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Chris Klein -- Animal Group Furious Over DUI

6/16/2010 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An animal rights group is unleashing on Chris Klein over his DUI arrest this morning -- claiming nobody should ever drive around wasted ... especially when a pet is on board.


TMZ spoke with a rep for the group "In Defense of Animals" -- who tells us, "By choosing to drive under the influence with his dog in the car, Chris not only put innocent drivers in danger, but broke a promise to be a protector and guardian to his pet."

As we previously reported, Klein was arrested in L.A. this morning -- law enforcement sources tell us his blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit.



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What the hell is the matter with all you people!!??
Animals don't have the right to choose for themselves.
If you're going to adopt a dog, then be responsible and
don't put it's life at risk. Man, you guys are ignorant,
of course I'm posting a comment on TMZ, so what do I expect..

1597 days ago


Great, but when my dog drove me home the other night(he was way over the legal limit on alcohol and even had been sniffing other dogs) no one cared about my safety.

1597 days ago


What a joke !!!
Money, money, money.. is all what they love.
Who protect animals from these people ???
Sad world.

1597 days ago


Is there an official ceremony or signed do***ent in which pet owners promise to be a protector and guardian to their pets? I'm actually there usually some do***ent because I have owned pets my whole life and, although I would never intentionally do them harm, I also would not even attempt to save them from a burning building because my life is more important and my children having a mother is even more important. Though I suppose driving drunk with a dog is a different scenario and it could be even more dangerous because the dog might be another distraction to the already inebriated driver.

1597 days ago


OK're really milking this story for all it's worth. Time to move on.

1597 days ago


really?? d o c u m e n t gets censored because of three letters in the middle?

1597 days ago


***in ***ulative ***bersome ***ulus clouds

1597 days ago


What is up with you people who can't understand that a animals' rights organization is going to focus on the animal? Talk about mind-numbing. Just because they are concerned about the dog doesn't mean they don't care about people their mission is to relieve animal suffering and abuse. Obviously, you have never had the privilege of having an animal in your life as a companion. I feel sorry for you. "Man's inhumanity to man is only surpassed by his cruelty to animals." unknown

1597 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

what idiots IDA was a dog and the dog was fine.....(p) ricks like IDA are just plain fools!!!!!!!!!! Would you say anything if he had a bucket of chicken in the car! IDA is as useless as PETA

1597 days ago

Jane Doe    

Does anybody else think that this guy is the biological father of Suri Cruise?

1597 days ago


ya buddy, kill yourself or one of the millions of useless *******s on this planet. not the dog.

1597 days ago


Bottom line...driving drunk endangers lives. First offense send drunk drivers to Arizona and let them dry out in "tent" city. No exceptions. 2nd offense....kill them...they will make good dog food.

1597 days ago


Sorry Tess, I guess they edited my comment. But seriously, I will NEVER understand these idiots that think pets are "their kids", are human, and kiss them on the lips. I guess they just can't figure out that a dog licks his "a@s" with the tongue they just frenched kissed with. Animals are animals-people are people, start trying to inter-species mix and give them "civil rights". They are considered under the law "property" and should be treated the same way as an ashtray, Wii game, and a pair fo tires

1597 days ago


It's okay, folks. We have received reports that the dog in question, who preferred not to be identified by name, is in 'high spirits' and plans to lick it's own genitalia thoroughly for at least two hours this afternoon. The dog also added that there are just a few things that are slightly more important than dog safety in our society and those that dedicate their lives to such relatively trivial issues as these have wasted their short time on this earth. The dog adds, "I can only hope that the next time something as stupid as this comes up, it is only because after we have solved the power problem, the gulf oil spill, the violence in the Middle East, the unstable global economy, world hunger, AIDS, cancer, drug trafficking, human trafficking, racism, organized crime, terrorism, US crumbling infrastructure, unemployment, pollution, and salt water purification, among other things, we had absolutely nothing else to worry about."

1597 days ago

Throwback kid    

I blame Tom Cruise for this! after he took Katie away from Chris he has never been able to recover. His drinking has escalated and his career is in the toilet! If he had the love and support of Katie he would be an A list star. Damn you TOM CRUISE!

1597 days ago
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