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Gary Coleman's Ex Gets Shady in Court

6/15/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing Chanel sunglasses, Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price showed up to court in Utah on Monday to file documents in which Gary indicated that he wanted to be kept on life support "as long as possible."

Shannon says she was "forced" to pull to plug on Gary last month -- but she does not specify how she was forced.


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LA Native    

There is nothing about ANY of this drama that makes any sense. Why is this woman not under suspicion?

1562 days ago



1562 days ago


this b!tch killed him and she pulled the plug so he wouldn't tell. i don't believe it for an instant that this was an accident. it sounds like he had a lot of ""falls"". she probably beat him a lot but he was too humiliated to talk about it. she is a horrible person for pulling the plug AGAINST HIS OWN DO***ENTED WISHES. his friends even urged her not too. this monster should be locked up.

1562 days ago

go home!    

She is disgusting and looks like a demon. I am so sad my childhood hero died being connected to this white trash s***.

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1562 days ago


She needs to wear more than sunglasses, she needs to wear a bag over her face!! Heartless witch....

1562 days ago


B*tch is gonna pay someday

1562 days ago


In the audio tapes of her calls to 911 she sounds so dispassionate about Gary. In the tape from four months ago she sounds annoyed and more concerned that he is embarrassing her in front of her friend than the fact that he was suicidal and hurting himself by hitting his head against the wall. And the call to 911 about the "fall," she sounds like she couldn't care less about him even though he was on the floor, bleeding profusely and was in an altered state. Blood makes her gag so she walked up two stories to lie down in the bedroom BEFORE calling 911. I think he didn't fall, she pushed him or hit him, then pulled the plug as soon as medically possible to cash in as much as she can. I don't buy the grieving "widow" routine for a minute. Gary's parents need to ask the local police to investigate further to make sure they didn't miss anything. She's not very bright so chances are they will find something on her.

1562 days ago


This makes me sick to my stomach.

1562 days ago

g f    

welcome to hollywood, they ought to make an audience of hollywood "stars" speidi, lohan, this bitch, party girls, kardashians, the hills, city, where have all the stars gone? 30 years ago, this s*** would not be allowed in such famous hot spots in hollywood, but these days you have s*** like sam ronson, hanging out in sacred hollywood venues, these people are trash...............quit the coverage

1562 days ago


Chanel sunglasses? You mean the Chanel you can buy from a street vendor for 15 bucks?....Yeah, that's what she's wearing...I can buy those glasses for my cat!

1562 days ago


Why is she carrying two beverage containers what appears to be a bag of chips?

1562 days ago


White trash skank alert!!! No, it's not LiLo... They're probably fake Chanel knock-offs anyways.

1562 days ago


She is a nasty horse mouth greedy Bitch that should not get a single penny. Someone needs to send her back to hell where she came from

1562 days ago


Look folks, like it or not, this is the girl Gary loved and this is who he kept in his life. This is who he married, this is who he filmed his reality show with, this is who he reconciled with, and this is who he died with. I don't like her at all but what say do any of us have when this is the girl Gary chose for himself. Just give her Gary's stuff already. Not like he has kids to leave it to and we KNOW his parents are total losers. People are acting like Gary had billions for her to steel when it was quite the opposite. People will just believe whatever the tabloids feed them and that is a statistical fact. What is overlooked is that this girl may have given Gary the only happiness he ever had in his life. Don't focus your anger on her, Gary chose her. Would you want your significant other X'd out after your death just cause nobodyelse likes her? Think with logic, not emotions!!
I hate this girl like everyone else, but it's not about me, it's about them. People want her to suffer because she has been portrayed as evil when in fact, she is just really really stupid. The world we live in does not punish stupid people but takes pitty on them instead. She may have only been about money (which Gary never had much of), but Gary still stayed with her and that was his choice. Shame on him for choosing a stupid person that makes very bad decisions... shame on HIM. It is what it is.

1562 days ago
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