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Charlie Sheen Car Theft -- Home Surveillance

6/15/2010 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For a second time, it looks like the car thieves who jacked Charlie Sheen's ride may have gotten away with it because of problems with surveillance video.

Charlie Sheen Car Theft

Law enforcement tells us Charlie had a surveillance camera at his house, but the video only shows one person who appears to be "messing with the car."  Problem is ... the video is "very shadowy" and it might be impossible to identify the thief.

As for surveillance video at the guard gate -- we're told it shows "nothing that was useful."

Rewind to 4 months ago, when car thieves hit Charlie for the first time.  Again, cops struck out in the video department and the crime went unsolved.


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Just goes to show that you can create high technology but the weak link will always be the low tech human using it.

1534 days ago


Why are we surprised that Charlie Sheen's car went off a cliff again? Summer is all about reruns...Right?

1534 days ago


Probably his wife!!

1534 days ago


pretty strange....leaves the keys in the car - TWICE....both cars get jacked & dumped....and strangely (even after it happened the first time) the security cameras don't catch anything - again???? If he wasn't richer than rich, I would think he had this done to dump his cars for new ones.......just sayin....

1534 days ago


Geez, what a disaster this guy is. He's definitely got some sort of demons (porn, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc), he's looking at another divorce (including now over $110,000 a month in alimony & child support), the loss of millions of dollars of his fortune, AND the dude can't keep his car parked in his driveway (one car I can understand, but a 2nd car? C'mon...). The way he's going, he better hope "Two and a Half Men" runs for 20 more years...

1534 days ago


It's a DAMN SHAME all this info is disclosed about there lives.. But since it is my gosh how old are they and there both on drugs and have kids but still are famouse and rich.. good gosh what is this world coming to!!!I really use to like Charlie, what a disappointment. GROW UP AND BE RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTIVE LOVING PARENTS.. at your age drugs, drama are you SERIOUSE!!!!

1534 days ago


The first article said Charlie wasn't the only one that had a car tossed over the side of a cliff. Wonder how much he pays for security in that gated community? Wonder if it is a member of security or the community? How's come Charlie doesn't have a garage?

1534 days ago


Perhaps Charlie should drive an America car. I hear a
tricked out Ford Pinto with a rebuilt motor and transmission
can be bought for about $80,000.

1534 days ago


Forget this bum. Send him a bill for towing the car out of there.

Since he doesn't want to take the bare minimum precautions to keep it from getting stolen, don't waste time with him.

1534 days ago


I was driving across Mulholland Drive today and saw a blue KTLA TV Van and a firefighting truck.. I figured a wildfire... or Jack Nicholson burning Boston Celtic memoribila... cos it was close to his mulholland drive home. lol

1534 days ago


Brooke was driving the you. Why else would she be reentering rehab?

1534 days ago


That car looks like a 2009 Mercedes S60...0 - Isn't that what Brooke receives in the divorce? Isn't is a coincidence that Brooke heads off to rehab when he is facing jail? As if to undermine the prosecutions case?

1534 days ago


So someone can just walk in, or jump a fence, into this supposedly gated/guarded community without being stopped by the "security guards". Unfortunately that's the caliber of employee one gets when one hires renta-cops, the very people who were turned down(for good reason)from LAPD. They couldn't put 2 clues together if their life depended upon it. Plus I'm sure they're on the take. It's amazing how Charlie's HOA cannot properly protect the home owners of multi million dollar homes.....certainly NOT what I'd expect when forking over a large sum of $$$$$$$.....but that's just me. Maybe I expect too much !!
As for Charlie's car being stolen and crashed..........who gives a ****. He's nothing but trash with far too large of an income for just playing himself.

1534 days ago


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...there are no residuals with reruns in reality...Stop using stuff,etc... and running off the road...

1533 days ago


Get a Segway Charlie. That way next time you go off a cliff half drunk there won't be that much damage to a Benz.

1533 days ago
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