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Gary Coleman

Don't Pull the Plug on Me!

6/14/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained legal documents signed by Gary Coleman in 2006 in which the actor specifically directed that he did not want anyone to pull the plug on him ... if he was ever in that situation.

Gary Coleman
The documents were ironically filed by Shannon Price -- Gary's ex-wife -- the person who authorized doctors to take Gary off life support last month. Price has filed the docs in an effort to be granted control over the disposition of Gary's body. 

Among the documents filed today by Shannon is a health care power of attorney which Gary filled out in 2006.  Under the heading "Instructions for Health Care" -- Gary checked a box  titled "Choice to Prolong Life" which states, "I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards."


The other option Gary had -- "Choice Not to Prolong Life" -- was left unchecked.

In the docs, Shannon explains her decision to end Gary's life saying she was "forced" to pull the plug. She does not explain why she felt forced.


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How's come "wifey" poo didn't follow these wishes, she seemed to be all up in his other business. Why wasn't this presented to his regular docs. Wasn't Shannon a good "wife"? Sounds like she wanted her husband to die, because she knew he was worth more dead to her then alive. Investigate this witch, she lied to the hospital. The hospital ought to answer why they took her word so quick to take Gary off support and allowed death pics. Hello, red flags.

1594 days ago


Keep digging, TMZ. The fish smell is getting stronger and it's pointed at one person.

1594 days ago

Gsharon 710    

So what? Shannon could confess to killing Gary and Utah Policemen will still be sitting on their donut caloried ass.

If this is true, we know why the plug was pulled. She said she did not want Gary to live like Ali, so that says she had time and could have waited a little longer before blowing his light out.

The court is not going to touch Shannon, but at least they would not be calling her names. Stupid, money hungry POS

1594 days ago


After two days she pulled the plug? She must of had to be somewhere.

1594 days ago


Hope they put her in jail where she belongs. She had no right in my opinion to pull his life support because she was not legally married to him. If the judge has any sense he will make her pay for hurting someone who didn't want to die. She did more than she is saying. Hope the police investigate her to the fullest extent of the law.

1594 days ago

Fran Reno    

I still believe the bitch committed murder.

1594 days ago


Paying those medical bills is probably why she was forced to pull the plug. Health Care is expensive!

1594 days ago


It's my understanding that a living will can be trumped by the next of kin - who has already been established as his ex-wife.

The whole situation is sad, but as a healthcare worker, I see little quality in prolonging the quantity of "life" via artificial means.

1594 days ago


When are the cops going to figure out she was trying to cover-up her pushing Gary? Murder, she committed murder and they won't investigate! Is her daddy a cop there or what???

1594 days ago


He is dead, the hospital may not have known these do***ents existed (that is for the law suite happy democrates out there). She however is liable, she had knowledge, and therefore intenet to kill or have so. She should be investigated, and today would be 7 days too late.

Criminal, yes, not the hospitol to all the lazy pigs who look for people to sue because they will not work, liberals typically, lost and heading to hell leftest leberals.

1594 days ago


Shannon said that she was forced to pull the plug! BULL****!! She knew what she was doing! This evil bitch knew if she didn't pull the plug on Gary, she would not have HIS MONEY. THIS BITCH NEED TO BE LOCKED UP!

1594 days ago


After looking at this do***ent and then at the supposed codicil to his will stating SP should get everything, I call BS. From the looks of his signature and how he writes the date, there's no way he wrote up the codicil. Check it out!

1594 days ago

steve B    

I was walking on the beach yesterday and was worried oil had washed up because I had stepped in a little black tar ball. Lucky for me it turned out to be Gary's little corpse!

1594 days ago


She was probably forced because of Medical Bills. Prolonging someone's life cost Money, and the Health Care System is in shambles.

1594 days ago


Woah woah woah. I'm sorry aren't they divorced? What even gave her the right to make the decision?

1594 days ago
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