aiding the economic fall-out in the Gulf area effected by the spill. Fishing industries, tourism industries, etc. that relied on the gulf waters to make a living are in dire straits, not to mention what is being done to help conservation efforts help save, and relocate injured and oil-slicked animals. Oh, let's not talk details though, let's just show our muscles and say how we have our boot on BP's neck so we look all big and tough while our wife tools around LA. What can you expect when people put an idiot in the White House? I wonder if he is even aware of the Oklahoma floods and whether or not he plans on doing anything there? And is he going to let us have to rely on Afghanistan now for all thing lithium powered before taking any pre-emptive action there? No, wait, he is too busy beating up BP! @ss!

1594 days ago


No bigger in town than Seacrest? are you kidding TMZ?? HAHAHAHHA! I know he stops by your studio to kiss ass but that's the WORST reporting I've ever read, even from the National Enquirer. TMZ idiots!!!!!!

1594 days ago


wtf all these stupid conspiracy theories get the **** over it.

1594 days ago


Our President and his family sure likes the celebrity part of the gig. Pity they could care less about getting people working or cleaning up that oil spill.
Although everything should be sweet when they get all those solar panel factories up and running, yay. *eye roll*

1594 days ago


You're kidding...not many people in town bigger than Ryan Seagrest?? I didn't know he was that big of a deal...just does lots of jobs.

1594 days ago
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