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Obama Kids -- Most Baller Father's Day Gift Ever

6/16/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When your father is the Leader of the Free World, there tend to be some pretty cool perks -- like when Sasha and Malia Obama went to the Lakers game last night ... and picked up an AWESOME Father's Day gift for their dad.

Obama Kids
Sources close to the situation -- but not too close -- tell us the daughters really wanted to get their dad a Lakers jersey for his special day. So, AEG president Tim Leiweke -- whose suite they happened to be sitting in -- ran down to the Lakers team shop in the Staples Center and had an Obama jersey made up on the spot.

To top things off, Phil Jackson even autographed the gear for the kids after the game.

Way cooler than that ugly tie you were gonna get your dad.

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Obama leader of the free world? that's a joke! nearly spit up my coffee all over my desk while I still have a job. How disgusting he uses this disaster to push his agenda. It appears he allowed this thing to get out of hand to serve his purpose....what does he say? Oh yeah, never waste a crisis....what an ass*&^...can't wait to throw him out of office...after November he will be a lame duck president...although he's been lame from the beginning....we are a repulic but he seems to not like that...what can you expect from a marxist?

1590 days ago


Great gift for a great president, He deserves it!!

1590 days ago


Did everybody forget that the Obama's were loaded before they took office???? They had more money than most could dream of. That does no make them bad people. WHy should Mrs and the kids be able to do something? They are entitled. THey do no have to stay locked in the white house.

1590 days ago


Let me get this straight. people who went to Harvard, been a scholar and a constitution expert and and who can pronounce words perfectly and can identify which door to exit and does not sexual harasses a German President is more idiotic than the dufus that for the past 8 years. REALLY? This tea baggers who claims that they are the majority of the citizen of this supposedly "superpower" country of the world has demonstrated that they all had the IQ of below 75. WAY TO GO ******GERS YOU CAN'T EVEN CONNECT THE DOT OF YOUR MISPLACED HATRED AND BASHING.

1590 days ago

joe m.    

Wth, i hear everyone bashing on every president THEY elect. Nobody ever likes and president they elect. I'd like to see you try to be president. Let's see how hard your bashed.

1590 days ago


so what, he deserve a kick in the a*# for fathers day

1590 days ago


Never been on this blog before and now I see why, this is a site only for the dumb and racist. And by the way Presdient Obama was making MORE money before he was president and as far as our tax payer money going towards a jersey....really. These people made more money in a year than most of you idiots will make in a lifetime so stick to what you do best...making dumb racist comments on blogs.

1590 days ago


I wonder when President Obama will grow up and start taking action instead of just talking about taking action. Seems like playing is more important than acting, or maybe play-acting?????

1590 days ago


Enough with the political BS, you are on a TMZ forum, not CNN!!!!

1590 days ago


this fammily is obsessed with the camera's.mgiht be better off if he was obsessed with running the country right.obama is a joke.

1590 days ago


What a crappy gift ! Obama already has his own laker jersey from when they visited the white house after winning last years championship. [Tony]Sasha and Malia, go to your room ![/kornheiser]

1590 days ago


Marc - Where is your white hood? Are you the Grand Pooh-Pah or Grand Wizard or whatever it is you KKKers call yourselves these days. Obama is a "radical black commnity organizer" who doesn't speak in ebonics and reads a teleprompter well. Your ignorance is so galling that it can only be characterized as hysterically funny. I actually feel sorry for people like you. But God will deal with you, if he already hasn't.

1590 days ago


some of you people really need to get a grip! Yes! he is the president and respect that idots! Haters! hahaha! AND YOU WILL HAVE BLACK PREZ AGAIN! The latter will be greater for us IT IS WRITTEN read and weep

1590 days ago

IN Girl    

way to wreck the surprise for them!!

1590 days ago


I love how people say that he is the first "BLACK" president. He isn't black, he is mixed. I am white and have a mixed daughter and she will never be the first "black" person to do anything because to say she is black is to say she isn't white and vice versa. The sad thing is that a lot of uneducated people voted for him simply because he is a minority...what a shame. People were so caught up in the fact that he's "black" (raised by a white woman, I must add)that they didn't focus on the fact that he not qualified and his socialist agenda is NOT what we need right now (or ever).

1590 days ago
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