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Obama Kids -- Most Baller Father's Day Gift Ever

6/16/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When your father is the Leader of the Free World, there tend to be some pretty cool perks -- like when Sasha and Malia Obama went to the Lakers game last night ... and picked up an AWESOME Father's Day gift for their dad.

Obama Kids
Sources close to the situation -- but not too close -- tell us the daughters really wanted to get their dad a Lakers jersey for his special day. So, AEG president Tim Leiweke -- whose suite they happened to be sitting in -- ran down to the Lakers team shop in the Staples Center and had an Obama jersey made up on the spot.

To top things off, Phil Jackson even autographed the gear for the kids after the game.

Way cooler than that ugly tie you were gonna get your dad.

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Remember what Obama keeps telling us. "Times are tough". I have to give her credit for her honesty though. At least she's not down on the Gulf Coast with her daughters cleaning the oil off of gulls and pretending that she cares.

1559 days ago


In my opinion,many of the posters on this site post to try to get a rise from the other posters. They want to start a fight and to get a reaction for shock value. They can hide behind their computers, and they want any kind of attention whether it is good or bad. I see the same stuff on CNN and Foxnews.

1559 days ago

Ms. L    

So how many of you bloggers were there to know that the girls did not buy the jersey. So they were lucky to have Phil sign it...."a source close" is telling the story for ratings or get people talking. I am sure as a lawyer and the first lady - they are keenly aware of accepting gifts.

So how many of you know what business Mrs. Obama was conducting while in California?

#6 Jasmine - AEG and AIG are not the same company.

#20 - Our veterans came from all over to serve - not just in DC. The President went to a service and terrible storm came. While drenched in rain, wind - he tried to continue but decided against it. There ARE other memorial sites to remember those who lost their lives for US.....

As the FLOTUS and POTUS, security is the number 1 concern you dimwits....Since Kennedy family's have traveled onboard AF1 and had secret service, why should he and his family be any different.

BTW TMZ - if this lame picture has any ounce of truth to it.... you ruined the surprise.

Hmmmm wonder if someone, perhaps, maybe, just might have been requesting HER signature. OH... I forgot a reliable not to close (snicker) source told you the truth.

1559 days ago


Who cares????? 'Nuff said.

1559 days ago


Definitions of redneck on the Web:

* a poor White person in the southern United States

* Redneck is a derogatory slang term to refer to poor white Southern farmers in the United States.

1559 days ago


Moi people can disagree with the president, that is expected with each one of them, no pres. is 100% popular. When some use the word Ape, insane, partyer, I think racism is a valid point. And to down peoples children is especially hateful, and yes some are even doing that.

1559 days ago


Did I mention that is Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers in the right corner of that image?

1559 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Nowhere on God's Green Earth, will you find a BIGGER ideological
opponent of the Pharaoh and his ENTIRE Secret Sapphrist Sisterhood
Closet (it's definitely NOT a Cabinet). I have a profound and
uncompromising antipathy for what he, and the entire D.C. establishment represent.

Nonetheless, I vehemently protest and reject the crude and disparaging comments made against ANY Man's wife and children.
Any M-A-N with a shred of Honor, KNOWS: Out-of-bounds.

Indeed, Mr. Levin and his staff merely partook in what essentially
was a photo-op. White House staff, and his staff, had to know this. This, was not in any way, connected to "politics".

Besides, the WORLD already knows: There's a new sheriff in town,
and he, can give two-cents about a round-ball and a basket.

1559 days ago


Apparently the lovely southern rednecks have moved all around this great nation, because they are everywhere.

1559 days ago


HATERS!!! HATERS!!! HATERS!!!! Keep enjoying your life Obama family!! Our children do not stay young and time goes by so fast. My son is off to college in two months. I can't believe it and have already shed tears. Enjoy your family time together as much as possible. You will cherish all of the memories.

1559 days ago


I love that people assume others don't like Obama because he is black. Get over yourselves. No body really cares that he is black or "your brother". We don't like him because he sucks as president. I'm sure you are only supporting our black president because he is black. Talk about ignorance.

1559 days ago


Leader of The free World???? America is not the 'World' and last I heard all other 'free countries' held elections for their own leaders.

1559 days ago


obama is driving this country into a dark and deep abyss.

1559 days ago


Leader of the free world? I'm sorry - I live in a free part of the world and the president of the usa ist most definitely NOT our leader. Do you even realise how typical big-headed american that sounds?

1559 days ago


To all that worship their 'savior' Obama: He WILL be gone by 2012. Either voted out or someone's going to take him out.

1559 days ago
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