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Conrad Murray to Randy Jackson: Get Well Soon

6/17/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray had some words for another Jackson with health problems.

conrad murray video
The doc was in Santa Monica Wednesday afternoon -- where his girlfriend and baby live -- when we asked him about Randy Jackson's bum ticker

The doc offered no medical advice ... just good wishes.


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I hate to say this guys but whatever murry would have said all the fans here would be mad. In all fairness what else could he have said?

1590 days ago


Pffft!!! I don't think Randy Jackson would've wanted Dr. Murray's medical help, anyway!!!

1590 days ago

deb is a ho    

60. I hate to say this guys but whatever murry would have said all the fans here would be mad. In all fairness what else could he have said?

Posted at 6:00 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by Claire

Claire My question is why have we hardly seen Murray? For months the media has not even had a picture of him anywhere till right before the first court date, NOT one NEWS outlet followed him around to try to ask him any questions about the death of Michael Jackson...look at the media throwing questions around to that skum Vander Sloot. Why would the media find it necessary to get Murrays thoughts on Randy jackson being in the hospital? Is this another way for the media to show Murray as a compassionate person???? They had pictures when they showed him at Forrest Lawn, then we had to hear what a life saver he was on the plane which just was brought up in court on what a life saver he was and NOW we have him being so concerned about Randy! Just strange!!!!!

1590 days ago


Hey Conrad why don't you go and see Randy Jackson and see if you can
help him. Hey Randy the "Doc" is coming to see you make sure you have
your life insurance policy paid you might need it.

1590 days ago


You people need to ,seriously, get a life and leave this man alone! What do you want him to do, really? You call yourselves MJ fans, but yet spew all of this venom-shameful. I thought MJ taught his fans better than that..I guess not.

1590 days ago


@#6You are absolutely right. Mishaps happen all the time, and Michael Jackson knew his way around pharmacies and those drugs. I am so sick and tired of people acting like Michael was not responsible for his own well being, and he didn't know any better. People always blame everybody, but the right body. If they don't blame Dr. Murray, they blame Katherine or Joseph..this is just plain ridiculous. I am as much a Michael Jackson fan as I ever was, but I will not and cannot say that he did nothing wrong and he was perfect. No, I didn't know him personally, but I know that he was human and because of that it wasn't possible for him to be perfect. I don't care how delusional some fans are I am going to speak the truth, and yeah the truth hurts sometimes but that's life. The Lord told Michael that it was time to come home otherwise he'd still be here today-end of story.

1590 days ago


What makes some MJ fans so sure that Dr Murray is a murderer? If he has killed MJ then hopefully he'll get sentenced to jail but before that we just don't know. Claire your right it wouldn't have mattered what Dr Murray said if he hadn't said anything he would have seemed cold hearted if he sends his best wishes he's deemed insensitive.

1590 days ago


Randy Jackson - On The Mend

The brother of Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson, has been released from a Pasadena, California, hospital, a family source has told

After experiencing chest paints early on Tuesday, Jackson, 48, was taken to a southern California hospital to undergo a number of different tests.

Despite some reports, Randy did not have a heart attack, we’re told.

And he’s on the mend.

"Randy's follow-up tests on Wednesday were all negative for having a heart attack, not even a mild one,” dished one insider.

Randy was sent home late Wednesday and he was relieved to go home.

It was determined that he didn't have any issues with his heart.”
Doctors have advised Randy avoid excess stress and to follow a heart healthy lifestyle.

However, avoiding stress might prove to be very difficult for Randy, who was planning a memorial tribute for the King of Pop as the one year anniversary is approaching.

1590 days ago


First of all, don't you love how TMZ uses this opportunity to stir things up???? Why on earth would you stick a microphone in the man's face and ask him if he has any words for the brother of someone you, of your own free act and deed, put to sleep and then left the room allowing the man to die on your watch? It shows such a lack of class for TMZ to do this, but then again it's their job to wallow in the muck of this garbage. Just like asking Arnie Klein's opinion on absolutely anything and then posting it and saying, "He was close to Michael Jackson." Harvey even so much as stated they were close basing it on the fact that Michael Jackson stayed at his house and went on vacations with him, etc. I'm sure he got that info from good ole Arnie himself. Arn has proven that he is a jerk and truly has no feelings for Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson's children or family in general. I truly believe he is covering his a** for his contribution in providing medication to Michael Jackson.

Secondly, #60... one thing you need to think about...while yes, Michael, as you put it, knew his way around pharmacies and those drugs, he did not die from accidentally ingesting a bunch of pills such as Heath Ledger and countless others who have sadly died this way. Yes, he had been warned of the seriousness of the medication he was using for sleep; however, that is why he asked for a medical doctor for this purpose. Not just a medical doctor (i.e., family doctor), but a cardiologist (someone with more intense medical training). I truly believe MJ thought everything would be fine as long as he had a trained medical professional overseeing him. The man was a cardiologist and not an anethesiologist and should have never accepted the job knowing he had no background in this area. If Murray asked for things from AEG for the purposes of putting MJ under, as Joe Jackson's lawsuit states, then he should have refused to do anything unless he had the proper equipment to do so. I will never agree that Murray made a judgment based on medical necessity to help Michael Jackson, but saw it as a means to get himself out of debt and therefore, it was a jaded decision from the beginning. I do agree that the Lord decides when it's someone's time to go and he took Michael home. The tragic thing is this...Michael Jackson was a good man and if you listen to the ones that truly knew him, they have all said that he changed after the 1993 allegations and that he became even more withdrawn. The media keeps saying that his drug abuse was the result of the burns he sustained in 1984 during the making of the Pepsi commercial. In everything that he did in between that time and the 1993 allegations, there is absolutely no proof that he was addicted to medication. I can only imagine the grief he suffered thinking that there were people who truly believed he was capable of what he was accused of and began abusing medication to deal with the intense pain he was feeling. Elton John stated that very think in an interview and I see no reason that he would have to make that up.

People are so very ignorant that come on here day after day and post things saying he was a pedophile when there is far more evidence that he wasn't than that he was, but they don't want to take the time to really check it out. It's much easier to come on here and act like Bill O'Reilly and just ignore the facts so they can spout out their unresearched garbage of opinion (once again not based on facts).

1590 days ago


My brother is a doctor so I know how arrogant they can be, but this guy takes the cake. No shame at all!

1590 days ago


Awww.. quit ur crap already ..TMZ.

Glad to hear Randy is doing well, Thanks MiMi for the info.

1590 days ago


#60... Ok Angela if some drunk driving idiot kills you that means the Lord told you to come home? When infants die because of shaken baby syndrome is that the Lord whispering in their little ears to come home? Get a grip you can't get away with that kind of negligience and doctors can't either.

1590 days ago


Randy will no doubt be fine just as long as THAT quack keeps away from him.

1590 days ago

Why oh Why?    

JM50, #54
Best thing I´ve read in here so far!!
Thank you!

Seems like so many people lack the ability to look at Michael as "an ordinary human being". Either he is some kind of garbagedump for people with their systems clogged by hatred, totally unable to put themselves in somebody else´s shoes. Or he is a piece of merchandise or a sex icon with no real feelings - just a "cartoon" you can discuss and ridicule.

None of us knew the PERSON Michael. We think we might have known the superstar, but that person was just an image that Michael himself created. Behind it all was something totally different, a gentle person who tried to change the world to a better place. He saw the evil, the jealousy, the willingness to destroy others and wanted to spread love. He was in no way perfect, none of us is, but he did what he could. It seems like all those people meet an often brutal and unexpected death.

1590 days ago
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