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'Jersey Shore'

Half the Cast

on Chopping Block

6/16/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The oil-soaked handwriting is on the wall ... TMZ has learned "Jersey Shore" is about to lose 4 familiar, overly-tanned faces in Season 3 ... to make room for 4 fresh overly-tanned faces.

Our spies tell us ...  the footage that was already shot of Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny and Angelina has  "underwhelmed" MTV honchos. As for replacing them for Season 3, one source said, "They should be very worried."

As for The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D and Jwoww ... they're sold for next season.

Fist pumps all around.



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I'd rather they keep Vinny & send Jenni home. I like her, but she's in a relationship & it seems like she'd be more fun without one! As far as the other 3, I won't miss them.

1555 days ago


hey, do not hate on Snooki. Her unfruitful attempts to get boned were half the fun last season.

1555 days ago


i bumped into the Situation last night at the London hotel NYC (Drake launch), my pal was staying at the hotel and i was passing through..i chatted with him for a few mins as he had new interesting T shirt on called DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give A F***), typical bling - quite funny but i can schmuks wearing it, its supposedly his new line. but he kept referring to everything as the Situation says this, Situation says that in the 3rd person..."George is getting angry!" actually was pleasant and super that was my boring Situation.

1555 days ago


Get rid of the whole lot of them. I haven't seen one show and I plan to keep it that way... 14:56, 14:57, 14:58... hear that Snyucki? It's your 15 min countdown...

1555 days ago


I guess Mightymad likes fake a$$ boobs on his women..plastic anyone? "Oh don't smash them so hard they are going to burst and you'll be payin' for them!"

Gross. Rock hard soild boobs are all the fashion these poor youngsters don't know any different, I'll cut ya some slack.

The "appeal" to this show is for retards, I hate to insult the retards with that statement, but, seriously I doubt these errr, ummm, cast members will ever know how lucky they are to be thrown off this we-are-laughing-at-you-not-with-you-dumba$$es-show and try and get some kind of decent reputaion now.

1555 days ago


When you don't need TALENT for a show - there is always an endless supply of TALENTLESS douchebags - to backfil.

That's what Situation clown does not understand - He will be a gay escort in 2-3 years

1555 days ago


How is The Situation coming back for season 3, if he's not even cooperating with producers on season 2?

1555 days ago


I guess Vinnies temper became too much of a liability, too bad I enjoyed him.

1555 days ago


GET RID OF ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1555 days ago


That's what i call 'em too ! JERSEY WH*RES ! the little short one w/ the big hair & the bad tan,'snooki' looks like she enjoys being a jersey wh*re a lot !

1555 days ago


Chop the entire ******* show! Their fifteen minutes has turned into 24hrs plus worth of BS.

1555 days ago


They are all trash, especially THE SITUATION!

Sick and tired of seeing that greasy thing lifting his shirt up to show off his abs, who cares idiot.
What a waste of TV time putting these foul mouthed, greasy, alcoholics on the air. They make me sick every time I see them.
Take the show off the air, let's see how popular they would be then. No talent, no redeeming anything about them, zero, zip, nada!

1555 days ago

betty mitchell    

what a slap in the face for all those hard working young people who are trying to grow up and be good productiv citizens. I say "fire them all and start over. Especiallialy skanky Snookie and situation.

1555 days ago


REALLY ! who watches this TRASH ?! Are there people under 16 that don't know better ? but I'm sure there's a lot of preteens out there who r smarter than that,& r watching somethin' else. this prob won't last another season!,It was sadly 15 mnths. of fame instead of 15 mins.! - grossed out

1555 days ago


20. LOL Snooki must have serious problems to not get any lovin' last season, drunk guys at the beach will bang just about anything with enough liquor. Probably doesn't do much for her self esteem LOL

1555 days ago
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