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Battle in High Gear Over Dennis Hopper Estate

6/16/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A dogfight is shaping up over Dennis Hopper's estate ... and an unintended victim could be his 7-year-old daughter Galen.


We've learned lawyers for Victoria Hopper and Dennis' estate met last Friday to try and hash out an agreement -- to no avail.  We're told the people in control of the estate -- the trustees -- want to kick Victoria and Galen off of Dennis' property immediately, but Victoria refuses to go.

As for dividing up the spoils of the estate, we've learned Dennis Hopper drafted an amendment to his estate plan back in March, in which he effectively tried to cut down Galen's share from 40% to 25%.  Under California law, however, the amendment may not be valid, because changes to an estate plan are severely restricted when a divorce is pending.

And we've learned the lawyers have already drawn the battle lines over Victoria's cut in the estate -- she believes she's entitled to 25% ... the estate believes she should get zippo.



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What's the story on the wife anyway? I remember way back in the early 90's when they first got together she was described as being a ballerina. I thought Dennis had gotten a classy broad. Now it turns out she was a waitress at a local place in Venice, WTF? I love how celebrities always label their unknown bimbos as models or actresses, or ballerina's. The little girl is cute. They should split the estate between the children, and the wife should get whatever the prenup states. TMZ used the worst picture they could find of her. So wrong.

1526 days ago


Galen?! Didn't he know that's a male name?

1526 days ago


So there is not enough to go around ? I think Dennis Hopper's older children are trying to screw his youngest child out of her fair share and will do anything to keep his wife from getting what she deserves. I recently saw a 60Minutes segment about Hopper and his wife and they both seemed very happy.

1526 days ago


What kind of ******* tries to reduce his seven year old daughter's share of his estate? Obviously, the Dennis Hopper kind.

1526 days ago

Brie's Mom    

She was the wife, he was not of sound mind. No Changes should be allowed for the prior year when he was out of it the minor daughter should get her 40% the Mother her Amount stipulated in the Prenup as she was still married and living at the Estate. The college age boy should have college paid for and they the older two should split the difference. The 45+ year old daughter needs to grow up and get a life.

1526 days ago


It is insane to judge a person by one stupid photo and some here say you read about online. I think women should be compensated just for dating a celebrity as they are the most insecure, weird, perverted guys out there. Want to argue? Let's fight after you read about every other famous guy on here who cheated on their wives or had their wives killed. Hollywood is a strange place. Don't post if you don't understand what it's like to live, date and get married here. If she was married to him for over 10 years... Wow! She should get millions for putting up with whatever she had to go through being the wife of a celebrity. How much distress do you think you are putting her through now by rudely commenting on a bad picture. I'm not her, and I'm not her friend. I'm just an angel that gets on these boards to defend women. Poor thing, that's probably the worst picture out there of her. What if that were your mug up there?

1526 days ago


They need to suck it up. The child deserves to be taken care of.

1526 days ago


He clearly did not want her to have a penny of his money and was doing all he could from his deathbed to make sure his wishes were made reality. There is just too much interference from lawyers these days. A person should be able to do with their wealth whatever the hell they want.

1525 days ago


So you must all know him personally then? How cute to act like you do or any part of this situation.

1525 days ago
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