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Kim K and Bieber

Bum Rushed

by 12-Year-Old

6/16/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Security literally had to dive into action to protect Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian during a fashion shoot in The Bahamas last week -- after a 12-year-old "rushed" the celebs on the beach.

Bum Rushed
Sources on the shoot tell TMZ security had to "dive" on the overzealous fan to keep the little girl away from the stars.  We're told nobody was hurt and they eventually let the kid go.

It's unclear if the kid was trying to get to Kim or Justin -- but the duo was rollin' with heavy security that day because of previous threats to Kim from jealous Bieber-aholics.  0613_BIEBER_BANGS_LAUNCH


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if that bieber kid had growen up on my street he would have recieved daily ass whipping everytime he showed his face outside,,what a ***

1536 days ago


Everyone is so quick to jump on these two. But what you should be doing is showing concern for the tween fan girls. Behavior like that IS NOT HEALTHY. Any type of obsession is not healthy especially over some kid you will never meet. Parents think its "cute" until one of the little psychos actually inflicts harm on to whoever justin might be dating. When I have a kid and she tries pulling anything like that I'll knock some sense into her.

1536 days ago


Well,first of all justin is not the right color for nasty,nasty,nasty Kim she like's them big black men you know RayJ and the bush master.anyone that would let someone piss in her hair there cant be much to them. and with saying piss it's putting it lightly,which most of u know what I in sex tape she will never find a white man no one want's the left over'S.she may be pretty on the out side but I bet truth be told you could see her whole insides if she were up side down.

1536 days ago


SECURITY FOR A 12 yr. old???? HAHAHAHA Pls. people get off your high horse.

1536 days ago


what did Lisa say that was so wrong,,she does like big black men and any girl thats going to get off on some guy pissing or dumping on them..well who would want that but a loser..and it seems only more black guys want it..havent seen to many white dudes chasing her,,we do have our standards...your just trying to make it racist....

1536 days ago


I think it's HILARIOUS that the thing that will do in human toilet seat kim WHORETRASHian isn't the disease she got from some random black dude she banged, but the legions of pre-adolescent tween cutter justin beiber fans...

1536 days ago


whamo you have no idea about me and if your base your opinion on what is said on here your truely an idiot....but no problem because if anything I have learned its tolerance of people no matter how much of an idiot they came with the job...

1536 days ago

get a life ho    

reggie bush has been officially replaced ?

1536 days ago


These tacky little stories about Kim the bimbo and this little baby are getting sickening. This woman will get her name out there for any reason. She is trash, he is a baby and should have his diaper changed and put to bed for a nap. Maybe he see's Kim as a mother figure. Stop these stupid stories about these two it is ridiculous.

1536 days ago


An older woman and a little boy, go around holding hands, trying to get as much attention as they can. How pathetic!

1536 days ago


The fact that this grown woman is hanging out with a kid just is beyond me. What do they even have in common? Oh yeah-being completely overpaid pieces of ****. Nice. Ugh.

1536 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

LMFAO STARS? it's so funny the names that they give these celebrities, STARS they are NOT stars. They are performers, singers, etc but they are not stars the reason why these celebrities head get so big is because of the names these idiots give them. Remember why kim became a so called celebrity? Ummm because of her porn video that I bet her and her ghetto ex Rey J sold... lol

The only reason all these celebs are around Bieber is because they want to cash in on his spot light since he's the only one that's attacking fans.

1536 days ago


Kim is such a fake bitch!
I mean.. shes not even pretty. She only looks pretty with make-up and cover-up. But I bet if you saw her without it. Oh ho ho, you would probably die from such ugliness. And I dont really understand why security had to DIVE into action just because some 12 year old got a bit jealous. But im definately not jealous over some big boobed bimbo bitch. All she wants is attention, she wants more security just because some beliebers posted death threats.. BIG FRICKEN DEAL, theyre not gonna do anything to her. Its just a threat. All Im saying is, Kim Kardashian.. I hate you, youre stupid, youre fake, youre an attention hog, youre ugly, you have a fat ass, youre boobs are to big, youre a bitch, youre a bimbo, and i hate you with all my life
Good DAY

1536 days ago


Justin Beiber is a prime example of how Hollywood can manipulate the general public into thinking anyone or anything is the next biggest "superstar". The the days of old Hollywood of driving to LA in a dream and a beat up car, living in an abandoned building and waiting on tables just to get a shot at handing out coffee to an exec producer and work your way up are long gone. There is no longer any room for true talent's more or less, pull some talentless schmuck off the street whose somewhat marketable for 15 seconds, make your millions, cut them loose and on to the next. Justin Beiber will be a one hit, over exposed wonder in less than a year.

1536 days ago


Kim K. has no talent so it's always "photo shoots", and now she's jumping on the some popular young kid's bandwagon. Was this photo shoot for a mature women's magazine? Because Justin Bieber could just as well have done a photo shoot with his mother.

1536 days ago
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