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Ex-Hells Angel:

'Sons of Anarchy' Was

MY Idea!

6/15/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A motorcycle war has broken out over the hit FX show "Sons of Anarchy" -- because the former NYC chapter head of the "Hells Angels" claims the network jacked his idea and screwed him out of millions.


TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Chuck Zito -- in which the bike gang member-turned-actor claims he developed an idea for a show about an "outlaw motorcycle club" back in 1998 and pitched it to FX in 2004.

In the docs, Zito claims he entered into an "implied-in-fact contract" with FX which guaranteed if they used his ideas for a TV show, Zito would be "reasonably compensated and afforded appropriate screen credits." Zito claims FX eventually passed on the project.

So when FX began developing "Sons of Anarchy" in 2006 -- Zito was pissed ... claiming "Sons" was "substantially similar" to his motorcycle show idea.

Now, Zito claims FX is obligated to pay him more than $5,000,000 for breaking the "implied-in-fact" contract.

FX had no comment on the lawsuit.


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dan the man    

east bay head your making me laugh. why are you starting arguments about nothing? Come paint my house for free and I'll be sure to give you a turkey sandwich.

1590 days ago

east bay head    

cheers john... and for those that dont know... the BAY and NOR CAL are the reason HD, hot rods and biking survived and revived...
if it werent for people like Bob Drone HD would have never survived the direction they were trying to go, the only thing that a bowling ball and a bike should ever have in common is maybe marbilizer paint... other than that all i got out of AMC was a rad golf cart.. a HD golf cart..

1590 days ago

east bay head    

sounds good dan,
one thing tho, get your budget up, get in line, and break bread..

1590 days ago


Real gangsters, thugs, bikers, dealers, hustlers, pros, underworlds don't talk, rap, sing, about their lives cause they are too buisy LIVING their lives.

Anarchism and Anarchist are everywhere. The only thing this silly show has going for it, is the underline anarchist quotes. Other than that it is just a show about a bunch of fools, recreating the same ****ty system, that the government creates, heirchy, patriarchy, sexism, racism, and the cesspool of life we are forced to live under wether rich or poor. Yippy!!!!

1590 days ago

east bay head    

and dan,
i didnt start any argument cork bucket, i made statements.. i did respond to an other, and actualy made my point that he was saying same chit...
by the way 1500 for a monochrome job on a bike, so figure the square footage off that in relation to your house and were good to run..

1590 days ago


@east bay head I was just going to ask but dont need to now...

I got tons of Fam in the East Bay and even the lawyers who ride there have more cred than Zito.

People forgot but SF and Oakland play a HUGE role in the HA life and history and Zito wasn't and still isn't liked much. They thought of NY as a charity charter....

1590 days ago


East Bay Head
You have it wrong too. Being a rider is just about that...riding. Cause you like the open freeing feeling of being on a bike. Its not about money or costume or how many hours you have available to put miles on the bike. You putting down other people for their bank accounts or jewelry or mileage goes against what real riding is about. I'm not a rider but my husband is and we in no way are wearing Rolex's or have a fat bank account but we don't look down on others that do.
And when you said, "they are wishing they were something"... what is something? And whats the look ? It's just a cycle with a motor... not a religion or fashion show.

1590 days ago


Above comment pertains to Moto Chris too.

1590 days ago


MotoChris is right on, REAL bikers even ride their 20,000 plus in the rain!!! signed a 'real' bikers ole lady

1590 days ago

dan the man    

east bay its a joke man. my house is 3x that size p;us if i wanted my house painted, id do it myself.

do the hells angels still sell drugs?

1590 days ago

east bay head    

hahaha um i simply said what did not classify one guy "zito".. um and as for the rideing is riding thing... sorry, just cause one desides to ride a bike, good for them, im sorry to say that yes it is a life choice for others just as one who dedicates there life to anything. are you really going to say that the guy that goes skiing for the weekend is the same as say a guy whos life revolves around it?? dose that mean because i go to court and defend myself that im a "lawyer"??? GTFOH same thing either of those groups of people would be pissed, that i with no dedication, with out paying my dues, should deside i have the right to claim a title...
to those that enjoy the sport enjoy... but please make no mistake it dose not make you a "biker" it makes you a person that enjoys the "sport"
are you saying that people that dedicate there life to a pursuit are the same as the guy that trys to buy a lifestyle?? congrats you own a bike, enjoy said bike, but the wind in your hair just means your moving... try a convertable if thats what dose it for you... freedom for a weekend is no freedom at all...
as for overcompensating, pleasee point it out... i was making fun of HD in mentioning my cart, wich was built at the time HD was produced by AMC as in the bowling company. oh no i made a few comments... how dare i..
and i stand by the fact if its a matter of fitting your riding into your scedual, you are not a "biker".... now if the world fits in and revoles around your biker life... its easy really...
dreaming is one thing commitment is a whole other bag.. ever hear the stupid HD slogan... "live to ride, ride to live"...

so yes there is a huge differance.. its not "live and try and get some road time in"... pls stop... that=like to bike ONLY..

and sorry i dont own an occ/big dogg/texas chopper, and i dont run a 280 rear tied... those are trying to compensate, and make for a chit ...
i am just trying to live, and doing quite well thank you. oh, as for my bike, a bobber iorn horse "skirtster".. no tuff guy chit..
with that i take my leave, and giggle.. and please find where i state i am a "biker".. i enjoy the sport as well, run with em daily, yet know my place.. I am a painter that bikes... it is not my job/life..closest i get is bike painter..
..its a title, as in what a person is, not a decoration...
the honerable great, Saint, Dr., Prof., East Bay Head Esq, 66th pres of the united states of america& denmark.. i here by bequith the title of "super bad ass Bikers" to one and all..
ignorance is bliss... all praises be...


1590 days ago

east bay head    

srry i spell like poop stix... too many fumes.. i admit i cant fuggin read half of that mess...
and Dan... now that was EXCELENT!!!... made my day!!!hahaha for that can we just share that samwich and go off thinkin happy thoughts???

1590 days ago



1590 days ago

east bay head    

had to restart computer to say that all of your reasoning = every woman on this board is a "SANDWICHMAKER" cause you do it everyonce in a while right... 'cause it dosent have to be your lifestyle to make you one right.. congrats.. we all win..
now log off the computer and get in the kitchen...

1590 days ago


My husband works 60 + hours a week driving a truck, not much time for bike riding, although he would love to have more time. So cool that you have the time to ride often but most just have the weekends for freedom. Life isn't like "easy rider" for all.
Buy a lifestyle? He bought a bike. Whats the lifestyle? Whats the pursuit ? What good is "the title"... is there a reward ? What are "the dues" one has to pay ? Riding would be no fun at all if looked at like that. Would just be another job. And don't put down those that don't have the freedoms that you have to have that wind in your hair as often as you yourself can.
Relax, enjoy the ride for what it is...a ride. :)

1590 days ago
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