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'Big Brother 3' Star


for Reckless Homicide

6/17/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of the stars from "Big Brother 3" has been arrested in Illinois for reckless homicide following an allegedly drunken car crash that left two people dead.

Tonya Paoni -- who now goes by Tonya Casper -- is accused of causing a multi-vehicle car crash outside of Springfield last summer that resulted in the deaths of two people.

Authorities believe 43-year-old Tonya was driving under the influence when she rear ended an SUV on Interstate 72 -- killing one of the SUV passengers instantly ... and starting a violent chain of events that resulted in the death of a second man.

After a lengthy investigation, Tonya was arrested on May 27, 2010 and charged with aggravated DUI, reckless homicide, reckless driving and speeding.

She's still in custody at Sangamon County Jail, where she's being held on $1,000,000 bond.

Tonya is due back in court on July 19.


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Gary Pillsbury    

In order to pay the bond,maybe she should go back on Big Brother and try for the half million,if someone will come up with the other half. At least,the law will know as to where she is for three months. Then again,if no one does,then she had better try again and see if she couldn't win one more time for it. I do doubt they would let her back on with what she did already.

1528 days ago


This is a horrible tragedy, that has struck my family, and many families around us.. It has been a year next month and it is still hard to believe Cameron and Eric have gone from our lives... RIP Cameron and Eric... May there be justice.

1528 days ago


The messed up part about this is she'll probably cop a plea deal and will get around a year. Killing someone while driving drunk is something the person knowingly does by getting behind the wheel. There are some incidences of reckless homicide but this is murder. Second degree.

1528 days ago


Man you guys are right about her aging. Shes beat, they should use her before and after picture to scare kids.

1528 days ago


@ Trish the Bitch You must have my comment all wrong. The drunk driver walks away without a scratch and the victim is killed or severely damaged. So maybe, you need to settle down and get some mental help, to help you deal with your loss. Peace...

1528 days ago


1) Take away her driving license permanently.
2) Do not allow her to drive anything anymore.
3) Let her rot away in jail.

1528 days ago


4. It always amazes me that the drunk drivers never seem to get a scratch on them.

Posted at 5:03 PM on Jun 16, 2010 by Trish
thats because they do not tense up and sort of roll with the punches,,thats actually a proven fact..its a shame but thats what happens..

1528 days ago


That blond hair and big boobs, she'll have no problems making friends in jail.....

1528 days ago

Springfield, Il    

She cares about no one but herself. She has had 2 abortions, given two up for adoption and gave her other 2 kids to her ex-husband. You be the judge!

1528 days ago

R.I.P. cameron     

I am the cousin of one of the men who was killed in this car accident and some of the things people are saying on here is absolutely horrible. Someone has said that this is not a big deal and you are VERY wrong, this is a very big deal to my family and Eric's family not to mention Cam and Eric's friends. Because of this woman's stupidity they are both dead, if she hadn't hit their car then they would both be alive and well today. What if it was one of your family members who was killed and then turn around and say that its not a big deal. It has been almost a year and we are all still dealing with what this lady had done she deserves life in prison for what she has done to both them and our families.

1527 days ago

Trish the Bitch are the one who needs to settle down because I wasn't even talking about you and I never even read your comment. I use the name "Trish the bitch" all the time on TMZ because my name is Trish. Now that I actually read your comment, it's pretty hard to misunderstand it, and you're right in saying that the drunks never get hurt in the accident. It's been 12 years since my family member died so I have made peace with it but I still think that MUCH stricter laws need to be implemented bc what they have now is a joke and it's the reason people keep doing this.

1527 days ago


Looks like a mother - daughter duo...........except it's the same run-down chick!

1527 days ago


My vote is with Trish the Bitch and R.I.P Cameron. Right on.

Murder through drunk driving, death penalty - sounds good.

1527 days ago


@get a life ho; Yes, I noticed that, which is why I am not a drinker myself. If Kate Gosselin isn't careful, she'll look like this too in short time!!!

1527 days ago


Stay out of the sun or use a hat and sunscreen, it will age the living hell out of you.

1527 days ago
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