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Obama Kids -- Most Baller Father's Day Gift Ever

6/16/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When your father is the Leader of the Free World, there tend to be some pretty cool perks -- like when Sasha and Malia Obama went to the Lakers game last night ... and picked up an AWESOME Father's Day gift for their dad.

Obama Kids
Sources close to the situation -- but not too close -- tell us the daughters really wanted to get their dad a Lakers jersey for his special day. So, AEG president Tim Leiweke -- whose suite they happened to be sitting in -- ran down to the Lakers team shop in the Staples Center and had an Obama jersey made up on the spot.

To top things off, Phil Jackson even autographed the gear for the kids after the game.

Way cooler than that ugly tie you were gonna get your dad.

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I am all for TMZ ruining this Chicago thug's father's day. He has ruined so many others with his stupid policies. I know many that couldn't even afford the "jersey" let alone the money, we as taxpayers, spent to send the giant giraffe to attend this game. I am in agreement with so many of you. This family can't get out of the White House soon enough.
P.S. to you that think it has to do with race, it doesn't. Ugly is just that, UGLY. She is so unattractive it can't be denied.

1403 days ago


Wonder how much that junket cost the tax payers -- let'see AF One, tons of security the entire time, security sweeps before and during, Mother-in-Law, salaries of all the entourage and of course, per diem for everyone at the finest hotel with more security. It would be interesting to see an honest price analysis on this one! One wonders what budget will be cut for this adventure? Oh, I have an idea, let's just take it from the funds that BP is going to give us for the oil spill.

1403 days ago



WTF does Michelle Obama's appearance have to do with anything going on in the White House? Why shouldn't the first family take advantage of the perks of the presidency as every other first family has before them? If you want a Laker's jersey, why don't you ask Bush to get one for you since HIS presidency is the reason this country is in a deficit. This man didn't do anything about 9/11 in 8 years of blowing smoke, he let over 1800 people needlessly die in Hurricane Katrina, and he has continuously made us look like complete fools to the rest of the world. He is a good ole' boy from Texas who charmed the pants right off of his voters and sucked them in because of who is father is. Just like the Republicans- pass the buck. Be nice if just once his voters would take responsibility for the mess he created. Go ahead, blame all of this crap on the "Chicago Thug" as you have so eloquently named him- he can take it.

1402 days ago

Old School Mom    

What happened to kids paying for their Dad's gift or even making it instead of having some suckup lay down the swag as some kind of tribute?

1402 days ago


Maria -
ignore this idiot - she claims to be wealthy and yet can't spell or put a sentence together. Also claims to be a Harvard graduate. Another igorant t-partier. Because she's not smart enough to actually critcize the policies, she resorts to comments about appearance and looks. How shallow.
She also accuses liberals of being mean spirited and resorting to name calling...pretty ironic, you betcha!

PS - I wonder how many Father's Day's have been ruined by Bush/Cheney because they lied to get us into a war that killed over 4,000 brave American soldiers? I bet alot of them were fathers whose kids won't have them here on Sunday.

1402 days ago


You are right juju, no pint getting myself worked up when clearly it will fall on deaf and ignorant ears. I am not opposed to war when absolute necessary to protect and defend our country as would have been the case in 2001 had we gone after the right people. You are right, many have died fighting in a war that was based on lies, and their families have had to suffer needlessly because of it. I will think of those fallen daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives this Sunday as I do every day and be thankful I have my family here as I say a prayer for our United States warriors and their families.

1402 days ago


I meant to type point, not pint

1402 days ago



1402 days ago


More wasted tax dollars being spent on this hoe.

1401 days ago


This is a pointless story. The Lakers are going to visit the White House and give Obama a jersey, basketball, and have the whole team sign it all.

1400 days ago

You Betcha    

27. It would seem to be a conflict of interest that the Presidents family, and effectively him by proxy could gain access to tickets and get free stuff. His family is granted special access and perks by proxy, all whilst he is doing such a great job as President (rolls eyes).

The ethics laws about gifts is as follows:
(c) "Gift"

(1) shall have the definition set forth in section 2635.203(b) of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations;

(2) shall include gifts that are solicited or accepted indirectly as defined at section 2635.203(f) of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations; and

His wife accepted the gift indirectly as well as the seats, in violation of the executive Office Ethics code of conduct.

Posted at 7:48 AM on Jun 16, 2010 by Swinson


Too bad President Lincoln accepted those tickets to Ford's Theater. Then people with your ideologies could have saved him instead of killed him.

1399 days ago

You Betcha    

he has bankrupted the USA
and he cuts miltitary spending when
there is two wars going on........
the idiot white liberals making under 200k a year
voted for him and now 52% regret it daaaaaaa!!!!
he has raised taxes so high for companies, business owners
and successful people making over 200k a year that its outrageous!
success was rewarded never punished in our country........
well im doin my part i made my obama sucks tee shirts
do you want one??
i hope he gets impeached or is forced to resign asap.......

Posted at 8:10 AM on Jun 16, 2010 by henry hill


You sell t-shirts and you are worried about how much tax people pay if they have more than $200,000 income? Typical. Or maybe you are one of the Jersey Shore cast?

1399 days ago


You Betcha,

It's none of your damn business how much money people make. Just like it's none of the damn government's business. 200K doesn't amount to jacksh*t today. Just because you are a lazy, uneducated, moocher that wants everyone else to take care of your fata$$, doesn't mean we should be forced to do so like its Nazi Germany. Get off your cottagecheese a$$ and go get a job cleaning toilets!!!

1397 days ago


AEG, Obama, is that will Iam in the picture, michael jackson recording studio "friend".

1361 days ago
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