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Obama Kids -- Most Baller Father's Day Gift Ever

6/16/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When your father is the Leader of the Free World, there tend to be some pretty cool perks -- like when Sasha and Malia Obama went to the Lakers game last night ... and picked up an AWESOME Father's Day gift for their dad.

Obama Kids
Sources close to the situation -- but not too close -- tell us the daughters really wanted to get their dad a Lakers jersey for his special day. So, AEG president Tim Leiweke -- whose suite they happened to be sitting in -- ran down to the Lakers team shop in the Staples Center and had an Obama jersey made up on the spot.

To top things off, Phil Jackson even autographed the gear for the kids after the game.

Way cooler than that ugly tie you were gonna get your dad.

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I mentioned in a previous post that I was a bit of a conservative, and I am not a typical Republican, since I was from New Jersey and my husband has a Colombian and Puerto Rican heritage compared to the stereotypical "redneck" who is Republican from the media.
There is no need for hateful comments on here if you want to get a point across.

1528 days ago


I agree with you dd. There are very hateful and loathsome commments in this thread.

1528 days ago


Well I can tell you with 100% certainty that he was a kind, nice, caring man. I can tell you this because I knew him. I have never in my life met someone that would never tell you negative things about you he would tell you good things and was really interested in learing about you. He was funny and a complete prankster. When you have all that money people will say anything to get to it and they will use their kids in a negative way to get a piece of it. I hope we don't start a Michael Jackson blog from this but I will disclose this only because "you" asked. I will be very sad June 25th, but he has to be in a more peaceful less hateful place!

1528 days ago

john h    

what a bunch of crap. hope they had a great time on the taxpayers dime.
can i go to game seven and get the taxpayers to pay for it too????
this idiot has to get out of office.
and whats wrong with micheles face?? she got one ugly mug. eveil ugly face.

1528 days ago


Also electriczipper I got the news before it was publicly announced and I prayed all afternoon it was another lie, then I saw that it was true...I was in shock for weeks afterwards and will never really get over the way it happened. Another money grubbing loser that he trusted and respected because he had DR. in front of his name.

1528 days ago


It's okay. IT WAS A GIFT FROM THE LAKERS. UNDER THE LAW THIS PRESIDENT MUST AND AGAIN I SAY MUST LEAVE IT AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Had his children been like other children getting a father's day gift and ACTUALLY PAYING FOR IT, he could keep it. Ha Ha Ha. I want to see it at the Omamma Library in the future

1528 days ago

Jason B    

Leader of the Free World? People outside of the US don't vote for US presidents, therefore if he is the leader of the Free World, that's an oxymoron. Just get your facts right, he's the leader of the USA and nowhere else. The Free World has its own leaders.

1528 days ago


I have never seen so mean spirited people in all of my life. It was your president bush who left this country in a mess and you blame the obama clan for all of the troubles in the United states. Where was bush when katrina blew threw. why did it take him forever to send help to those people. the obama clan deserve the same perks that all the other presidents have gotten. shame on you for not showing compassion for his children and what they wanted to get for their father. oh i forgot some of yall never had a father to have a relatioship with and your just jealous. get a life and get over it. he's not going nowhere and I am glad that you can't do a damn thing about it.

1528 days ago


Worst President.. ever. can't wait until this family is out of the White House.

This is in response to #9. Do you recall the Exxon Valdez spill off the coast of Alaska? Did your REPUBLICAN President stop everything and fly to the site of the spill? NO! His response, "it is not the governments responsibility". In fact, our concerned members of Congress never ever brought up the issue. Your response is indicative of a "uneducated individual" who is simply running off at the mouth.

He waits for almost 2 months before he gets "tough" with BP. Too little too late you f**ing loser.

Having the President standing on the beach talking about the issue with the TV cameras focusing on him "WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM".

You are simply an idiot!

Posted at 7:05 AM on Jun 16, 2010 by Chickeeta

1528 days ago


I am so ashamed I voted for this loser. Major disaster in the Gulf, sky high unemployment, more jobs being lost every day. Guess he and his family are more concerned about the next expensive trip they're going to take, on OUR dime. Well, at least they have priorities.

1528 days ago

my opinion    

HenryO #29 TOTALLY agree with your statement...I will be voting for President Obama.

1528 days ago

my opinion    

Ladykay #126...aren't they mean spirited?...and YES he inheritated the mess.

1528 days ago

dirty diana    

they are obsessed with cameras aren't they? must be related to kate gosslin.

1528 days ago

dirty diana    

nice to know they aren't feeling the crunch in the economy..... running aroung hollywood, ball games, expensive gifts.... nice

1528 days ago


Hey kids, ummmm, hate to break it to you, but Geo W Bush broke the record for most vacation days EVER taken by a president - second only to the almighty Ronald Reagan. By September, 2008, he had spent nearly 900 days on vacation, or about 30% of his presidency.
Where was all the hate then?? In a time of huge deficits and two wars he spent THAT much time on vacation??
By January of this year, one year after he took office, Barack Obama had a total of 26 vacation days. Now if we mulitply that by 8, it comes out to 208 days...a heck of alot less than Bush took.
Do you begrudge the man and his family a vacation?? Don't you like "uppity black folk" enjoying a week on Martha's Vineyard??
So knock it off about Obama and vacations - actually HE wasn't even there, it was his wife and kids.
Where was the hate when Bush took off 30% of his presidency for vacations? What hypocrites!

1528 days ago
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