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Gary Coleman's Ex Gets Shady in Court

6/15/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing Chanel sunglasses, Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price showed up to court in Utah on Monday to file documents in which Gary indicated that he wanted to be kept on life support "as long as possible."

Shannon says she was "forced" to pull to plug on Gary last month -- but she does not specify how she was forced.


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what a life to live. As a kid paraded around as a talking teddy bear, used and abused like the goose that layed golden eggs, ridiculed and dismissed because the photogenics have faded away. Left to the wolves of reality tv producers and has been celebs (Vanilla Ice, Neecee) and medical issues to boot. Only to have your final ticket punched by the punchline of humanity "red headed stepchild". There is a god because he pulled you out of your worst round yet

1556 days ago


She has a major case of retard head.

1556 days ago


First she said she took him off because she didnt want him ending up like the lady in florida and now she is saying she was forced. She better come up with something to back her story up.

1556 days ago


What is wrong with the court system for not investigating his death further? Unless they're still investigating. On the day of his accident, she asked him to get her something to eat because she wasn't feeling well. She indicated she had been experiencing seizures. Has she had any seizures since Gary's death? She seemed to be fine when she and her "agent" were filmed removing items from the garage when the court order stated NOT TO REMOVE ANY ITEMS FROM THE HOME! She seems fine walking in her Chanel suns. I think something fishy is going on here and I pray they get to the bottom of it!

1556 days ago


"welcome to hollywood, they ought to make an audience of hollywood "stars" speidi, lohan, this bitch, party girls, kardashians, the hills, city, where have all the stars gone? 30 years ago, this s*** would not be allowed in such famous hot spots in hollywood, but these days you have s*** like sam ronson, hanging out in sacred hollywood venues, these people are trash...............quit the coverage"

To gf: AMEN TO THAT!!!!

"Gary had billions for her to steel..." S.T.E.A.L.

1556 days ago


Why do you keep writing about this girl? Her "claim to fame" is dead. Let her slink back into the shadows!

1556 days ago


2nd autopsy.

1556 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Wow, just check out the difference in the OJ Simpson news and this heifer. HMMMM I don't ever want to hear we use the race card about this case. There are enough signs to take this woman in and question her ass good. She had do***ents she probably hoped no one would ever know about. All that is left now is how did the fatal accident happen and who did it. She was probably not alone in that house. Stupid Bitch. Gary comes home after having treatments and she send him to his death by asking for some food.

This witch makes my behind want to chew tobacco, knowing damn well it can't spit.

Utah Police, you sorry sacks of manure, a man is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get on your job. He might not be your idea of a human being, but you will never get to rest if you don't come up out of your comfortable living and check this case out. You idiots already let evidence go by not securing the scene when you were well aware that both Gary and Shannon has been known to be violent. You find out she would not assist him, (poor Gary) and it does nothing to make you uneasy, you find she took not only posed pictures with Gary in a coma, but another one after death, and you continue to sit on your ass. You hear about do***ents where they were divorced, yet she puts on death certificate they were married, where he did not want the plug pulled, and you sit on your ass.

I never knew much about your State, and I am sorry to have to be schooled by such a horrible C R I M E. Have a wonderful nights rest you POS.

1556 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Arrest the murderer. She fully intended to get him sooner or later, and then she pulled the plug before he had a chance to wake up and expose her premeditated crime. She is guilty. Give her a fair trial and then execute by firing squad. Utah is negligent in its investigation. This was no accident!

1556 days ago


Dear Shannon,
You might be laughing at what you did, which is basically kill your husband. You might even go to the church to make confessions so that God can forgive you! But trust me KARMA IS A F***** BITCH, she doesn't listen to God and defintely has his blessings and when she comes to bite you and she will, you will hope you can hide in hell, if they let you in there because what you will get will be worse than any hell you can hide in!!!

1556 days ago


Maybe she had those same sunglasses on when she tried to read Gary's 'end of life' instructions? This woman is one, hot mess and someone in law enforcement needs to catch-up with her -- quick. She probably just murdered someone...

1556 days ago


Lets see, Designer sunglasses, check. Bottle water, check. Bag of chips, check. Huh?! you can dress her up, put Chanel sunglasses on her, but can you take the white trash out of her? Nope. Gotta have those chips in the courtroom in case she gets hungry discussing why she was forced to pull the plug on her ex husband, and why she should get what ever he left behind.

1556 days ago


Hey Buckaroo, if she made Gary so happy, and he loved her so much then how come he divorced her 8 months after marrying her? Maybe she was blackmailing him in the end and that is why she was living in the house with him, using him as her slave "go get me some food".

I crack up every time I just say that, "go get me some food". She just look like a total scag, her mannerisms, looks, the things she says. She looks like a serial killer, or some inbred monster from the X-Files.

1556 days ago


I don't think there is really much money to get. From what I read all he had was his house which wasn't worth a lot. If he wasn't brain dead the doctors wouldn't pull the plug so I assume he was dead by the time he was disconnected.
How he died was another story, but I assume the autopsy would tell what happened.

1556 days ago


hey Gene,
If Gary was so miserable and hated her so much, how com she was still in his life and he was still banging her?

1556 days ago
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