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Ex-Hells Angel:

'Sons of Anarchy' Was

MY Idea!

6/15/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A motorcycle war has broken out over the hit FX show "Sons of Anarchy" -- because the former NYC chapter head of the "Hells Angels" claims the network jacked his idea and screwed him out of millions.


TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Chuck Zito -- in which the bike gang member-turned-actor claims he developed an idea for a show about an "outlaw motorcycle club" back in 1998 and pitched it to FX in 2004.

In the docs, Zito claims he entered into an "implied-in-fact contract" with FX which guaranteed if they used his ideas for a TV show, Zito would be "reasonably compensated and afforded appropriate screen credits." Zito claims FX eventually passed on the project.

So when FX began developing "Sons of Anarchy" in 2006 -- Zito was pissed ... claiming "Sons" was "substantially similar" to his motorcycle show idea.

Now, Zito claims FX is obligated to pay him more than $5,000,000 for breaking the "implied-in-fact" contract.

FX had no comment on the lawsuit.


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The joke about this is, Sons of Anarchy was stolen from the French Canadian and CBC mini series called The Last Chapter. And that showed aired over 5 years ago on Canadian television. If you watch the first season of Sons it's practically word for word from the original Last Chapter. I knew exactly what was happening every second and I didn't have the heart to tell our friend Kim Coates who is one of the stars on Son's. So the theft is on Son's producers and writers who claim it's an original idea.

1593 days ago


@Christine.... nice try but sorry... there is a reason you can't find any hint of the last chapter on the net...

I just watched some of it and it was crap and nothing like sons..

about the only thing you can link it they have bikes and cuts.. what mc doesn't have that lol

1593 days ago



1593 days ago

I'm Right    

Why is his mouth open in the pic?

He looks like his hero "the Fonz" on Happy Days.

1593 days ago

East Bay Lifer    

Hey east bay rider,I hear ya and I agree with you the only bikers I ever knew were exactly what you described in the 60's and 70's,but unfortunately the times are changing and the hardcore bikers are becoming suit and tie kind of guys.It's just a part of evolution,I know for a fact for some of the older generation it's hard to see this change for alot of the old 1%s but it is what it is and people are tired of going to prison and having other repercussions it is time to evolve into a wiser and more stealth type of group, remember no SUPER STARS.

1593 days ago


@MotoChris- Exactly- Zitto is just another of these hells angel bitches that prey on society.

1593 days ago


chuck zito is an obnoxious pig thug and thinks everybody in the whole world needs to bow down and give him whatever he wants. i will never understand why howard kisses his butt so completely. people who use muscle to get what they want in the world have some seriously nasty karma coming their way and this guy has a HUGE fall coming to him. he's disgusting.

1593 days ago


@east bay lifer

You make a good point but I think your wrong in one area.

I think the line between rider/mc member and a 1% member are very clear. Before everyone was one stupid mistake from being a 1% and I think you are right most said f this and lets just ride.

So with that the party and drug life style slowed down doe most riders and that too widen the gap even more. Now today a 1% is just that really only 1% of the make up of riders.

I don't think the 1% have slowed down at all. I also don't think they got smaller etc. I just think people have calmed down.

1593 days ago

God of the hells angels    

I got an Idea Zito can write a book about the Large Percent of Hells angels that harm rape molest and murder women and children in the USA.

Maybe he can tell us why he never did a dam thing to those members in his club. Was the punk scared or does he think thats OK ?

I get tired about reading about punks that hide in hells angel gangs or Mc clubs as this Geek would say and then act like they are fighters. This coward is a coward thats the Bottom line . I never saw a sons of Anarchy show that represents anything hells angels have done.

Sons of Anarchy have not had a show about their members busted with child pornography or harming raping molesting and murdering women and children or supporting their members busted for those crimes.I see no similarity at all to the TV show and the chicken head wearing hells angels flock of foul filthy freaks.

Hell I would bet the actors in the SOA would beat the hell out those hells angels and take that silly chicken head looking patch away from the Hells angel freaks forever

These are my opinions if thats Ok with your punk ass or do you want to sue me also pink punk.

1593 days ago

big joe from Cali.    

Wow, some haters or sould I say jelous wnanabe tuff guys who hide behind a computer. I am a biker who knows a lot of HA and also other 1% club members and know a lot of history about them all.
Since it sounds like most of you can't read, I'll let you in on some facts from the books I've read and the people I met. Chuck Zito is one of the most respected, if not the most respected Hells Angel in it's clubs history and one of the baddest members to ever wear a patch.Not only respected by the HA but also by the rival clubs, they might not like him,....But...They respect him. He's still respected by all even though he quit the HA years ago. I know because I saw first hand at Sonny Bargers 50th Anniversary in Oakland, and Chuck was there, and HA members from all over the world were taking pictures with him. If he say's they took his idea, you can take that to the bank,and I believe him. He once wrote I lie to the police, the judge and my lawyer,...I never lie to my friends. Thats a man talking, not you wannabe tuff guys. If you ever have the privilege to meet Chuck Zito, then tell him how you really feel, Iam sure he'll let you know how he feels...Literally!

1593 days ago

God of the hells angels    

This guy is a Big mouth. I bet this ex gang banging coward loser is just looking for publicity. LOL this is as funny as this clown pretending he is a real street fighter. I have never heard of any real street fight or pro fight this Bozo was ever in one on one and won. I don't count hitting drunks and using the name of a club into scaring people not to hit you back. Poor publicity for a loser with a big mouth is the way i see it.

1593 days ago

God of the hells angels    

LOL I think the wood chuck should call his show Nomen Momen or Homen . I bet thats a subject this punk knows all about. Give it up woody go back to the pecker where you can get a head.

1593 days ago

God of the hells angels    

LOL I think the wood chuck should call his show Nomen Momen or Homen . I bet thats a subject this punk knows all about. Give it up woody go back to the pecker where you can get a head.

1593 days ago

east bay head    

ok, for the last time, i again, do not even call myself a "biker" tho i am around them daily. i am a "painter" who happens to really enjoy bikes. I also never stated that only 1%ers are "bikers". infact the 1% dose recognise that only they are a persentage of a group. the most "bikers" i have most respect for are indeed sucssessful. take the Ness family and Bob Drone for example. Ness actualy built his entire plesington facility with no loans from ground up.. there is not a hint of illegal activity assosiated with those families.. but the fact is both those "men" found a passion early in life and did anything it took to make that there lifes work and were equaly rewarded and respected for it.
ness for example was something like a garbageman (dont remember exact job), but always wanted to ride, his wife did not allow it.. he saved up bowling turnament money to purchas his first bike, that turnd into a ledged... the godfather..he then found a way to turn that hobby into a life work, a carrer and was more than successful. Take jesse for example for a modern version or better yet rolland. rolland is a second generation biker, yet its still his love and passion, and life revoles around it.. people that sacrafice in order to live there loves no matter the title deserve that. the rest of us may be enthusiasts, fans or hobbiest, but thats about it.. it dosent mean you are less of a person, just that respect is due to those that earn it, not claim it. i paint bikes for a living, i ride alot, i love bikes also.. yet simple fact of life is that i am a "painter" who enjoys riding.
hows this for an example, actors, yes i know that the waiter may take classes and has an agent, and im sure in his eyes he's a "thesbian", but if thats how he greeted you when you sat down, would it not be odd... cause hes a waiter that wants to be an actor, yet to succed, thus not one... he is a waiter...
congrats on buying a bike, that designates you and owner of a thing, congrats on your rides your "go riding".. neither of the above designate you a "biker".
i dont care what the title, you are not that unless you dedicate your life to it.
jsut because a guy succesfully imprgnates a female, dose that mean he is a "father".. biologicaly yes at the rute definition of the word, but b socity standards and to those that hold that title with pride, i think not.

1593 days ago


loves the me, i have only known it as Kurt Sutters baby, which it is....people might come up with ideas for shows, but the best ones are the ones that are given air time....SOA is the BEST biker show ever made, period

1593 days ago
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