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Tiger Woods

Not the Daddy!

6/17/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a DNA test disproves the claim of Devon James -- that Tiger Woods fathered her 9-year-old son.

A source handling the situation tells TMZ the DNA test was performed in 2002, as part of "an ongoing child support battle."

We're told although the DNA test excludes Tiger, it establishes to a reasonable certainty who fathered the boy -- a guy from Florida.

The boy's pics were posted on Kikster.com. Coincidentally, he does look an awful lot like Tiger.


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What a surprise!

1589 days ago


So there was a test in 2002 and even the kid himself says Tiger's not his dad - where on Earth did this rumor come from then?

1589 days ago


looks like the momma prefers Purple Crayons, lol

1589 days ago


My sympathy to the child; not for Tiger not being his father, but for who he inherited as his mother.

1589 days ago


DNA proves he is not the dad? Good. Now, please stop posting crap about it. Move along; nothing to see here.

1589 days ago


Weird. Story about Tiger. Let me guess....the next stories will be about Gary Coleman, Charlie Sheen, Dr Murray, and anyone with last name Jackson. really TMZ? is there nothing else you guys are doing stories on? Please get back to just taking photos from the bushes of drunken celebs and wannabe's

1589 days ago


re: A source handling the situation tells TMZ...

What does a Jersey Shore cast member's assistant have to do with Tiger Woods?

1589 days ago


What are all the Tiger naysayers going to comment about this when they no longer have Tiger "to kick around". Glad to hear there is positive evidence to disprove this woman's claim. She was a lost cause from the beginning. Why are all the
tabloids so quick to accept the word of someone who is such a phony.

1589 days ago


Me thinks I smell a rat story from TMZ....

1589 days ago


More Tiger bashing I see. Just anything to keep Tiger's terrible past choices alive, even if it is lame story like this.
Does TMZ consider itself the modern-day equivalent of an endless flogging in the public square? Looks that way. They milk a story until they see the comments have dwindled.
Man, when TMZ chooses a celebrity to flog they don't let up. There have been many victims...

1589 days ago


Ok Mr. Povich--er Levin. Did you enjoy your Maury moment?

It is irrelevent whether or not Eldrick was the father of this kid, as this was before he was married to Elin. Hell, this was before he even MET Elin. This does not tie into the current situation whatsoever.

1589 days ago


So the DNA test was taken in 2002 and they're not finding out until NOW that it says Tiger isn't the father?? What the hell has been happening all this time? I don't get this story at all.

And P.S. I feel terribly sorry for the child.

1589 days ago


So sad how many pathetic people were so quick to beleive this horse-crap story in the first place.
You all need help mentally if your beleifs are based on gossip stories and un-named sources.

1589 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

who dat baby blong to???

1589 days ago


He may have been a secretive attrocious husband to Elin due to excessive sexual desires (look at all the men who sit on computers looking at disgusting and dehmanizing pornography*), but you can be certain not everything that has come from the mouths of the swines and the legal spokesperson of two of them is entirely true. TW has found himself caught between a rock and a hard place (no pun intended) and cannot afford (any level) to bring a lawsuit against the women for lying and further attempting to destroy him and the reason why madam Allred takes on the swines to legally extort monies. Seeing this tragic situation makes me aware as a woman there are far too many degenerate women in the world who live from their crotch instead of the brain and have no self-respect, i.e. children born without fathers in their lives and mothers who are abused at the hands of their mothers who are emotionally, psychologically, and physically protecting them in the world.

*this is nearly as bad as sexual promiscuity

1589 days ago
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