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Gary Coleman

Don't Pull the Plug on Me!

6/14/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained legal documents signed by Gary Coleman in 2006 in which the actor specifically directed that he did not want anyone to pull the plug on him ... if he was ever in that situation.

Gary Coleman
The documents were ironically filed by Shannon Price -- Gary's ex-wife -- the person who authorized doctors to take Gary off life support last month. Price has filed the docs in an effort to be granted control over the disposition of Gary's body. 

Among the documents filed today by Shannon is a health care power of attorney which Gary filled out in 2006.  Under the heading "Instructions for Health Care" -- Gary checked a box  titled "Choice to Prolong Life" which states, "I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards."


The other option Gary had -- "Choice Not to Prolong Life" -- was left unchecked.

In the docs, Shannon explains her decision to end Gary's life saying she was "forced" to pull the plug. She does not explain why she felt forced.


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She was forced to pull the plug because if he woke up he'd tell what really happened!

1599 days ago


@#45, "DaBrat63": I heard that even if she was no longer married to him, that as long as she had the Health Care directive, or whatever's it's called, she still had the legal right to pull the plug; it was not contingent upon their marital status. So in that regard the hospital is apparently not accountable. However, if I were her I think I still would have opted for surgery if it gave him any chance at all. But as one poster above mentioned, if he had no health insurance (and I don't know if did or didn't), the hospital may have been reluctant to perform expensive surgery and encouraged her to pull the plug.

1599 days ago


His ex wife is a very strange girl, however, was he brain dead? Or was she simply worried that she would REALLY have to take care of him. He would have been an invalid. Poor Gary Coleman never caught a break. No wonder he was so bitter.

1599 days ago


I hope she is held accountable. Poor Gary, broke in life, the estate rich in death. She seems so awful in every way.

1599 days ago


Obviously this person isn't that bright. Her behaviour after his death is absolutely horrible. Just the fact she brought in a photo team for pics, took all his stuff out of the house, pulled the plug after only a day (even Natasha Richardson's family waited way more than that and she had virtually the same injury), and let ET into their house to view where it happened, seriously? How is anyone not investigating her and on top of that, the medical directives says he wanted to live, which meant be on life support until such times doctors deemed it too much. Unless they told her this which I highly doubt, she should be brought to task.

1599 days ago


She needs to pay for what she done!!!!!!

1599 days ago


37. ...Also, everyone is now talking about Gary as if were a little saint of some kind. He was at times quite nasty to people (and is said to have not even liked animals). True, he suffered a lot and was betrayed by people close to him, but so are a lot of other people who don't turn out as rude and belligerent as he has shown himself to be at times. He also appears to have blown through his $1.8 million settlement he received (although perhaps that included some legal fees he had to pay from it -- I don't know).
Posted at 3:16 PM on Jun 14, 2010 by Moonbeam"

I don't think many people here or anywhere considered Gary to be a saint. We all saw him expressing his anger and bitterness over the years, and that anger and bitterness made him very difficult to like at all. But when compared to Shannon, Satan himself doesn't look at that bad. So even though nobody really cared for Gary many feel sorry for him because of the horribleness of the women he allowed in to his life. Basically, even anger-driven Gary Coleman didn't deserve to suffer her presence in his life.

1599 days ago


#23 they are divorced she doesn't have to pay one medical bill!!!!!

1599 days ago


i told you guys this bitch is dangerous she pulled that plug in hopes to get money, she should be in jail and court for murder, shannon you are one low bitch and cold to, when i heard that 911 call you were not worried one bit for the person you say you love
POOR GARY GOOD LORD he could be alive right now NOOOOOOOO shannon wanted your money GARY, what a evil thing to do or even think of i am so pissed i can't stand it, bring her up on charges, TODD GET HER ASS.

1599 days ago


this is 2010. he may have changed his mind after heart surgery and no money to leave with. just leave the deads alone.

1599 days ago

Ideas Come Free    

Shannon is beyond belief. Believe nothing that "woman" says. Everything is a lie!!!!

1599 days ago

Slim Whitman    

The Last MO FO I would ever want to have make a DECISION to PULL the PLUG on me is my EX-WIFE.

My EX-WIFE H-A-T-E-S me much like in most D-I-V-O-C-E-S ex's HATE one another.

Why in the HELL would a HOSPITAL EVER LET an EX-WIFE make a LIFE or DEATH decision on their EX-HUSBAND????

Here's who I BLAME:

1) Gary for marrying a self centered bitch in the first place
2) Ex-Wife for pulling the plug on this troubled soul
3) Hospital for letting an ex-wife have power of attorney
4) The crappy system in place that lets people lie, cheat and steal

1599 days ago


sounds like 1st degree murder to me....i mean sounds like she killed him...sounds like she needs to goto jail....

1599 days ago


anyone consider she may have actually murdered Gary? coming home collapsing to the point of killing himself? c'mon...I fell off a roof and only broke my leg.

Did the police even attend the scene?

Something to consider with the fact the cell phone calls she wouldn't help him, took pictures and took him off life support asap?

There's way more to this than Gary falling and killing himself, I put it that he was murdered by this woman for his estate cause he was going to kick her out??!!

"What'chu talkin' 'bout, TMZ?"

1599 days ago


to #67, "FBI": I'm glad you suffered only a broken leg and survived your fall from the roof. However, that does not mean that Gary could not have died from a fall. Natasha Richardson died from a seemingly lighter impact to her head than Gary suffered. There are certain areas where the skull is so vulnerable. Natasha didn't even bleed, as I recall, or at least very much, if at all. In Gary's case, it all likelihood there was a forensics team that checked the point of impact, whether it could have been sharp enough to have caused that injury, taking into account Gary's height and weight, thus measuring the force of the impact. Also, she had no motive to kill him: if she was not legally married to him she stood to inherit nothing. Even if she had been married to him, she probably stood to inherit any debt he may have had, which may have outweighed whatever assets there were. And as I said my earlier post, Gary was reportedly cognizant and speaking to paramedics. He probably told them what happened -- that would have been the first question they asked.

1599 days ago
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